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Hotel Pitesti

Hotel Magic GT
Hotel Magic GT
Hotel Magic GT 3 stars Arges, Pitesti

The first hotel of Magic chian is located in the center of Pitesti, being part of a complex that offers many possibilities of entertainment and relaxation of the customers.With a modern... More details

Hotel Magic Trivale
Hotel Magic Trivale
Hotel Magic Trivale 3 stars Arges, Pitesti

Due to its location, Magic Trivale*** hotel offers an oasis of peace and greenery. Whether you are a tourist or businessman, this unit of accommodation can offer unforgettable moments in Pitesti. More details

Description of the destination Pitesti

Pitesti is located in Arges County.

Located on the hills of the right banks of Arges River, Pitesti is one of the oldest cities in Romania. Traces of human existence in this area date back to the Stone Age, as "the greatest center of human activity in the lower Paleolithic in Europe, the main link of connection between Africa and Southeast Asia, which were, until recently, areas in which it was knew the culture of rubble".

Pitesti was the temporary residence of princes Basarab Tepelus cel Tanar, Mihnea cel Rau and Vlad cel Tanar. The city has developed gradually, from village and fair reaching the title of city, acquired at the beginning of the fourteenth century. But the first documentary attestation dates from May 20th, 1388 when prince Mircea cel Batran strengthens Cozia Monastery. The documentary attestation of 1388 made of Pitesti, together with Campulung, Curtea de Arges, Braila and Slatina, one of the oldest fairs. The first mention of Pitesti as a city appears to April 1st, 1510, in a book of Vladut.

Pitesti municipality is located in central-southern part of Romania, between the Southern Carpathians and the Danube, in the northwest region of Wallachia. The city lies at the confluence of Arges River with Doamna River.
Pitesti municipality lies at an altitude of 250 m, in the minor bed of Arges River, reaching 356 m in Trivale neighborhood, 373 m to the northwest of Trivale-Papucesti terrace and 406 m to the east of Mare – Podgoria Valley. In the west-southwest of Mica Village, in the commune of Bascov, it is the highest altitude of 439 m (Bogdaneasa Forest). The total area city of Pitesti is 4073 ha (calculated in 2003).

The town itself, located between high hills, on the Arges River terraces, has a topoclimat of valley, calm and moderate. The average annual temperature varies between 9° and 10° C, the average in January being -2.4° C and in July of 20.8 ° C. The precipitations vary between 680 and 700 mm annually.

The city population, according to the census of 2002, was 168.458 inhabitants, with a negative trend, and the population density of 171,498 inhabitants per squre kilometer. In July 2006, Pitesti had a population of 170.217 inhabitants. 99% of the total population are Romanians and 1% Gypsies

Pitesti has the reputation of the "Tulip City"; here it is held an important annual festival named the Tulips Symphony.
Places of worship:

- Saint Nicholas Church in Pitesti;

- Trivale Monastery;

- Sfanta Vineri Church;

- Saint John the Baptist Church;

- Holy Trinity Church;

- Saintt Haralambie Church;

- Saint Ilei Church;

- Assumption Church;

- Sfantul Dimitrie Izvoratul de Mir Church;

- Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel;

- Saint Hierarch Spyridon Church;

- "Saint George" Royal Cathedral;

Monuments and buildings:

- the Musical Fountain is located in downtown and it is a wonderful tourist attraction. It was completed in 2008 and it is the most important event in Pitesti as the Europe Day. The fountain of Pitesti is unique in Eastern Europe, having 1,000 mouths of water, fixed and mobile, light organ and, the most interesting, water pressure moves according to music tones.

- Art Gallery;

- Naive Art Gallery;

- Arges County Museum - located downtown, in the former prefecture building;

- Alexandru Davila Theater;

- the Zoo is located in Trivale Forest and it is spread on an area of 300sqm.

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