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Hotel Targu Neamt

Hotel Ozana
Hotel Ozana
Hotel Ozana 3 stars Neamt, Targu Neamt

Ozana*** is three star hotel, which tries to provide a pleasant and relaxing stay to all its tourists. More details

Vila/pension Targu Neamt

Villa Bella
Villa Bella
Villa Bella 2 stars Neamt, Targu Neamt

The villa is located on the outskirts of Targu Neamt, towards Baile Oginzi. It has a very picturesque position, in a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere, being at the foothills of Cetatea... More details

Description of the destination Targu Neamt

Targu Neamt is the third largest town in Neamt County.
In terms of archaeological remains, in Targu Neamt town area, there was one of the oldest inhabited settlements in Moldavia, dating from the neolotic and Bronze Age. The earliest evidences of habitation were found in the Oglinzi resort area (salty springs area), namely ceramics dating from the period of Starčevo - Cris culture. In feudal times, in this area it was a stable, evolved settlement, which due to its geographical location at the crossroads of trade routes of great importance, quickly earned the name of “fair”. This status was won especially after the arrival and settlement in these areas of the Saxon inhabitants of Flanders. In terms of written evidence, Targu Neamt is one of the oldest towns in Moldova, being documentary attested in the late 1300 (Novgorod Chronicle) - also known as the "List of Russian cities", dated between 1387-1392, during the reign of Petru Voda, when Neamt fortress was built.
The Neamt toponym was mentioned for the first time in the Russian list of Wallachian cities – meaning Romanian - drawn up between 1387 and 1392, in which is inscribed "Neamt in the mountains".
Targu Neamt is a town of Neamt County, in the Moldavia region. The town is located in the northern part of Neamt County, in the west of the historical region of Moldova, and in the north-eastern part of Romania. The town is situated at an altitude of 365 meters, on the the Ozana River terrace. Targu Neamt is located at the entrance of Neamt Depression, at the foothills of Plesu ridge. Main landforms are: Neamt depression (Ozana - Toplita) and hills and peaks related to Sub – Carpathians of Moldova: Plesu North ridge, Movilelor hills, Humulesti and Ocea to the south and Boistei hill which closes Ozana valley to the east. Plesa ridge, with a length of 24 km to the north, has maximum height of 913 m. Towards the town of Targu Neamt, there is Vanatori peak, which has an altitude of 623 m, amounting almost 250 m above the river Ozana by a rocky slope. In the southern area, the hills look like a hillock because their height is not very high: Movilelor Hill (440 m), Humulesti hill (410 m), Ocea hill (400 m). Boistei Hill is situated on the eastern side of the town, on the other side of the Ozana River, at the exit of the Sub-Carpathian depression. It has maximum altitude of 582 m and guards the whole valley, especially because the northern slope is steep. At its base there is Blebea village, a small suburb of the city.
The surface hydrographic network is represented by the main basin of the river which crosses the city, namely Ozana River.

The current flora of the town is represented by forests (located on mountain peaks and the surrounding hills). The secular common oaks from Varatec are protected, being included in “Codrii de Arama (Copper Forests)” reservation (9 hectares), and the secular birches in this area belong to the Silver Forest Reservation.
The town is famous for Neamt Fortress, built by Petru Musat, for the house where Veronica Micle grew and also for the village of Humulesti (now district of the town), the cradle of childhood of Ion Creanga. The town also is an area in northern part of Neamt County where there are about 20 Orthodox monasteries, some of an artistic and cultural importance.
Museum of History, Archeology and Ethnography Targu Neamt;
Museum of Ethnography, Folklore, History and Traditional Masks;
"Ion Creanga" Memorial House;
”Veronica Micle” Memorial House;
”Mihail Sadoveanu” Memorial House;
”Alexandru Vlahuta” Memorial House.
Festivals and cultural events:
Parade on New Year's customs and traditions;
"Silver Forest" Rustic Celebration;
Neamt Fortress Day;
Annual City, 6-8 September;
Craftsmen's Fair, 7-8 September;
Ion Creanga Days, 14-16 December.
Assumption Church (1864-1874);
St.Haralambie Church-built in 1852-1853;
St. Gheorghe Church, built in 1800;
St. Nicolae Church, in Humulesti, consecrated in 1908;
St. Spiridon Church;
St.Mina Hermitage.
Points of interest:
Neamt Fortress, built by Petru I Musat;
Ion Creanga Memorial House, Humulesti;
Heroes Monument (Plesu peak), built in 1938-1939, in honor of heroes of the first Romanian battalion of  the Mountain Hunters, who died in World War I;
Oglinzi Spa Resort;
”Dragos Voda from Neamt” Aurochs's and Wild Animals Reservation;
Copper Forests;
Stud stallions in Dumbrava;
Agapia Monastery, the interior of the church was painted by Nicolae Grigorescu;
Varatec Monastery, where is buried Veronica Micle;
Secu Monastery;
Sihastria Monastery;
Sihla Monastery, Saint Theodora Cave of Sihla.


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