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Key features of the resort

Hotel Sinaia

Hotel  Anda
Hotel Anda
Hotel  Anda 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Anda**** hotel is a coquette accommodation unit, centrally located in Sinaia. Comfort, elegance and quality of services offered by the hotel meet the most demanding clients. More details

  Arca lui Noe
Arca lui Noe
  Arca lui Noe 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Arca lui Noe**** in Sinaia is a newly built hotel with great architecture and an imposing presence, ideal for business travelers and for a relaxing stay. The hotel offers quality services: hotel... More details

Hotel Carpathia
Hotel Carpathia
Hotel Carpathia 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Inaugurated in 2004 and expanded in the fall of 2007, Rowa Dany**** hotel was designed as a unique destination for any visitor, offering various facilities to its clients.The hotel is built in a... More details

Hotel International
Hotel International
Hotel International 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

International**** is a luxury, welcoming and comfortable hotel in Sinaia, which combines quality services with amenities and equipment of last generation. More details

Hotel  Mara Sinaia
Hotel Mara Sinaia
Hotel  Mara Sinaia 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Mara*** hotel in Sinaia is one of the most comfortable hotels in the resort. It is modernly equipped, it has quality finishes, spectacular swimming pool, half located in the open air and half... More details

Hotel  Palace
Hotel Palace
Hotel  Palace 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Palace**** hotel in Sinaia was renovated and upgraded, being one of the most traditional hotels in the resort, suitable for tourists wishing to visit the resort, as well as for business meetings,... More details

Hotel Caraiman
Hotel Caraiman
Hotel Caraiman 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Caraiman** hotel is built in the Romanian classical style. It is the third hotel built in Sinaia and is over 120 years old. Situated in a picturesque area, in the central park of the resort, close... More details

  Cota 1400
Cota 1400
  Cota 1400 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Cota 1400**** hotel has an excellent position in the resort of Sinaia. The hotel was recently upgraded and extended, offering quality accommodation in modernly equipped rooms, with impeccable... More details

Hotel Irish House
Hotel Irish House
Hotel Irish House 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

The hotel is a recent building that combines modern design with historical style of the city. Irish House**, hotel and restaurant with traditional Irish dishes, is the new star in the center of... More details

  Marami 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Marami*** in Sinaia  is a modern, stylish and comfortable hotel. It is one of the best accommodation options in Sinaia, for those who want to make trips, for business travelers but also for... More details

Villa Piatra Soimului
Villa Piatra Soimului
Villa Piatra Soimului 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Piatra Soimului*** offers comfortable accommodation and quality services in a landscape full of color and serenity, in Sinaia resort. More details

Aparthotel  Regal
Aparthotel Regal
Aparthotel  Regal 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Regal*** aparthotel in Sinaia is the perfect location to enjoy the luxury of home.It consists only of fully equipped apartments. Some of these apartments are special, with Jacuzzi, plasma TV,... More details

Hotel  RINA Sinaia
Hotel RINA Sinaia
Hotel  RINA Sinaia 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Sinaia*** hotel in Sinaia is one of the most requested hotels in the resort, due to its position, the fact that all rooms were recently renovated and the hotel suffers permanent improvements,... More details

Hotel  Roberto
Hotel Roberto
Hotel  Roberto 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Roberto*** hotel is perfect for a relaxing vacation, tourists enjoying excellent accommodation, restaurant with international cuisine, excellent panoramic view. More details

Hotel  Economat
Hotel Economat
Hotel  Economat 2 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Economat*** hotel is a good accommodation alternative for those who want to feel the old domination of the king in Romania, whilst maintaining traditional Romanian air, twisting alleys, forests and... More details

Hotel Paltinis
Hotel Paltinis
Hotel Paltinis 2 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Paltinis** hotel is waiting for you to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation in the beautiful resort of Sinaia, also called "the Pearl of the Carpathians"; the hotel also has a treatment... More details

Hotel  Riviera
Hotel Riviera
Hotel  Riviera 2 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Riviera** hotel in Sinaia is an affordable accommodation option in the Prahova Valley; the hotel suitable for business meetings but also for tourists who want to visit the area by car, because of... More details

Hotel  Tanti
Hotel Tanti
Hotel  Tanti 2 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Tanti** hotel is a good accommodation option for those seeking an enjoyable and affordable vacation in Sinaia center. More details

Vila/pension Sinaia

Pension Casa Teo
Pension Casa Teo
Pension Casa Teo 5 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Casa Teo***** is one of the most luxurious and refined accommodation units in Sinaia, providing excellent accommodation, quality finishes and impeccable service. More details

Pension  Casa Tom
Pension Casa Tom
Pension  Casa Tom 5 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Casa Tom***** pension in Sinaia is the perfect location to relax and spoil, offering privacy, luxury, peace and relaxation, good accommodation, impeccable services. More details

Guesthouse  Casa Iris
Guesthouse Casa Iris
Guesthouse  Casa Iris 4 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Casa Iris**** is the newest accommodation unit in the resort of Sinaia. It was inaugurated in 2008.Casa Iris**** provides its clinets new and modern furnished rooms, finishing quality, favorable... More details

Villa  Alina
Villa Alina
Villa  Alina 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Alina** villa in Sinaia is an affordable accommodation unit; it has bathroom and TV in every room, relatively new building (2006). More details

Pension  Ana-Maria
Pension Ana-Maria
Pension  Ana-Maria 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Ana - Maria*** pension enjoys an advantageous position in the resort, is easily accessible from the resort center. Good conditions of accommodation at competitive prices. More details

Guesthouse  Boema
Guesthouse Boema
Guesthouse  Boema 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

A wise choice for spending holidays, the weekends or for organizing trainings, team biulding or other events, Boema*** pension in Sinaia offers comfortable rooms in a unique and relaxing... More details

Pension  Camelia
Pension Camelia
Pension  Camelia 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Camelia*** is a nice villa in Sinaia, built in traditional Romanian style. The competitiverates and excellent services make this villa one of the most popular places of accommodation in the resort... More details

Pension  Camy
Pension Camy
Pension  Camy 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Camy*** villa is located in aquiet area of Sinaia, offering good conditions of accommodation, competitive rates and quality services. More details

Villa Casa Duca
Villa Casa Duca
Villa Casa Duca 3 daisies Prahova, Sinaia

Casa Duca*** complex consists of two completely refurbished and modernized villas: - Carol villa; - Lunei villa. More details

Pension  Condor
Pension Condor
Pension  Condor 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Condor*** pension is suitable for groups of tourists who want to rent the entire villa, ensuring good services, privacy and relaxation. More details

Villa  Marald
Villa Marald
Villa  Marald 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

We warmly recommend this accommodation unit.Marald*** villa in Sinaia is one of the best appreciated and valued villas in the resort. Comfort, quality services, and also the proximity of the Peles... More details

Villa Panda
Villa Panda
Villa Panda 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Nice and welcoming, Panda*** villa in Sinaia is an original accommodation unit, equipped with quality finishes, rooms of different colors, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing holiday. More details

Guesthouse  Paris
Guesthouse Paris
Guesthouse  Paris 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Paris*** villa is located in a picturesque area of Sinaia, at the edge of the forest, providing perfect conditions for a dream holiday. More details

Villa  Sipot
Villa Sipot
Villa  Sipot 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Sipot*** is a Romanian traditional style villa, which offers good accommodation conditions, in a beautiful area, right next to the Peles Castle. More details

Villa  Splendid
Villa Splendid
Villa  Splendid 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Splendid** villa in Sinaia is a good accommodation option for business travelers or tourists, who are seeking affordable rates. Being easily accessible both from the train station and on DN1... More details

Pension Tara
Pension Tara
Pension Tara 3 stars Prahova, Sinaia

Renovated and newly refurbished, Tara*** pension offers good conditions of accommodation for all categories of visitors, from families with children, groups of friends, groups of students, at... More details

Holiday village  Lucia
Holiday village Lucia
Prahova, Sinaia

With a unique architectural style, Lucia holiday village manages to harmoniously combine beauty, nobility and charm of the old style with comfort of modern technology. With an enviable geographical... More details

Private accommodation  Valea Iancului
Private accommodation Valea Iancului
Prahova, Sinaia

Valea Iancului villa in Sinaia is suitable for those seeking an affordable accommodation option in Prahova Valley, for youth groups or friends, built in mountain style, benefiting from a spacious... More details

Description of the destination Sinaia

Sinaia - one of the most beautiful, known and appreciated resorts in Romania, once the summer residence of the Romanian aristocracy, the summer residence of the kings of Romania: Ferdinand and Maria, their son Carol (the future king), Elisabeta (future Queen of Greece), Marioara (future Queen of Yugoslavia) and Prince Nicolae. Sinaia resort hosts one of the most valuable tourist attractions in Romania, the former summer residence of the kings - Peles Castle. Currently the resort presents a modern complex of hotels, restaurants and bars where you can relax after a busy day.

Sinaia development began in 1695 when sword bearer Mihai Cantacuzino decided the construction of Sinaia Monastery and its surrounding cells. In the nineteenth century the development of the city accelerated, in 1875 – 1883 and it was built the road between Comarnic and Brasov; in 1871 the first hotels were built and in 1875 began the construction of Peles Castle.

Sinaia resort is situated at the foot of the mountain Furnica, on the plateau down to the Prahova Valley. Most of the resort is located on the right bank of the river Prahova, in the south-east of the Bucegi Mountains. The massifs Varful cu Dor and Furnica dominate the city from 2000 meters. The forested mountains Furnica, Zgarbura, Coltii lui Barbes and Culmea Izvorului frame the resort in a beautiful green scene. Distance to Bucharest is about 125 km, about 106 km from Henri Coanda International Airport and 37 km from Brasov. Sinaia is one of the most important holiday resorts in the country, offering alternative leisure and treatment.

Sinaia has several ski slopes, cable transport (cable car), sleighing slopes, several sports grounds (including tennis), cinema and entertainment halls. Sinaia is recommended for the treatment of neurosis, endocrino-metabolic diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, hypertension, disorders of the brain and peripheral circulation, chronic rheumatic diseases. The available treatment procedures are: hydrotherapy (herbs bath, baths with essence of pine, bubble baths, underwater shower), electrotherapy (short wave, electroplating, solux, dynamic currents, interferential currents, ultrasound, magnetodiaflux), massage, paraffin packing, medical gymnastics and functional recovery, anti-stress cure, facial and body beauty cures, fitness, weight-loss diet, psychotherapy.

We recommend visiting the following tourist attractions:

Sinaia Monastery - dating from the late eighteenth century, Sinaia Monastery was the first building in Sinaia resort. Monastery's founder is the sword bearer Mihail Cantacuzino who, together with his family, made a pilgrimage to holy places, Jerusalem and Nazareth, even getting to Mount Sinai, where he visited an old Orthodox monastery. He returned to the country and lifted a monastery with the same name as Mount Sinai. Sinaia Monastery is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The construction of the monastery lasted 5 years (since 1690). The old church was built in Brancoveanu style, the architecture of the Romanian Country. Worthy of admiration is the sculpture of the portal of the church with the Cantacuzino family crest. At the celebration of 200 years since the founding of the monastery, in the old royal residence was arranged a religious museum, being the first museum of its kind in Romania.

Peles Castle - former summer residence of King Carol I, a Bavarian monumental ensemble, richly decorated outside and inside with wood carvings, paintings of scenes from Wagner operas. The palace has about 170 rooms of various styles: German, Italian, English Renaissance, German Baroque, French, Spanish-Moorish Rococo. Peles Castle was first electrified castle in entirely in Europe (provided by its own power plants). Peles Castle shelters one of the most important and most valuable collections of paintings in Europe, about 2,000 pieces. Access of tourists in the castle was allowed only after the Revolution of December 1989 (only part of the castle can be visited). The courtyard and the patio have a cheerful decor, with plants and flowers, facades animated by elegant drawings. The courtyard of the castle is in the Renaissance style, Bramantes type, with a fountain in the middle of the court.

Pelisor Castle - summer residence of the second Hohenzollern king, Ferdinand, just few steps from the Peles Castle, built in German Renaissance style, opened in 1903, has 70 rooms artistically decorated. The construction of Pelisor Castle started in 1889 and ended in 1903, being intended to King Ferdinand and Queen Maria.
George Enescu Memorial House - Master George Enescu lived in the villa "Luminis" for 20 years, Peles Castle being basically a gateway to launch the great composer's works. At Sinaia were composed much of his works, a big part of his work "Oedipus", "Concert for piano, violin, viola and cello no. 1 in ReMajor, opus 16”. In this house is preserved the piano of this great master.

The casino is located in the park Dimitrie Ghica, being built at the initiative of Carol I. Construction began in 1912 and was finished a year later. The casino had as its first shareholder the Baron of Marcay, shareholder of the casino in Monte-Carlo, whose architecture was imitated for the casino in Sinaia.

Bucegi Reservation Museum - located in Dimitrie Ghica Park in Sinaia, includes specimens of flora and fauna of Bucegi. The building was renovated and included in the tourist circuit in 1993.

Other points of tourist interest in Sinaia are: Villa Carola, Villa Constantin Argetoianu, Villa Take Ionescu, Villa Irene Procopius, House of Nicolae Iorga, House Anastasie Simu, House of the General George Mihail, Villa Alina Stirbei, Villa Salamandra. All these villas can be seen only from outside. Tourists can visit: the Cross on Molomot Mount (Furnica district in a private courtyard), the Heroes Cemetery in Sinaia, the Tomb of Badea Cartan, Carmen Sylva Cultural Center and the Church of St. Prophet Ilie Tesviteanul.

By cable car or by following the marked paths, tourists can reach Varful cu Dor (2.000m), Cuibul Dorului, Babele (2.206m), Pestera, Piscul Cainelui, Piatra Arsa, etc.


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