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Hotel Sucevita

Hotel  Ieremia Movila
Hotel Ieremia Movila
Hotel  Ieremia Movila 3 stars Suceava, Sucevita

Located in the heart of Bucovina, Ieremia Movila*** is located in a picturesque and attractive area of Sucevita village. The building, recently built, has a large space of accommodation. Every... More details

Hotel  Sucevita
Hotel Sucevita
Suceava, Sucevita

Sucevita** hotel, in the village of Sucevita, is an accessible accommodation unit, suitable for spending a relaxing vacation or for transit accommodation, offering attractive rates. More details

Description of the destination Sucevita

Sucevita village is located on Sucevita River valley, being famous for housing one of the most beautiful churches and monasteries in Romania - Sucevita Monastery. The village is located about 18 km of Radauti.
Sucevita Monastery was built in the last decades of the sixteenth century by the family of boyars Movila.  The church dedicated to "Resurrection of Christ" was built in the style of Moldavian architecture, a harmonious combination of elements of Byzantine and Gothic art, in addition with architectural elements of the old wooden churches in Moldova. The painting, made in fresco, was executed by two Moldovan painters, Ion Zugravul and his brother, Sofronie, and it is preserved in its original form. A characteristic feature of the painting from Sucevita is its inclination toward narrative stories, configuring complete cycles of the lives of saints such as St. Pahomie, St. John the New of Suceava, St. Nicholas, St. Martyr George, Life of Moses, presented with an educational purpose. Science and masterliness of painters deciphers especially in approaching the studied prospects, the popularity of landscapes backgrounds and post-Byzantine specific architecture in this part of Europe. The exterior painting of Sucevita Monastery is the best preserved among the group of Moldovan churches with exterior painting, the only one which preserves the northern side, where is represented the scene "Ladder of Virtues", most impressive, by the scale and the contrast between order of angels and chaos of hell. Sucevita Monastery possesses a collection of objects of artistic and cultural value, exposed in the current museum. Among the exhibits, there are noticed several embroideries of exceptional value, dating from the XV-XVI centuries, from the time of Stefan cel Mare and Ieremia Movila, worked with gold, silver, thread, silk and pearls. The most important pieces are portraits of Ieremia and Simion Movila and an epitaph with pearls, a shrine donated by Metropolitan George Movila.

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