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Hotel Sibiu

Hotel  Binderbubi
Hotel Binderbubi
Hotel  Binderbubi 4 stars Sibiu, Medias

Binderbubi**** hotel is situated in a picturesque area of Medias. It is the best choice for leisure, for business meetings, for relaxation, beauty and treatment. It is the most modern and luxurious... More details

Hotel  Hohe Rinne Paltinis Hotel&Spa
Hotel Hohe Rinne Paltinis Hotel&Spa
Hotel  Hohe Rinne Paltinis Hotel&Spa 4 stars Sibiu, Paltinis

Casa Turistilor*** hotel complex, in Paltinis, has 3 nearby buildings, offering good accommodation in the resort. Currently, the resort develops continuously, there are made investments in... More details

Hotel Golden Tulip Ana Tower
Hotel Golden Tulip Ana Tower
Hotel Golden Tulip Ana Tower 4 stars Sibiu, Sibiu

Opened in September 2008, Golden Tulip Ana Tower**** hotel is one of the best accommodation options in Sibiu, both in terms of comfort of accommodation and staff services. More details

Hotel  Levoslav House
Hotel Levoslav House
Hotel  Levoslav House 4 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Originally built in 1840 and completely renovated in 2008, Levoslav House**** hotel building was for 40 years the residence of composer and conductor Jan Levoslav Bella. Located in the historic... More details

Hotel  Libra
Hotel Libra
Hotel  Libra 4 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Away from the daily bustle, Libra**** hotel awaits its clients for relaxation in style and good taste. Libra**** in Sibiu is a luxurious, four star classified hotel, offering its services for... More details

Hotel  The Council
Hotel The Council
Hotel  The Council 4 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Villa Astoria**** hotel has proposed to create in luxury properties an atmosphere of delicate luxury, for those who love the classic environment and also to participate through its services... More details

Hotel  Bocca Del Rio
Hotel Bocca Del Rio
Hotel  Bocca Del Rio 3 stars Sibiu, Gura Raului

Bocca Del Rio*** hotel, in Gura Raului, opened in spring 2007 in a picturesque landscape, in Marginimea Sibiului, the fruit of the work of a local family. The architecture and decorations chosen... More details

Hotel  Traube
Hotel Traube
Hotel  Traube 3 stars Sibiu, Medias

The premises of Traube hotel in Medias were created by Daniel Kartmann, the last tenant before nationalization. Inspired by Vienna's restaurants, he rebuilt the hotel and restaurant in modern... More details

Complex  Salinas
Complex Salinas
Complex  Salinas 3 stars Sibiu, Ocna Sibiului

The Spa complex in Ocna Sibiului turned, in 2006, into one of the most interesting destinations in Romania, by modifying and upgrading the 2 hotels and the related treatment facilities: Helios****... More details

Hotel  Cindrel
Hotel Cindrel
Hotel  Cindrel 3 stars Sibiu, Paltinis

Completely renovated in 2008 and reopened in 2009, Cindrel**** hotel in Paltinis offers excellent accommodation at more affordable prices than in Poiana Brasov. Spectacular and select area, modern... More details

Hotel  Ana
Hotel Ana
Hotel  Ana 3 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Ana*** hotel in Sibiu, present on the local market since 2004, is the first hotel of Ana hotel group and defines the concept of quality service of the 3 stars market. The ambiance is modern,... More details

Hotel  Fantanita Haiducului
Hotel Fantanita Haiducului
Hotel  Fantanita Haiducului 3 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

In an idyllic landscape, in which smoothly join with a modern purpose, nature, wood and stone, Best Western Fantanita Haiducului *** complex is at your disposal with a rich supply of services.... More details

Hotel  Ibis Sibiu
Hotel Ibis Sibiu
Hotel  Ibis Sibiu 3 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

At the end of September 2009, Ibis Romania network marked the official opening of the 4th Ibis hotel, in Sibiu. Ibis Sibiu*** is designed to offer a safe choice in terms of level of service and... More details

Vila/pension Sibiu

Pension  Mai
Pension Mai
Pension  Mai 5 daisies Sibiu, Rasinari

Mai*** pension, in Rasinari, is one of the most luxurious and comfortable accommodation units in Romania, with quality services and amenities. More details

Holiday village  Albota
Holiday village Albota
Holiday village  Albota 4 stars Sibiu, Arpasu de Sus

Form Albota**** complex area you can admire Arpăşel Valley with Caldarea and the Nature Reservation, surrounded on the left side by Albota peak and on the right side by Buteanu peak (2507 m). You... More details

Guest house  Norica
Guest house Norica
Guest house  Norica 4 daisies Sibiu, Gura Raului

Norica*** pension in Gura Raului is a beautiful and modern location, being one of the best accommodation units in the area. More details

Guest house Crisalia
Guest house Crisalia
Guest house Crisalia 4 daisies Sibiu, Sibiel

Quiet, traditional, location, with hardworking guests, Sibiel is definitely the place where you can become an eternal admirer of the beauties and wonders around Sibiu. The main attractions of the... More details

Pension  Elixia
Pension Elixia
Pension  Elixia 4 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Casa Elixia**** is a pension with style and high quality services. It offers its guests hospitality, sophistication and quality of a first class pension. Great atmosphere, elegance and promptitude... More details

Pension  Bassen
Pension Bassen
Pension  Bassen 3 stars Sibiu, Bazna

Bassen*** pension is a German-style accommodation unit, situated in the heart of the resort of Bazna, in Sibiu County. The pension the ideal place for accommodation, meetings or treatment, at... More details

Pension Casa Bazna
Pension Casa Bazna
Pension Casa Bazna 3 daisies Sibiu, Bazna

Located in a picturesque area, Casa Bazna*** is a great combination of tradition and comfort. More details

Pension  Curmatura Stezii
Pension Curmatura Stezii
Pension  Curmatura Stezii 3 stars Sibiu, Rasinari

Curmatura Stezii*** pension is located in a superb natural environment, which can be visited in various trips, bikes or quad rides. Is the perfect place to spend a weekend or a holiday in the... More details

Villa  Andra
Villa Andra
Villa  Andra 3 stars Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Andra*** villa in Sibiu is a small, intimate and comfortable location, offering good conditions of accommodation at affordable rates. More details

Pension Casa Romana
Pension Casa Romana
Pension Casa Romana 3 daisies Sibiu, Sibiu (oras)

Casa Romana*** pension is the perfect location for vacations, business trips or for a stop of a day or two in the beautiful city of Sibiu. Fully restored in 2008, under the roof of a Saxon house in... More details

Pension  Balea Cascada
Pension Balea Cascada
Pension  Balea Cascada 3 stars Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Balea Cascada** pension, in Transfagarasan area, is a good accommodation option for people who love active holidays (hiking, skiing, mountain-biking, etc.) and also for those who seek a relaxing... More details

Villa  Balea Lac
Villa Balea Lac
Villa  Balea Lac 3 stars Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Balea Lac*** cottage is a modern location, with the most spectacular view of Romania. More details

Complex  Europa Transfagarasan
Complex Europa Transfagarasan
Complex  Europa Transfagarasan 3 stars Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Europa Transfagarasan*** complex, in Transfagarasan area, is the perfect accommodation unit for families with children or groups of friends.          More details

Pension  Paltinu
Pension Paltinu
Pension  Paltinu 3 stars Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Recently renovated, Paltinu*** pension - former Ceausescu's hunting chalet - offers modern accommodation in a unique atmosphere in Romania, being located at the highest altitude in Romania (over... More details

Guest house Transfagarasan
Guest house Transfagarasan
Guest house Transfagarasan 2 stars Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Transfagarasan*** pension is a modern accommodation unit, with quality equipment and quality services, in Transfagarasan area. More details

Guest house Casa Popa
Guest house Casa Popa
Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Casa Popa*** invites you to spend your holiday in good accommodation conditions, in a pleasant scenery, at the foothills of the Fagaras Mountains. During your stay you can visit nearby tourist... More details

Villa  Robert
Villa Robert
Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Robert*** villa is one of the most beautiful and quality accommodation options in Transfagarasan area. More details

Villa for rent Sibiu

Villa for rent  Marin
Villa for rent Marin
Villa for rent  Marin 3 stars Sibiu, Rasinari

Marin** villa is situated between Rasinari and Paltinis, in a quiet area, on a hill near the forest. It is a place suitable for families with children and for groups of students. More details

Villa for rent  Denisa
Villa for rent Denisa
Villa for rent  Denisa 2 daisies Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Denisa** villa, in Transfagarasan area, is a superb,comfort and stylish accommodation unit, located in a very beautiful and quiet area. More details

Villas for rent Complex Craciuneasa
Villas for rent Complex Craciuneasa
Villas for rent Complex Craciuneasa 1 stars Sibiu, Gura Raului

Complex Craciuneasa*, in Gura Raului, is a good accommodation option for true lovers of nature, for children camps or for lovers of holidays in the heart of the nature. More details

Villa for rent  Robert
Villa for rent Robert
Sibiu, Paltinis

Robert villa is located close to Paltinis, in an exceptional area in Sibiu County, being an intimate and quality location, with modern facilities and mountain style architecture. More details

Villa for rent  DANA
Villa for rent DANA
Sibiu, Transfagarasan

Dana** villa, in Transfagarasan area, is a relatively new villa (2005), intimate, modern and welcoming, located in a very beautiful area. More details

Description of the destination Sibiu

Sibiu is the name of a county located in the heart of Romania, in Transylvania region, but also the name of the medieval city - seat of the county - Sibiu. One of the most developed, beautiful and exploited areas in terms of tourism, is the county of Sibiu, accurately Sibiu and its surrounding regions. Because we believe the presentation of Sibiu County would require writing an entire book and we will let specialists do this, we selected and will present only some of the most important points of tourist interest in Sibiu, guaranteeing you a memorable and unique holiday in this area. You will find some general information and some "directions" to visit, planning to discover the treasures of the county all by yourself.
Sibiu County has area of 5432 km ², being next to Alba, Brasov, Covasna, Harghita and Mures. It also has 2 cities: Sibiu and Medias, 9 towns and 53 communes. The seat of Sibiu County is Sibiu - one of the most beautiful cities in the country and certainly one of the most famous cities in Romania, in terms of tourism. You can enjoy many cultural events organized in Sibiu and you can visit the major points of tourist interest: Stairs Tower, Butchers' Market, Old City Hall Tower, University of Transylvanian Saxons, Franciscan Church, Carpenters Tower, Furriers’ Tower, Bruckenthal Museum.
Paltinis resort is located at 32 km south-west of Sibiu, at an altitude of 1442 m. in Cindrel Mountains area, in a forest of conifers. The mountainous climate, with ozonized air, makes the resort the perfect place for the treatment of asthenia, Basedow disease, pulmonary sequelae, overwork, benign hyperthyroidism. The snow lasts approximately six months per year, recommending Paltinis for winter sports. The ski slope on Oncesti Mountain has elevator, lift and baby - lift.
The resort has villas, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and libraries. Paltinis is the starting point for many tourist routes in the mountains of Cindrel and Lotru.
Ocna Sibiu resort - permanent seson resort since 1948, the resort has pavilions for warm and cold baths,for mud treatments, aerosols, pools, and swimming pools with the lakes Horia, Closca and Crisan, formed by flooding of six old salt mines: Bottomless Lake (declared monument of nature, with the strongest heliothermic phenomenon), Ocna Pustie Lake (Avram Iancu), Brancoveanu, Ocnita Lake, Lake, Inului Lakes, Matelor Lake, Muddy Lake. At Ocna Sibiu are treated with great results: locomotor diseases, chronic degenerative rheumatism, pre-arthroses and arthroses, spondylosis and various gynecological diseases.
Bazna resort - located 15 km of Medias and 70 km of Sibiu, the resort has mineral sodium chlorate, iodine, brominated, concentrated waters; therapeutic mud extracted from the bottom of the pools, the atmosphere rich in aerosols. From the water of the springs is extracted the Bazna salt, commercialized in pharmacies. The curative properties of mineral springs in Bazna were known since the eighteenth century. The resort has modern hotels, several treatment facilities, spa clinic (with sections of rheumatology, gynecology, dentistry and radiology), restaurants, libraries, sports facilities and leisure activities.
Miercurea Sibiului resort – is a seasonal resort, located 5 km of the Miercurea Sibiului town. The resort has chlorinated-sodium mineral water springs and fossil mud.  The resort is offering treatment for rheumatic, neurological, gynecological, endocrine, cardiovascular disorders.
The rustic fortress with the Evangelical Church in Copsa Mare – the village of Copsa Mica belongs to the commune of Biertan, located 2 km from the center of the commune. It is a monument of religious architecture and high defense built by the community in Gothic style during XIV - XVI centuries. The tower has a massive watch road and the choir has a defence tower, battlements and throw holes.
Biertan Fortress - Biertan was documentary attested for the first time in 1283 as part of Medias area; in 1418 it receives the right to organize weekly fairs and the community builds a magnificent church - fortress. Between 1572 and 1867 Biertan was the episcopal ecclesiastical center of the Saxons, which favored the development of the village and strengthening of the fortified castle. During the kurutzy rebellion in 1704, the fortress of Biertan was occupied and looted. After 1990, Germans from all around the world gather every year to Biertan. Since 1993, the church - fortress of Biertan was included in the World Heritage List. The church has a very valuable artistic heritage (polyptych altar, pews, Anatolian rugs, stoning, canopy, etc.). The citadel, built at the same time as the church and strengthened in the next centuries, has three premises fortified with six towers and two bastions. The monument was restored during the years 1983 to 1989. The Biertan Donarium - discovered in 1775 at the root of a tree in the forest Chimdru, located 5 km south of Biertan, was included in the antiquities collection of Baron Samuel Brukenthal in Avrig, then in Brukenthal Museum.
Made out of bronze in the shape of a Labarum (32.5 cm x 12.6 cm) bearing the inscription “EGO ZENOVIUS VOTUM POSVI” (I, Zenovius, have made this offering) and a disc, also in bronze, diameter 23.7 cm, with a monogram of Christ (H + P). Scientists have dated it in the IV century (AD); it represents an argument of existence in this space, after the withdrawal of Aurelian (271, AD), of a Latin-speaking Christian population.
Cisnadie Citadel - built in Romanesque style by the end XIII century as a basilica with three naves, choir, central apse, two side aisles and massive tower above the choir. After the Turkish attack in 1493 the church was fortified by ramparts by superelevation and endowment of the central tower, the superelevation of the apse and building of two bastions on top of the lateral portals. The church was surrounded by three belts of defensive walls provided with corridors, towers, bastions and ditches that could be filled with water, stuffed today. Cisnadioara Evangelical Church built in Baroque style in 1764, includes on the west side the tower of the former church belonging to the Gothic style. The museum village of Cisnadioara - 1971 - displays pieces of textiles, ceramics and wood specific to the Saxon folk creation in southern Transylvania.
Mosna Citadel - here were found the imperial Roman coin hoard (I-III centuries) and a fortification of soil in the thirteenth century. The peasant citadel and the evangelical fortified church are one of the most representative monuments of its kind in southern Transylvania. Built in Gothic style (the end of the XV century), the church with three vessels is rich in sculptural elements, attributed to Andreas Lapicida. The works of fortification, with nine feet high walls, with watch roads and five defensive towers are also really impressive.
Nocrich Fortress – was documentary attestated in 1263. The fortified Evangelical Church of Nocrich (of the medieval fortifications there are still preserved four bastions inside the defense precincts); the Parish House of Nocrich, the Orthodox church dedicated to St. Basil of Fofeldea. The rustic fortress with the Evangelical Church of Hosman was composed of two fortified enclosures with six towers.
The church was restored in 1993. The Orthodox church dedicated to St. Paraschiva of Tichindeal is a historical monument built in 1791. The interior painting was executed by the brothers Grecu of Sasaus.
Medias – the fortifications of the city were built gradually over the XIII - XV centuries, starting with the church - fortress. The castle represents the core of medieval fortification system. Fortifications consist of two layers of strengthened walls with defensive towers around the Church, after the system of rural churches. Along with the modifications made by subsequent buildings,are preserved today many vestiges: Bells’ Tower, School’s Tower, Tailors’ Tower (rebuilt as a destination of a school in the nineteenth century) and Mary Tower, which preserves remains of frescoes,being used during a period as a Catholic chapel. Forkesch Tower, Steingaesser Tower, the evangelical church dedicated to Saint Margaret is one of the most valuable Gothic Church in Romania both through its elevation and the art values that it holds. The current building was preceded by other two, dating from the XII – XIII centuries. It is a monument of the late Gothic with an impressive tower (Trumpet Tower), superelevated in the years 1550 to 1551. The parish house of the Evangelical church; the Franciscan Church and Monastery - mentioned in documents in fifteenth century, Gothic style. After the return of the order in Transylvania, in the first half of the eighteenth century, the church was restored in Baroque style, the ensemble received the current form. The Zekesch Church appears in the city plans in 1699. The present building dates from the early nineteenth century. Orthodox Cathedral, Schuller House - civil building in Renaissance style (the end of XVI century) restored in the period 1973 to 1996; former Black Eagle Pharmacy (1760), pianists’ school building, the Municipal Museum - arranged in the former Franciscan monastery. The museum has valuable collections representing discoveries, donations and acquisitions illustrating the history, culture and civilization of Târnavelor area, grouped on three thematic areas: history, folk arts and natural sciences. Stefan Ludwig Roth Memorial House, Hermann Oberth Memorial House.  
Agnita - the first documentary attestation is from 1280 with the name of Sancta Agatha. You can visit here the fortified church with three naves and four portals with stone frames. In the XV - XVI centuries it has undergone major changes, being strengthened by a fortified enclosure of which are still preserved: the bell tower with a gallery at the top, Tailors’ Tower, incorporated in the school building, Shoemakers’ Tower, Coopers Tower, Bacon’s Tower, used to keep the bacon by the community. Other point of interest: the fortified Church, Hartibaciului Valley Museum (local history and ethnography illustrating Hârtibaciu Valley area); the Orthodox Church dedicated to Saint Nicholas (it was built in Byzantine style between 1795 and 1797 by merchants from Brasov, Dumitru Ovghidan and Radu Bogdan; the interior was painted in fescoes by Green brothers of Sasaus). Saliste - Saliste Fortress; Crint resort (18 km of Saliste) – relaxing place and departure point on mountain roads to Fantanele cottage, Iezerele Cindrelului, Paltinis, Sadu Valley or Frumoasa Valley. Other points of interest: the museum personalities from Salistea comprises books, documents, works of art on prominent personalities of Salistea; Saliste archpriest Museum (it contains books and documents on the history of the archpriest and miniatures of Picu Patrut); wood sculpture park in Poiana Soarelui - contemporary art works exposed outdoor, realized starting in 1981, in seven editions of the National Summer Camp for wood sculpture; Orthodox Church dedicated to the Ascension and St. Oprea - built between 1761 - 1785, keeps exterior and interior frescoes of the original painting, belonging to painters Ioan Popa, Florian Muntean from Saliste and Joan of Aciliu. Foltea Hermitage (3 km of Saliste) - built in 1923 in memory of Romanian soldiers who died in World War I. Foltea fountain is located near the hermitage. Orthodox Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist in Gruiu - founded by the family Candea (1742). Mural painting made between 1787 - 1790 and early nineteenth century (painters: Vasile Munteanu and Florian Muntean. The museum village of Gales - ethnography and folk art exhibition of the area and an outdoor area. Orthodox Church dedicated to the entrance in the Church of Gales.
Cindrel Natural Park - protected area complex of flora, fauna, geomorphological and hydrographic. Location: Cindrelului Mountains. The alpine and subalpine floor of Cindrel peak (2244 m), Steflesti peak (2285 m) and Contu Mare peak. It is located in the area of the localities: Gura Raului, Rasinari, Tilisca and Jina.
Golul Alpin Fagaras Natural Park - complex geomorphological, hydrographic, flora and fauna protected area, between Suru and Podagru Peaks.
The northern slope belongs to the area of communes Racovita, Porumbacu, Arpas and Avrig city. It also includes the natural reservation Balea and Cindrelului Mountains. Area: 6989.2 ha. Golul Allin Natural Reservation and Balea Lake - complex reservation, geomorphological, hydrological, flora and fauna. It includes alpine landscape, flora and fauna of Balea glacial circus, and also the lake of the same name. The specific floristic elements are: juniper tree, edelweiss, rose bay, mountain peony, cranberry; of the elements of fauna: chamois and golden eagle rock. Location: Fagaras Mountains, Balea glacial circus, between the peaks of Vanatoarea lui Buteanu (2.508m), Capra (2439 m), Paltinu Mare (2.398m), Muchia lui Buteanu (2.506m) and Piscul Balii, in the area of the commune of Cartisoara. Area: 180 ha.
Dumbrava Forest - protected area complex of flora, fauna, landscape and culture. The park is located south-west of Sibiu, to Rasinari, with area: 993 ha.
Iezerele Cindrelului - mixed reservation, geomorphological, hydrographic, flora and fauna. It includes the area of Gura Raului village, on the northern side of the Frumoasa plateau, near the top of Cindrel (2244 m). It also includes two glacial valleys, with Iezerul Mare (1999 m altitude) and Iezerul Breakfast (1946 m altitude) lakes. To the alpine relief, there are added flora and fauna interesting elements: willow, soldanella, radish, chamois. Area: 609.6 ha.
The natural reservation Eocene Limestone from Porcesti - natural monument of palaeontological value, with numerous mineral elements and species of fossil flora and fauna: lamellibranhiate fossils, gastropods, echinoderms, nummulite, shark teeth. Location: outside the Turnu Rosu village, in the south - south-east of the village, crossed by the Sadu Valley. Area: 60 ha
Zakel Hill - Steppe Reservation of Sarba Valley - complex reservation of flora and fauna characteristic of the Euro-Siberian steppe habitat. Among the elements that are found here, we mention: sage, dittany, black feather grass. Location: outside the village of  Sura Mare, between Slimnic and Sura Mare, on the slope of Zakel hill and Sarba valley. Area: 11 ha
Saxons Suvara Talmaciu Natural Reservation - botanical reservation, located on the river Sadu, between localities Sadu and Talmaciu (430 m altitude), outside the town of Talmaciu.

Arpasel Natural Reservation - fauna and flora reservation, including about 80% of the chamois in Fagaras Mountains, marmots, bears, mountain eagles, deer. Arpasel Reservation (fauna) is well conserved, because on one side it benefits of security, and on the other hand the access is difficult. Location: on the northern side of Fagaras Mountains, on the Arpăşel valley, along with Balea Natural Park. It includes the alpine, subalpine and upper mountain floor, between 1000 m and 2500 m altitude, on the valley surrounded by Vanatoarea lui Buteanu (2508 m) and Vartopel (2359 m) peaks. Area: 732 ha.
Cretaceous limestone from Cisnadioara – it is a natural monument with geological value of paleontological type. Location: on the Silver Valley, near the village Cisnadioara.

Bottomless Lake natural reservation from Ocna Sibiu - natural monument of geological value, presents the heliothermic phenomenon and it was formed in an old salt mine collapsed in 1775. It is also called Francisc Lake or Lemnelor Lake. Area: 0.2 ha. Location: in the east of the Ocna Sibiu park.
Sibiu County covers 5 ethno - folkloric areas:
Olt Country: Arpaşul de Jos, Arpaşul de Sus, Porumbacul de Jos, Porumbacul de Sus, Carta, Cartisoara, Scorei and Sarata; Avrig, Racovita, Sebesul de Jos, Sebesul de Sus, Turnu Rosu; Sacadate, Bradu, Colun, Glâmboaca, Noul Roman;
Marginimea Sibiului: Boita, Talmacel, Sadu, Rau Sadului; Rasinari, Poplaca, Orlat, Gura Raului; Fantanele, Sibiel, Vale, Saliste, Gales; Tilisca, Rod, Poiana Sibiu, Jina; Talmaciu, Cisnadie, Cisnadioara, Mohu, Vestem, Bungard, Selimbar, Cristian, Sacel;
Hârtibaciu Valley: Caşolţ, Cornatel, Nucet, Chirpar, Tichindeal, Nocrich, Altana, Agnita; villages on Veseud Valley: Chirpar and Sasausi;
Slimnic Ocna Sibiu area: Amnaş area; Slimnic, Rusi, Amnaş, Apoldus de Jos, Apoldul de Sus; Topârcea, Alamor, Armeni, Bogatu, Pauca, Brosteni, Ocna Sibiu;
Târnavelor area: Medias (Ighisu Nou, Mosna, Bazna, Curciu, Alma Vii), Dumbraveni (Saros pe Tarnave, Biertan, Richis, Valchid, Copsa Mare, Malancrav), Copsa Mica (Axente Sever, Agarbiciu, Seica Mica, Soala, Tapu).
- "Summer" National Festival of Young Interpreters of Folk Music (spring – summer);
- Mountains Songs International Folklore Festival - August
- National Festival of Popular Traditions - August
- Folk Creators Fair in Romania - August
- Potters’ Fair in Romania - September
- Crafts Art International Olympics - September
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