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Ialomita County is located in the south-east of the country, in Baraganu Plain, in the eastern division of the Romanian Plain. The county is bordered to the North by Braila and Buzau counties, to the north - west by Prahova County, to the west by Ilfov county, to the south by Calarasi county, to the east by Constanta County. The area of Ialomita county is 4453 km ². Ialomita county includes 3 cities: Slobozia, Urziceni and Fetesti, 4 towns: Tandarei, Amara, Cazanesti, Fierbinti - Targ and 57 communes with a total of 121 villages. Slobozia is the seat of Ialomita county.
Ialomita county relief is dominated by large fields and tabulated meadows. About 65% of the county's area belongs to the Baragan, 15% to the Danube defile, 9% to Vlasiei plain and 11% to the Ialomita meadow and the ramble plain Arges - Buzau. Geologically speaking, Ialomita area is a basin of maritime lacustrian sedimentary. In terms of altitude, the relief in the county is in steps from north to south and from west to east. The highest part of the area - 91 m is on Hagieni Plateau, near the village Platonesti, joining the Piscul Crasani - 81 m and Campul Grindu - 71 m. The minimum altitude is 8 m, in the north of the inside enclosure of Borcea branch.
The climate of Ialomita County is temperate continental characterized by very hot summers and very cold winters. The average annual air temperature increases from North - West to South - East. From the climate characteristic phenomena we notice the frost, hoartfrost and blizzard, during cold season, drought, dew and hail in the warmer periods of the year. The hydrographic network of Ialomita county include: rivers (old Danube, Borcea branch, Ialomita, Prahova, Cricovu Sarat, Livezile, Biserica), river estuaries (Strachina, Fundata, Iezerul, Scheauca, Cotorca, Jilavele, Sărăţuica, Comana, Maia, Rogozu, Racta, Magureanca, Valea Ciorii, Cătruneşti, Hagiesti), meadow lakes (Piersica, Bentu, Bataluri, Marsilieni, Barbatescu), riverbed lakes (Amara), artificial lakes (Dridu). Ialomita county underground resources are: petroleum and natural gas in the area Urziceni-Colilia-Grindu; loess with a very fine texture - Urziceni, Tandarei, Slobozia, Manasse; sand in Hagieni area, mud and therapeutic mud in Amara and Fundata; sulphurous springs in Ciulnita, Perieti, Amara, Valea Ciorii, hot springs - Giurgeni, Amara.
The protected areas are:
- Fundata Lake area (391 ha)
- Amara lake area with a surface of 162 ha
- Strachina natural Lake area with a total surface of 1000 ha
- Natural lakes area: Bentu Mic, Bentu Mic Cotoi and Bentu Mare
- archaeological site Popina Borduşani
- the secular oak forests - Canton Hatis, located in Stelnica, where almost 90% of the trees are about 300 years old.
The attraction of the county is the watering and climating resort of Amara, located 7 km away from Slobozia and 126 km from Bucharest. Amara lake water is sulphate, magnesian, easily brominated; the mineral waters come from the springs of slightly sulphurous nature, sulphate, bicarbonate, sodium, magnesium, hypotonic, with a total mineralization of 1.6 g / l. The mud from the lake has a content of 66.6 g / l, is black, greasy, salty and smells like hydrogen sulfide. Amara resort offers treatment for diseases of the locomotor system: rheumatic degenerative and inflammatory articular rheumatism, post-traumatic disorders, peripheral nervous system disorders, post-traumatic sequelae (after operations on the joints, the muscles or bones, after sprains or fractures); gynecological disorders, associated diseases (dermatology, endocrinology, occupational diseases).
Other points of cultural and touristic interest on the area of Ialomita county are:
- Monastery of St. Princes' sec. XVII - XIX, Church St. Princes "- the inside wall (ruins)
- The pile of the mansion and tomb of Zappa family - 1857 - Ion Roata City Hall
- Bolomey Mansion (1898) – Cosimbesti City Hall;
- Balaciu Pitesteanu Hermitage (1821 - 1841) - Balaciu Monastery;
- the bridges between Fetesti and Cernavoda (1890 - 1895) - Saligny Anghel engineer;
- Marghiloman Mansion (1869 - 1874);
- Bizu Cantacuzino Manor (second half of XIX century);
- Barbu Catargiu tomb, Malu village, Sfantu Gheorghe commune;
- Hagianoff Mansion (1899), commune Manasia;
- Ionel Perlea memorial house, village Ograda, Bucu commune;
- Monument and Cemetery of Heroes in the City Slobozia;
- Bust of Matei Basarab (1932), the city of Slobozia.

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