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Hotel Timis

Aparthotel Iosefin Residence
Aparthotel Iosefin Residence
Aparthotel Iosefin Residence 4 stars Timis, Timisoara

Iosefin Residence**** apart hotel in Timisoara has been renovated in the first part of April 2010. Iosefin Residence**** apart hotel is the perfect accommodation option for: businessmen who want... More details

Hotel  Parc
Hotel Parc
Hotel  Parc 3 stars Timis, Buzias

Completely renovated in the years 2006 – 2008, Parc*** hotel in Buzias offers good conditions of accommodation at the best rates. The hotel offers varied possibilities of entertainment and... More details

Hotel  Larissa
Hotel Larissa
Hotel  Larissa 3 stars Timis, Timisoara

The hotel was renovated in 2009 and reopened in September 2009. We offer impeccable conditions at advantageous rates.The motto of the hotel: sophistication, style and comfort. More details

Hotel  Ramina
Hotel Ramina
Hotel  Ramina 3 stars Timis, Timisoara

Ramina*** hotel, in Timisoara, was built in a cubist architectural style; it is distinguished by a sleek, modern design and the best quality finishes. It was designed to provide maximum comfort to... More details

Hotel Timis
Hotel Timis
Hotel Timis 2 stars Timis, Buzias

Timis** hotel in Buzias is an affordable accommodation option in the resort, offering rooms with bathroom and TV, plus access to restaurant/ treatment facilities of the renovated Park*** hotel nearby. More details

Vila/pension Timis

Pension  Park
Pension Park
Pension  Park 4 stars Timis, Timisoara

Inaugurated in 2009, Park**** pension, in Timisoara, brings freshness and elegance of wide and renovated spaces to its guests.Intimate atmosphere, elegant interiors, the richness of decoration and... More details

Guest house  Andra
Guest house Andra
Guest house  Andra 3 stars Timis, Timisoara

Andra*** pension is new, inaugurated in 2008, in Timisoara. Its facilities are modern, according to European standards. More details

Pension Blues
Pension Blues
Pension Blues 3 daisies Timis, Timisoara

Blues*** pension is situated on a main street of Timisoara city, being easily accessible, in the most important commercial area, just 5 minutes away from downtown and the metropolitan cathedral. More details

Hotel  Americana
Hotel Americana
Timis, Timisoara

Vila Americana**** hotel is dedicated to tourists, businessmen, diplomats and officials, visiting the city of Timisoara. The hotel offers impeccable accommodation conditions, impeccable service and... More details

Apartment Timis

Apartments  Smart Residence
Apartments Smart Residence
Timis, Timisoara

Smart Residence**** complex includes 6 apartments located in the same building, in Timisoara. More details

Description of the destination Timis

Timis County is the largest county of Romania (8697 km ²), and the westernmost county. Timis County is bordering Hungary to the west, Serbia to the south-west, Arad County to the north, Hunedoara to the east and Caras-Severin to the southeast. The landscape of the county is characterized by plains in the western and central area, and hilly area continued with the mountainous terrain in the east. The county's territory is crossed by Timis and Bega rivers, and the climate is pleasant, temperate continental with Mediterranean influences. County has 2 citmunicipalities: Timisoara and Lugoj, 8 cities: Buzias, Sannicolau Mare, Jimbolia, Deta, Gataia, Ciacova, Recas and Faget.
The tourism in Timis is represented by a varied natural potential, on stairs, from the bald peaks of the Poiana Rusca Mountains to the Timis Plain, by the variety of fauna and flora. The bathing and recreation tourism can be practiced in Buzias resort, in Timisoara, Deta, as well as in the localities Calacea, Teremia Mare and Lovrin.
Poiana Ruscai Mountains, with an altitude of over 600 m, is an area with great tourism potential, given by the value of the natural and landscape area, suitable for recreation and hiking. Areas with a rich hunting stock (Banloc, Bogda, Brestea, Cheveresu Mare, Dumbrava, Giroc, Hitias, Padureni, Peciu Nou, Pischia, Remetea Mica, Silagiu) and those with a diversified Fisheries fund (Bega - Luncani, Bega - Tomesti - Romanesti, Bega - Poieni, Bega - Marginea, Timis - Cebza, Timis - Costeiu) represent a remarkable potential, highly appreciated by lovers of hunting and sport fishing. Currently, sports fishermen from everywhere can enjoy specific offers of created by the arrangement of some lakes, such as: Surduc Ianova, Dumbravita and Pischia.
The municipality of Timisoara – the seat of the county – the cosmopolitan city of Timisoara is situated on the river Bega and offers to its visitors the Secession ensemble, the historic core of the district of Fabric, Count Mercy House, House of Prince Eugene of Savoya, the Franciscan Monastery Convent, the metal bridge designed by the engineer Eiffel, the Military Casino and the Baroque Palace. Timisoara city has a significant number of museums and memorial houses, musical and cultural institutions and art galleries as well as the Banat Village Museum.
Among other points of tourist interest, we mention:
· in Ciacova visitors can admire "Cula Ciacovei";
· Queen Elizabeth Castle of Banloc;
· the Castle of Count Mercy from Carani;
· the Wooden churches in localities Pietroasa, Dragomiresti, Poieni, Marginea, Curtea, Lucaret, Hezeriş, Romanesti, Zolt;
· Partos Monastery (XIV century) in the village of the same name;
· the Wooden church from Cebza (1759);
· Saraca Monastery, historical monument, located near Semlacu Mic;  
· Localities Jupanesti, Faget, Dumbrava with outstanding achievements of ceramics, fabrics, costumes;
The main traditional events that take place in villages and urban centers is Timis County are:
· "Prayers";
· Folk festivals: Heart Festival, Ana Lugojana Festival;
· Vatra de Olari;
· Efta Botoca - national contest for stringed instruments;
· Mountebank Festival and Beer Festival in Timisoara;
· International student Theater Festival – Studentfest;
In the area of the locality of Satchinez there is a significant ornithological reservation, and in Radmanesti there is a reservation of paleontology. In Bazos there is a beautiful arboretum, which contains a wide variety of tree species, like the Botanic Park in Timisoara.
Particularly valuable are: the Cave of Romanesti where famous symphony orchestras perform annual concerts, Pietroasa Cave, the muddy volcano type "griffin" in Forocici, Red Hill (Dealul Rosu) extinct volcano, Sumig Volcano cone. Information taken from

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