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Hotel Suceava

Hotel  Best Western Bucovina
Hotel Best Western Bucovina
Hotel  Best Western Bucovina 4 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Best Western Bucovina****, in Gura Humorului, is a luxury hotel suitable for business travelers and for tourists. More details

Hotel  Toaca Bellevue
Hotel Toaca Bellevue
Hotel  Toaca Bellevue 4 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Toaca Bellevue**** hotel is one of the newest and most chic four-star accommodation units in Bucovina. Located on Toaca mountain range, on a private property of dozens of hectares, it has an... More details

Hotel  Gerald's
Hotel Gerald's
Hotel  Gerald's 4 stars Suceava, Radauti

Opened in 2007, Gerald's Hotel is the best and most modern hotel in Bucovina, offering high-class services to Romanian and foreign tourists. The contemporary design, exclusive rooms, non-smoking... More details

Complex  Casa Elena
Complex Casa Elena
Complex  Casa Elena 4 stars Suceava, Voronet

Casa Elena**** is one of the most acclaimed and popular complexes in Romania. Pleasant environment, traditional architectural style and modern finishes are the advantages of this complex.... More details

Hotel Sandru
Hotel Sandru
Hotel Sandru 3 stars Suceava, Campulung Moldovenesc

Sandru *** hotel, in Campulung Moldovenesc, is a luxury accommodation unit in northern Romania, enjoying the latest generation facilities and quality services. The hotel can be a good choice for... More details

Hotel Rubin
Hotel Rubin
Hotel Rubin 3 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Rubin*** hotel is a new and modern location, which provide high quality services to its guests,being  the ideal place both for leisure and business travelers. More details

Hotel Simeria Class
Hotel Simeria Class
Hotel Simeria Class 3 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

In the resort of Gura Humorului, in Suceava County, was built a new and modern accommodation unit - Simeria Class*** hotel, suitable for transit accommodation or for long stays, recommended... More details

Hotel  Ieremia Movila
Hotel Ieremia Movila
Hotel  Ieremia Movila 3 stars Suceava, Sucevita

Located in the heart of Bucovina, Ieremia Movila*** is located in a picturesque and attractive area of Sucevita village. The building, recently built, has a large space of accommodation. Every... More details

Hotel  Villa Excelsior
Hotel Villa Excelsior
Hotel  Villa Excelsior 3 stars Suceava, Vama

Villa Excelsior*** hotel, inVama, is a welcoming, with lots of facilities for tourists and modern accommodation conditions. More details

Hotel  Bradul
Hotel Bradul
Hotel  Bradul 3 stars Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Bradul*** hotel in Vatra Dornei, Suceava County, was recently renovated offering good conditions of accommodation, modern facilities and finishes of the rooms, treatment possibilities, tours, a... More details

Hotel  Calimani
Hotel Calimani
Hotel  Calimani 3 stars Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Calimani*** hotel, in Vatra Dornei, was recently renovated; it offers good conditions of accommodation to both lovers of winter sports, as well as tourists who seek treatment in this picturesque... More details

Hotel Maestro
Hotel Maestro
Hotel Maestro 3 stars Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Centrally situated in the city of Vatra Dornei, Maestro*** hotel is the ideal place for rest, relaxation and a starting point for sightseeing in the area. More details

Hotel  Bucovina
Hotel Bucovina
Hotel  Bucovina 2 stars Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Bucovina** hotel, in Vatra Dornei, is a good accommodation option with attractive rates, partially renovated. More details

Hotel  Sucevita
Hotel Sucevita
Suceava, Sucevita

Sucevita** hotel, in the village of Sucevita, is an accessible accommodation unit, suitable for spending a relaxing vacation or for transit accommodation, offering attractive rates. More details

Vila/pension Suceava

Pension  Inima Bucovinei
Pension Inima Bucovinei
Pension  Inima Bucovinei 4 daisies Suceava, Frasin

At Inima Bucovinei**** pension, in Frasin, you will be surrounded by local’s hospitality living and fir trees forests. The pension is situated in a wonderful setting, near the forest edge,... More details

Pension  Casa Humor
Pension Casa Humor
Pension  Casa Humor 4 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Casa Humor - Club de Munte**** pension was recently opened, being located in a magnificent landscape in Bucovina, at 1km from the center of  Gura Humorului and 3 km from Voronet Monastery. In... More details

Pension  Elegance
Pension Elegance
Pension  Elegance 4 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Elegance**** pension is definitely the place you'll want to return whenever you come in Bukovina. Situated near the Humor Monastery and only 7 km from the monastery of Voronet, Elegance will always... More details

Pension  Hilde's Residence
Pension Hilde's Residence
Pension  Hilde's Residence 4 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Hilde's Residence**** pension has 30-35 places of accommodation in 9 double rooms, 1 junior suite and 3 suites. Hilde's Residence**** is a complex where tourists can be accommodated in three units... More details

Villa  Ramona
Villa Ramona
Villa  Ramona 4 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Casa Ramona**** is a welcoming and luxurious villa that can offer quality services in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, with Romanian traditional finishes. More details

Pension  Passiflora
Pension Passiflora
Pension  Passiflora 4 stars Suceava, Manastirea Humorului

Passiflora**** pension combines the most modern facilities with traditional rustic style. It is the choice of those who seek refuge in nature, without giving up all the comforts of civilization,... More details

Pension Casa Alba
Pension Casa Alba
Pension Casa Alba 4 daisies Suceava, Vama

Casa Alba*** pension is a relaxing and luxurious accommodation option in Vama, one of the few accommodation units with functional indoor swimming pool, all year round. More details

Pension Casa Calin
Pension Casa Calin
Pension Casa Calin 4 daisies Suceava, Vama

Casa Calin**** pension is a good option for holidays or for transit accommodation. The pension was built in mountain style, with good conditions of accommodation. More details

Villa Perla Bucovinei
Villa Perla Bucovinei
Villa Perla Bucovinei 4 stars Suceava, Voronet

Perla Bucovinei****, with an ambience that combines rustic with modern, ensures its customers the comfort of a four star location, with Romanian traditional cuisine.The pension is ideal for... More details

Pension  Perla Brazilor
Pension Perla Brazilor
Pension  Perla Brazilor 3 daisies Suceava, Frumosu

Perla Brazilor*** pension, in Frumosu, was built in 2003 and extended and completely refurbished in 2007; it is currently one of the best accommodation options in terms of quality/ price ratio of... More details

Pension  Elim
Pension Elim
Pension  Elim 3 daisies Suceava, Gura Humorului

Elim*** pension in Gura Humorului offers good accommodation conditions and perfect conditions for relaxation in the heart of the nature. During the summer, the pension is suitable for people who... More details

Guest house Orhideea
Guest house Orhideea
Guest house Orhideea 3 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Orhideea*** pension, in Gura Humorului, is suitable for being rented entirely, offering good accommodation conditions and modern facilities. More details

Pension Poiana Bucovat
Pension Poiana Bucovat
Pension Poiana Bucovat 3 daisies Suceava, Gura Humorului

Poiana Bucovat*** pension is a unit of accommodation suitable for people who want a relaxing holiday in a natural setting, for those who want to make trips or hiking. Tourists can spend an... More details

Hotel  Ramona
Hotel Ramona
Hotel  Ramona 3 stars Suceava, Gura Humorului

Situated in a quiet area, near the forest, Ramona*** hotel in Gura Humorului offers its clients the following facilities (situated next to the hotel, at Casa Ramona*** pension): garden with gazebo,... More details

Pension Elvira
Pension Elvira
Pension Elvira 3 daisies Suceava, Vama

Elvira*** pension, in Vama, is one of the best villas in terms of quality/ price ratio, welcoming and with kind hosts, enjoying a location in a spectacular setting. More details

Guest house  Irina
Guest house Irina
Guest house  Irina 3 daisies Suceava, Vama

Irina*** pension, in Vama, is a comfortable and accessible location, perfect for groups of friends.  More details

Pension Dornelor
Pension Dornelor
Pension Dornelor 3 stars Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Dornelor*** pension, in Vatra Dornei, Suceava County, is a good accommodation option for groups of families or friends. More details

Villa  Franz Joseph
Villa Franz Joseph
Villa  Franz Joseph 3 stars Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Franz Joseph*** villa, in Vatra Dornei, is a good accommodation option for people who want an active holiday; its position near the ski slopes is an advantage. Franz Joseph*** is a good alternative... More details

Villa Iulia
Villa Iulia
Villa Iulia 3 daisies Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Iulia*** villa is situated on the Runc slope; looking to the south we see the majestic Muntele Negru mountain, where there are a ski slope for beginners and one for professionals. Being situated in... More details

Villa Ruby'Nn
Villa Ruby'Nn
Villa Ruby'Nn 3 daisies Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Ruby'Nn*** is a modern pension. It expects you to enjoy the fresh mountain air of the Vatra Dornei resort or to enjoy the traditional foods served in the restaurant. The property has approximately... More details

Villa Vimondo
Villa Vimondo
Villa Vimondo 3 daisies Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Vimondo*** pension is accessible to all those who want to enjoy relaxation, giving them the opportunity to visit the main attractions of the city (museums, lift, Spa facilities of the resort).You... More details

Pension  Casa Doamnei
Pension Casa Doamnei
Pension  Casa Doamnei 3 stars Suceava, Voronet

In any season you will be welcome and will be welcomed by the hosts with the well known Bucovina hospitality. Casa Doamnei*** pension is a recent construction, which attempts to combine rustic with... More details

Villa Doina
Villa Doina
Villa Doina 3 daisies Suceava, Voronet

Doina*** villa welcomes its guests with the specifically Bucovina hospitality. More details

Pension  Maria
Pension Maria
Pension  Maria 2 stars Suceava, Campulung Moldovenesc

Maria** pensionl was inaugurated in 1996. The services that we offer are accommodation, and other activities that include visiting the tourist sights (monasteries, museums), hiking in the massif... More details

Complex Zugreni
Complex Zugreni
Complex Zugreni 2 stars Suceava, Zugreni

Zugreni** hotel, in Zugreni, is the perfect location for tourists who want to relax in the natural environment, or want to practice sports. Being located in a quiet area, it is also suitable for... More details

Guest house  Anastasia
Guest house Anastasia
Suceava, Gura Humorului

Anastasia*** pension has a good location, right in the heart of Bucovina. The setting is wonderful, relaxing, just a few minutes from the sights of the resort, including Voronet Monastery and Humor... More details

Pension  Dumbrava Humorului
Pension Dumbrava Humorului
Suceava, Gura Humorului

Dumbrava Humorului** pension, known as the ''Wine Cellar in Dumbrava (Crama la Dumbrava)'' is at clients disposal to spendtheir stay in the town of Gura Humorului, as well as for those transiting... More details

Pension  Cristiana
Pension Cristiana
Suceava, Manastirea Humorului

Cristiana*** pension is located in a quiet and full of greenery area, away from everyday noise, in Manastirea Humorului village. You can relax renting a room or the entire villa for holiday with... More details

Guest house  Lucretia
Guest house Lucretia
Suceava, Vama

Lucretia*** pnsion, in Vama, has modern facilities, exceptional location and interior amenities; the courtesy of the hosts and the privacy of the pension will ensure an unforgettable holiday. More details

Villa Camelia
Villa Camelia
Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Camelia*** villa in Vatra Dornei is a select and modern accommodation unit, offering good conditions of accommodation and relaxation. It is a good choice for spending the holidays in Bucovina... More details

Guest house  Casa Pop
Guest house Casa Pop
Suceava, Vatra Dornei

Casa Pop** pension, in Vatra Dornei, is suitable for families with children, groups of relatives or friends who want an affordable and quality accommodation in the resort of Vatra Dornei, in... More details

Villa for rent Suceava

Villa for rent  Steaua Nordului
Villa for rent Steaua Nordului
Villa for rent  Steaua Nordului 2 stars Suceava, Botus

Steaua Nordului** villa, in Botus, is a variant of exceptional accommodation for those who want relaxation in Bucovina. It is perfect for individual tourists and also for groups of friends,... More details

Description of the destination Suceava

Suceava County is certainly one of the most popular counties in Romania, both because of the delicious “Poale in Brau” - Bucovina traditional dishes and because of unrivalled Orthodox churches included in the UNESCO patrimony, located in the area of the county.
Located in north-eastern part of Romania, Suceava County benefits from a settlement in the form of an amphitheater, with a huge crown of mountains as extreme limits of in the west and the meadow of the Siret River in the east. Suceava County area is 8555 km ². The climate is temperate continental. The county has 8 towns, 90 communal centers and 396 villages. Suceava County borders in the north with the state border with Ukraine, to the west - the counties of Maramures and Bistrita Nasaud, to the south with Mures, Harghita and Neamt Counties, to the south-east with Iasi County, and in the east with Botosani. Overlapping partially to Eastern Carpathians and Suceava Plateau, Suceava county territory includes two units of relief: the mountainous area composed of Suhard, Caliman Giumalau and Rarau massifs, mountain group Pietrosu Bistrita - Grinţieşu Brosteni and Stanisoarei Mountains. In Suceava County area is also situated the larger and more complex massive of volcanic origin in Romania - Calimani Massif (2102 m) with the most spectacular parallel mountain peaks system - Obcinile Bucovinei (1100 m); the most interesting systems with depression peat bogs and mineralized groundwater - Dorna Depression; the most beautiful contact depressions between mountain units and the hills - Depression Radauti, Cacica, Solca. Mountainous region is composed of massifs, massive and complex groups of peaks, separated by deep passages: Suhard and Calimani massifs; Pietrosu Bistritei Mountains, Grinţieşu Brosteni, Stanisoarei; Giumalau – Rarau massifs; Obcinile Feredeului and Mestecanis. The plateau region is lowered by 200 m: Marginea - Ciungi piedmont hills, Radauti depression, Suceava-Falticeni Plateau, Dragomirna Plateau, Liteni Depression, Baia Plain, Siret Valley corridor.
An important place is occupied by mineral waters, known for a long time due to their therapeutic effects in a range of diseases of the body. Among them stand out the carbonated waters; in Dorna Depression there are over 40 springs, already famous, those of Vatra Dornei, Saru Dornei, Poiana Negri, Cosna; less known are the springs in areas: Brosteni, Gura Humorului, Solca. Vatra Dornei area is rich also in carbonated - ferruginous water, which made of the locality of the same name one of the oldest and best known watering and climate resorts in the Eastern Carpathians. Surface waters contain a rich network of rivers, of which more important are Moldova, Bistrita, Suceava and Siret. Hydrographic network of the county is filled with small lakes, ponds and numerous springs.
Deciduous forests consist of trees of beech, oak, hornbeam, ash, linden, birch. In mixture there are found poplar, maple, bird cherry tree, mountain ash and yew. Among shrubs: raspberries, blueberries, hip rose and rowan tree. There are several protected trees: the oak in Casvana (500 years), the oak in Botosana (350 years), elm in Campulung Moldavenesc (500 years). The forests host a rich fauna, being especially remarked: the Carpathian stag, brown bear, wild boar and capercaillie. Fauna, rich and precious, including many species with high hunting value: Carpathian bear and deer, roebuck, lynx, wolf, fox, marten, ermine, polecat, capercaillie, Black Grouse, pheasant, crow, various species of eagles, owls. Suceava County offers a valuable and varied background of hunting and fishing, and the most remarkable meadows of the country. Mountain rivers shelter rare species of fish: huck, rainbow trout, grayling, barbel, chub, broad snout.
Under the aegis of the Romanian Academy there are protected over 20 nature reservations:
· Geological Reservations - Devil's Mill Gorges, the geological Strate of Pojorita; Clipa Triasica of Cailor brook - Fundu Moldovei;  
· Forest reservations – the centuries-old wood at Slatioara, the centuries – old Forest on Giumalau massif, Forest of Zamostea; Tinovul Mare at Poiana Stampei and Saru Dornei.
· Flora reservations - secular hay fields from Ponoare – Bosanci; hay fields of Frumoasa - Moara, secular hay fields on Todirescu Mountain - Rarau Massif, gut dwarf from Lucina, Strugurele Ursului (bear’s grape) in Benea - Moldova Sulita; lilies complex of Salcea .
· Mixed reservations - natural-geological complex of Zugreni, geology complex of Calimani; peat bog of Gradinita.
The rich heritage of cultural values of national and international importance, representative creations of the Romanian genius concentrated in these parts, are illustrated in the exhibitions and collections of modern and outstanding museum units, many of them considered sanctuaries of human spirit, such as:
- Bucovina Museum Complex;
- Notable People Gallery;
- "Ion Irimescu" Museum of Art;
- Water Museum of Falticeni;
- Museum of Popular Bucovina techniques in Radauti;
- Museum of Wood in Campulung Moldovenesc;
- Ethnographic Museum in Gura Humorului;
- Hunting of Museum Vatra Dornei;
- Ethnographic Museum of Vatra Dorneil
- "Simeon Florea Marian" Homes and memorial - documentation funds in Suceava;
- Nicolae Labiş House in Malini;
- Ciprian Porumbescu House in Stupca;
- Solca House & Museum;
- "Cornel Ciornei" Collection in Suceava;
- “Ion Tugui” Collection in Campulung Moldovenesc.  
Besides the great attraction of the mountain scenery, the tourist potential of Suceava County is characterized by variety, density and value of worship places and architectural monuments, nature reservations and in particular ethnographic areas, many of them unique in the world. We mention in particular:
- Voronet Monastery;
- Sucevita Monastery;
- Moldovita Monastery;
- Putna Monastery;
- Humor Monastery;
- Slatina Monastery;
- Dragomirna Monastery;
- Bogdana Church in Radauti;
- Arbore Church;
- Patrauti Church;
- Baia Church;
- Probota Church;
- Suceava Church;
- Voivodal Fortress of the municipality seat of Suceava County;
- Salina and Minor Basilica of Cacica;
- flora reservations Răchitişul Mare, Lucina and Ponoarele;
- Putna Valley Woods;
- Secular forests at Slatioara;
- Natural hay fields from Frumoasa.  
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