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Hotel Vrancea

Hotel Tresor
Hotel Tresor
Hotel Tresor 2 stars Vrancea, Lepsa

Renovated in 2009, Tresor** hotel in Lepsa is a modern unit of accommodation, a welcoming hotel located in an area of a conquering beauty. More details

Vila/pension Vrancea

Pension Knorr Haus
Pension Knorr Haus
Pension Knorr Haus 3 daisies Vrancea, Lepsa

Knorr Haus*** pension is a good accommodation option in Lepsa. More details

Description of the destination Vrancea

Vrancea County is located in the central-eastern part of Romania, having an area of 4863 km ². Vrancea, Vine and Wine Country, is located outside the Curvature Carpathians, at the intersection of three historical regions of Moldova, Romanian Country and Transylvania. Vrancea is bordered to the north-east of Vaslui County, to the east of Galati County, to the south - east of Braila County, to the south of Buzau County, to the west of Covasna County and to the north of Bacau County. Vrancea County includes two municipalities, Focsani and Adjud, three towns (Marasesti, Odobesti and Panciu) and 68 communes. The seat of the county is the city of Focsani. The landscape consists of mountains and sub-Carpathian hills, plains and meadows and it is complemented by the places and historical monuments, the region having a valuable treasure of ancient civilization and popular culture.
Traditional folk crafts: the sheep breeding, the smoked cheese, the woodcraft (small cooperage, the cheese patterns, house objects), the pottery, linen weaving and the confectioning (weaving, adorning) of the traditional Vrancea clothing, the creators of the traditional instruments (the pipe, the long pipe, the short pipe, the bagpipe, the horn, the ocarina, etc.) from Nereju, Nistoresti, Spulber and the authentic traditional masks from Nereju, Naruja, Vintileasca which are practiced especially in the mountain area, the artistic manufacturing of the osier, of the bulrush in Suraia and last but not least the wine profession with its aboriginal excellent types reunited in famous wine yards and cellars of processing, hoarting and testing, such as: Cotesti, Jaristea, Odobesti and Panciu, with its famous frothy wine, reunited in an ancient “Wine yards Route”, handicrafts practiced in the hill and plain areas from Vrancea County, fully justify our initiative of lnowing them better, covering patiently the wonderful tourist’s routes that have coquettish cottages whose inspiring architecture and wonderful lodging conditions could represent a place to rest for you.

In October of each year, Vrancea inhabitants receive their guests at the"Bacchus" International Vine and Wine Festival occasion when producers from across the country are facing their varieties, in a specialist competition.  
Among the most important points of tourist interest, we mention:
- Focsani: “Precista” Church, “The Birth of the Virgin”Church, Vrancea’s Museum, Union Monument, Village Museum, Catholic Cathedral, "Mr. Gh Pastia"Municipal Theater, "Mr. Gh Pastia" Popular Athenaeum, "The Country of Vrancea" Folklore Assembly;
- Mausoleums of Marasti, Marasesti and Soveja;
- Live Fire from Andreiasu - emanation of gases that burn continuously;
- Tisita Gorges Reservation;
- Natural reservation from Galaciuc;
- Black Lake Natural Reservation in Vrancea Mountains;
- Putna Waterfall;
- Lepsa Hermitage and trout lake, Lepsa Monastery;
- Soveja is one of the places with the most ozonized air in Romania;
- Vizantea is distinguished by its mineral waters;
- Soveja Monastery;
- Mera Monastery;
- Dalhauti Hermitage;
- Vizantea Monastery – XVII century, founder Ieremia Movila;
- Recea - Candesti Monastery;
-"Mos Ion Roata" Memorial House from Campuri;
- the house of Tudora Vrancioaia from Birsesti;
- Ethnographic Museum of Paltin;
- Seismology Observatory from Vrancioaia;
- Odobesti Royal Cellar;
- Alexandru Vlahuta Memorial House – Dragosloveni;
- Vintileasca Lake.
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