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Hotel Valcea

Hotel  Bitu
Hotel Bitu
Hotel  Bitu 4 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Tourism accommodation unit founded in 2007, it is recommended by the quality and professionalism, in which the modern and classical forms harmoniously combine with the spiritual homogeneous... More details

Hotel  Belvedere
Hotel Belvedere
Hotel  Belvedere 3 stars Valcea, Baile Govora

Baile Govora is certified as a watering and climate resort of national interest.Belvedere*** hotel, renovated in 2005, has excellent accommodation conditionsoffering its clients a relaxing and... More details

Hotel  Olanesti
Hotel Olanesti
Hotel  Olanesti 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Olanesti*** hotel is waiting for you to spend a beautiful and relaxingholiday in Baile Olanesti, Valcea County. More details

Hotel  President
Hotel President
Hotel  President 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

President*** hotel in Baile Olanesti offers good conditions of accommodation, treatment facilities, possibilities of organizing dinners, conferences or symposiums. More details

Hotel  Select
Hotel Select
Hotel  Select 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Select*** hotel is a good accommodation option in Baile Olanesti because it offers good conditions of accommodation, outdoor swimming pool and modern treatment facilities. More details

Hotel  Stogu
Hotel Stogu
Hotel  Stogu 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Stogu*** hotel in Baile Olanesti is a modern hotel with good accommodation facilities. More details

Hotel Suprem
Hotel Suprem
Hotel Suprem 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Suprem*** hotel in Baile Olanesti is one of the best hotels in the resort, offering good accommodation and modern facilities. More details

Hotel  Tisa
Hotel Tisa
Hotel  Tisa 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Tisa*** hotel in Baile Olanesti is a modern hotel with quality facilities, accommodation and restaurant. The hotel offers accommodation at attractive rates and the central position is an advantage. More details

  Caciulata 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Caciulata*** hotel in Calimanesti - Caciulata has prepared staff to the highest standards to be at your disposal and will satisfy all your needs, so that all its guests enjoy an unforgettable holiday. More details

Hotel Central
Hotel Central
Hotel Central 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Central ** hotel was built between 1907 and 1911 in Baroque style by Govora - Calimanesti company. More details

  Cozia 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Cozia*** hotel is located in the center of the resort of Calimanesti - Caciulata, in the complex Cozia-Caciulata-Oltul. More details

Hotel Oltul
Hotel Oltul
Hotel Oltul 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Oltul** hotel is located in the Cozia – Caciulata - Oltul complex, in Calimanesti – Caciulata resort. More details

Hotel Orizont-Cozia
Hotel Orizont-Cozia
Hotel Orizont-Cozia 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Orizont – Cozia*** hotel, in Calimanesti-Caciulata, is a relatively new accommodation unit, inaugurated in 2006. By the way it is arranged and equipped and by its location, the hotel offers... More details

Hotel  Traian
Hotel Traian
Hotel  Traian 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Traian** hotel is a variant of affordable accommodation in the resort of Calimanesti - Caciulata, having its own treatment center and indoor swimming pool. More details

Hotel Parc
Hotel Parc
Hotel Parc 2 stars Valcea, Baile Govora

Parc** hotel is waiting for you to enjoy moments of peace, relaxation and a variety of treatments in its own treatment center (rheumatism, ENT diseases, respiratory diseases, diseases of the... More details

Hotel  Parang
Hotel Parang
Hotel  Parang 2 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Baile Olanesti resort is known for its mineral waters with curative properties. The treatment offered in the resort has a good quality and the beneficial effects of water are known internationally.... More details

Hotel Alutus
Hotel Alutus
Hotel Alutus 2 stars Valcea, Ramnicu Valcea

Alutus** hotel offers accommodation in an intimate and elegant atmosphere. Because it is located near the most important public institutions, the hotel is an ideal location for both business... More details

Hotel  Lotru
Hotel Lotru
Hotel  Lotru 2 stars Valcea, Voineasa

The advantages of Lotru** hotel in Voineasa are given by the spectacular area and the possibility to reach easily Vidra Lake from the hotel. More details

Hotel Lotrisor
Hotel Lotrisor
Hotel Lotrisor 1 stars Valcea, Voineasa

Lotrisor* hotel Voineasa is a seasonal accommodation unit, open only during summer, perfect for children's camps or groups of tourists. The hotel is open also during New Year holidays. More details

Motel Capela
Motel Capela
Valcea, Ramnicu Valcea

Capela** motel is located at an altitude of 440 meters, on Capela Hill, not far from the center of the city, in a beautiful place. More details

Vila/pension Valcea

Pension  Feny
Pension Feny
Pension  Feny 4 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Feny**** pension in Baile Olanesti is one of the best variants of accommodation in the resort, offering rooms with bathroom and TV. More details

Pension  Domnitei
Pension Domnitei
Pension  Domnitei 4 daisies Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Domnitei**** pension, in Calimanesti Calciulata, Valcea County, is one of the best variants of accommodation in the resort, situated in a scenic and relaxing area, with good conditions of... More details

Guest house  Izvoare
Guest house Izvoare
Guest house  Izvoare 3 daisies Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Izvoare*** pension is a new building, located in the center of the resort, near the source groups. Built on 2 levels, it surprises you by the intimacy it offers.  More details

Pension  Tisa
Pension Tisa
Pension  Tisa 3 stars Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Baile Olanesti is one of the most popular resorts in Romania because of the unique characteristics of mineral. The resort enjoys national and international recognition and Tisa*** pension is among... More details

Pension  Trei Brazi
Pension Trei Brazi
Pension  Trei Brazi 3 daisies Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Trei Brazi*** pension is located near the forest edge, at approximately 60-70 m from Izvoarelor (Springs) Alley, in Baile Olanesti.  The pension is a new accommodation unit, opened in 2007,... More details

Villa  Themis
Villa Themis
Villa  Themis 3 stars Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Themis*** is a modern and comfortable villa, suitable for holidays and also for children camps. Themis*** villa is one of the most modern accommodation units in Calimanesti Caciulata, Valcea... More details

Pension Nicoleta
Pension Nicoleta
Pension Nicoleta 3 daisies Valcea, Costesti

Nicoleta*** pension, in Costesti, is a modern accommodation unit with small capacity, perfect for spending holidays with small and intimate groups of friends. More details

Villa Maria Magdalena
Villa Maria Magdalena
Villa Maria Magdalena 2 daisies Valcea, Malaia

Maria Magdalena** villa, in Malaia, Valcea County, is perfect for a relaxing vacation with family or friends. More details

Guest house  Ana Lacramioara
Guest house Ana Lacramioara
Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Ana Lacramioara*** pension is a new accommodation unit, opened in 2007, in Baile Olanesti. The main advantage of this pension is its location near the city center and its tranquility due to a... More details

Pension   Delux
Pension Delux
Valcea, Baile Olanesti

Delux*** pension is located in a superb natural setting. It is a new building with 2 floors (2 rooms on each floor). Tourists staying in this location can enjoy the 3 stars conditions. More details

Villa for rent Valcea

Villas for rent  Complex Apartamente
Villas for rent Complex Apartamente
Villas for rent  Complex Apartamente 3 stars Valcea, Voineasa

The villa – apartments are beautiful and modern accommodation units, with good facilities, ensuring guests privacy and relaxation. More details

Villa for rent  Erma
Villa for rent Erma
Valcea, Calimanesti-Caciulata

Erma** villa is located on the right bank of the Olt River, in Calimanesti – Caciulata resort. It has a good position; in just 5 minutes you can reach the thermal swimming pools. It is a... More details

Description of the destination Valcea

Valcea County lays in the central southern part of Romania; it stretches alongside the middle basin of river Olt, surrounded by Cozia Mountain in the east and Culmea Capatinii in the west.
The climate is temperate-continental, with slight Mediterranean influences.
The county covers 5,765 sq. km - 2.4% of the total area of the country and has a population of 413.570 inhabitants.

The county is bordering with Alba and Sibiu counties in the north, Arges County in the east, Olt County in the south and south – east, Dolj County in the south – west, Gorj County in the west and Hunedoara County in the north – west.

Valcea County has 2 cities (Ramnicu Valcea and Dragasani), 9 towns (Horezu, Baile Olanesti, Baile Govora, Calimanesti, Ocnele Mari, Brezoi, Balcesti, Babeni, Berbesti) and 78 comumunes. The capital of the county is Ramnicu Valcea, which lays at the confluence of Olt and Olanesti Rivers, at the bottom of Capela, Petrisor and Cetatuia hills.

The County enjoys a varied geography, ranging from hills and mountains to valleys and plains, making it, in many respects a microcosm of the country as a whole, including Olt and Lotru rivers narrow paths, Cozia, Capatanii, Fagaras, Lotru and parang Mountains; between the mountain massif there is the largest intra – mountain depression – Tara Lovistei.

Almost half of its territory is covered by woods of oak, beech, coniferous trees or other forest vegetation.

In the northern part, the mountains make the dominant landscape, with heights of more then 2,200 meters; Valcea County boasts rich mineral resources, including crude oil, natural gas, salt, as well as mineral waters renowned for healing properties.

Olt River crosses the county over a distance of 135 km, receiving waters of many tributaries (the most important of them is Lotru River). This river basin, which is located on the right side of Olt River includes almost all the county's area. The hydrographic network is completed by numerous lakes: Galcescu, Zanoaga Mare, Iezerul Latoritei (glacial lakes), Vidra, Bradet, Cornet, Calimanesti, Daesti, Ramnicu Valcea, Raureni, Govora, Slavitesti, Ionesti, Zavideni, Dragasani (artificial lakes on Lotru and Olt Rivers for hydro – electric stations) and salt lakes from Ocnele Mari. In the county area, there are rich mineral resources famous for their healing properties: diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, gout, disorders of kidney, skin diseases and rheumatism. In Valcea County area there are Calimanesti-Caciulata, Baile Olanesti, Baile Govora and Voineasa resorts.
Among points of tourist interest in the county, we mention: Hurez Monastery, Govora Monastery, Cozia Monastery, Arnota Monastery, Frasinei Monastery, Bistrita Manstirea, Stanisoara Monastery, Manastirea dintr-un Lemn (the monastery made of a single tree), Iezeru Monastery, Râmnicului Epicopal Palace, Buridava Fortress,  Calea lui Traian (Trajan's Route), Museum of History of Ramnicu Valcea, Nicolae Balcescu Memorial, Ramnicu Valcea Art Museum, Gheorghe Magheru Museum in Troianu, Anton Pann Memorial House, aAchaeological Collection, old books and medieval art of Govora, Wine Museum of Dragasani, ethnographic folk art collection in Bujoreni; Inatesti Collection, "Gheorghe D. Anghel" Collection in Costesti; "Gib I. Mihaescu" Exhibition of Dragasani, Irimesti ethnographic collection, ceramics from Horezu. Natural reservations located in Cozia, Buila, Vanturita and in Capatana Mountains are protected as natural monuments.
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