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Hotel Timisoara

Aparthotel Iosefin Residence
Aparthotel Iosefin Residence
Aparthotel Iosefin Residence 4 stars Timis, Timisoara

Iosefin Residence**** apart hotel in Timisoara has been renovated in the first part of April 2010. Iosefin Residence**** apart hotel is the perfect accommodation option for: businessmen who want... More details

Hotel  Larissa
Hotel Larissa
Hotel  Larissa 3 stars Timis, Timisoara

The hotel was renovated in 2009 and reopened in September 2009. We offer impeccable conditions at advantageous rates.The motto of the hotel: sophistication, style and comfort. More details

Hotel  Ramina
Hotel Ramina
Hotel  Ramina 3 stars Timis, Timisoara

Ramina*** hotel, in Timisoara, was built in a cubist architectural style; it is distinguished by a sleek, modern design and the best quality finishes. It was designed to provide maximum comfort to... More details

Vila/pension Timisoara

Pension  Park
Pension Park
Pension  Park 4 stars Timis, Timisoara

Inaugurated in 2009, Park**** pension, in Timisoara, brings freshness and elegance of wide and renovated spaces to its guests.Intimate atmosphere, elegant interiors, the richness of decoration and... More details

Guest house  Andra
Guest house Andra
Guest house  Andra 3 stars Timis, Timisoara

Andra*** pension is new, inaugurated in 2008, in Timisoara. Its facilities are modern, according to European standards. More details

Pension Blues
Pension Blues
Pension Blues 3 daisies Timis, Timisoara

Blues*** pension is situated on a main street of Timisoara city, being easily accessible, in the most important commercial area, just 5 minutes away from downtown and the metropolitan cathedral. More details

Hotel  Americana
Hotel Americana
Timis, Timisoara

Vila Americana**** hotel is dedicated to tourists, businessmen, diplomats and officials, visiting the city of Timisoara. The hotel offers impeccable accommodation conditions, impeccable service and... More details

Apartment Timisoara

Apartments  Smart Residence
Apartments Smart Residence
Timis, Timisoara

Smart Residence**** complex includes 6 apartments located in the same building, in Timisoara. More details

Description of the destination Timisoara

Timisoara city is the seat of Timis County. It is an important historical, economic, financial, cultural and scientific center, being a true gate of Romania to western Europe. The first documentary mention about Timisoara, dating from around 1266, appears as the Castrus Timisiensis.
Timisoara is located in southeastern Pannonian Plain, in the southern part of the Western Plain, in the area of rambling of the rivers Timis and Bega. The waters of both rivers have formed here a very sloppy and frequently flooded area. In time, the hydrographic network of the area was drained, dyked and deviated. As a result of these works, Timiş River ceased to traverse the city. The improvement of the land was irreversible made by building Bega Canal from 1728 and complete draining of the marshes around.
Timisoara has a temperate-continental climate.
Timisoara population is 311,586 inhabitants, according to the latest release of the National Statistics Institute, on January 1, 2009. 85.52% of the total population is Romanian. The most important ethnic communities are the Hungarian (approximately 7.5%), German (2.25%) and Serbian.
Timisoara is a multicultural city, influenced by various ethnic communities, particularly the German, Hungarian and Serbian, but also by the Bulgarian, Italian and Greek. Cultural heritage and cultural diversity are strengths of the city. After Bucharest and Iasi, Timisoara is the third largest cultural center in the country, with over 12 professional cultural institutions.
The city inherits a vast heritage of historical monuments, being the largest in the country. In fact, the entire set of buildings in the center and the neighborhoods Iosefin and Fabric are considered historical monuments.The center of the city, located in the old “Fortress”, has been remodeled, with squares and straight streets. Timisoara was also called "Little Vienna", because the influential Viennese Baroque style used.
A great charm is givenby parks and green areas laying along the canal of Bega and in all the areas of the town. Therefore Timisoara has become the "city of parks and roses".
Several major tourist attractions are:
- Unirii Square;
- Victoria Square;
- Maria Square (the place where the Romanian revolution started in 1989);
- Libertatii Square;
- Traian Square.
Places of worship:  
- Metropolitan Cathedral;
- Roman Catholic Cathedral;
- Millennium Cathedral;
- Serbian Episcopal Church;
- Synagogue of the Citadel;
- Synagogue in Fabric.

Monuments and buildings:  
- Hunyadi Castle;
- Dicasterial Palace;
- Baroque Palace;
- National Theater of Timisoara;
- Neptun public bath;
- Llyod Palace.

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