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Hotel Sovata

Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Bradet
Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Bradet
Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Bradet 4 stars Mures, Sovata

Bradet ** hotel in Sovata is good accommodation option for those seeking rest, relaxation and/ or treatment. You can use the treatment area of Danubius Sovata**** hotel. More details

Hotel  Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata
Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata
Hotel  Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata 4 stars Mures, Sovata

Danubius Sovata**** is a luxury hotel, with occidental accommodation conditions and exceptional treatment facilities. More details

Hotel  Alunis
Hotel Alunis
Hotel  Alunis 3 stars Mures, Sovata

Alunis** hotel is a good accommodation option for people looking for good conditions for relaxation and treatments, a modernized and comfortable location, in Sovata. More details

Hotel  Faget
Hotel Faget
Hotel  Faget 2 stars Mures, Sovata

Faget** hotel in Sovata has standard amenities and it is a good option of accommodation for those seeking relaxation and/ or treatment in the resort. More details

Vila/pension Sovata

Pension  Eden
Pension Eden
Pension  Eden 5 stars Mures, Sovata

Luxury, quality, space. Eden***** pension is the most luxurious accommodation option in the resort of Sovata, Mures County. All rooms and suites are very spacious, with balcony overlooking the... More details

Guest house  Klein
Guest house Klein
Guest house  Klein 2 stars Mures, Sovata

Klein** pension in Sovata, Mures County, is a good option for accommodation in the resort, with modern facilities and many improvements. It is a good alternative accommodation for those who want a... More details

Villa Parc
Villa Parc
Villa Parc 2 stars Mures, Sovata

Parc** villa in Sovata is a good option for accommodation in peak season, special facilities at affordable rates. More details

Description of the destination Sovata

The town of Sovata is situated in north-central part of Romania, in the Praid-Sovata depression, on the upper course of Tarnava Mica River, at the south-west foothills of the Gurghiu Mountains, in the Eastern Carpathians, 60 km east of the city of Targu Mures. The average altitude of the town is 500 m. The resort of Sovata is surrounded by the hills: Cireselu (912m), Capela (720m), Bechis (1079m), Dealul Mic and Muntele de Sare (Salt Mountain).
The resort of Sovata has been mentioned as a cure in place a document in 1597, and in 1850 it was declared as a watering and climate resort. Curious is that Sovata is practically located on a mountain of salt covered by old beech forests, hornbeam, elm, chestnut, fir and birch. Sovata is a permanent season watering and climate resort, having a sub – alpine climate, with cool summers and mild winters.
Sovata resort is famous due to lakes: Ursu (46.000m2), Alunis (9000 m2), Green Lake (5.000m2), Black Lake, Red Lake, Mierlei and Serpilor, with chlorinated and sodium waters, presenting heliothermal phenomena (during the summer water temperature vary depending on the solar heat accumulation in the salt water; the hot water is protected by fresh water from the rivulets, which does not mix with salt water but remains on the surface, serving as a thermal insulator). This makes that, during the summer, the temperature of Ursu Lake (18.4 m deep), the largest heliothermal lake in Romania, may vary between 10 to 20 ° C to the surface and 30 - 40 ° C at a depth of 1 m and 40 - 60 ° C at a depth of 1.5 m.
Sovata resort is mainly indicated for treatment of:
- gynecological diseases (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingitis, sterility);
- degenerative diseases, inflammatory and rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylitis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, joint pain, tendonitis, arthritis scapulohumeral);
- post traumatic states (after cured joints surgery, muscles, bones, after luxations and sprains);
- peripheral nervous system diseases (cervical, sequelae of poliomyelitis, polyneuritis);
- endocrine disorders (hypothyroidism, endocrine treatment result);
- cardiovascular disease (ulcers, acrocianoza).  
In Sovata resort tourists benefit of warm baths, in bathtub or pool, with salt mineral water taken from lakes, mud treatments, hot pools for physical therapy, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy equipment, saunas, medical gyms, beaches on Lake Bear and Alunis banks.
Sovata has modern hotels and hostels (with 5 daisies tourist classification), ultra-modernly equipped, offering a wide range of services and opportunities for sports and recreation. Tourists can enjoy winter sports on the ski slope of the resort, hiking, trips to Sighisoara or the salt mine from Praid.

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