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Vila/pension Petrestii de Jos

Pension  Laura
Pension Laura
Pension  Laura 4 daisies Cluj, Petrestii de Jos

As a recent construction, Laura**** pension offers optimal conditions for an ideal stay in a picturesque area, near the Turda Gorges. More details

Description of the destination Petrestii de Jos

Petreştii de Jos is a locality in Cluj County, consisting of seven villages.

The village is located in the depression of Petresti, at the foothills of Hasdate ridge in Petridului Mountains (Trascaului Massif), on the course of Hasdate River. It lies at a distance of 40 km from Cluj Napoca and 14 km from Turda.

The commune consists of villages: Petreştii de Jos, Craesti, Deleni, Livada, Petreştii de Mijloc, Petreştii de Sus and Plaiuri.

In the territory of Petreştii de Jos there are archaeological sites listed in the Historical Monuments of Cluj County, developed by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania.

- Prehistoric tumulus around the village. Tumulus is an artificial mound, conical or pyramidal, of earth or stone, which some ancient people were building above the tombs.

- Archaeological sites from "Crucea Cheii" and "Valea Saracazii".

- The Roman settlement from "Sf.Vladislav Fountain" (II-III AD)

The first documentary attestation of the localityof Petreştii de Jos dates from October 6, 1278, as the terra Hasadat (Pamantul Crapaturii, referring to Turda Gorges). In 1600, the town was depopulated, following a foreign military invasion and repopulated with ethnic Roman population.

In Petreştii de Jos you can visit churches, some very beautiful tourist attractions, such as:


- Petridului Old monastery;

- Petridului new monastery, dedicated to the "Transfiguration" (1998-2000). It is an Orthodox nunnery.

- Wooden Church “Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel” in the village of Livada.

Points of touristic interest:

- Turda Gorges - a protected natural reservation, located at 6 km from Turda, along the Hasdate Valley. They have a length of 2900 m and a height of walls up to 300 m. The gorges occupy an area of 125 ha and were formed by erosion of Jurassic limestone rock by Hasdate River. Turda Gorges offer a karst landscape of rare wild: steep and high cliffs, screes, arches, towers of stone. Over 1,000 species of plants and animals live in this area, representing some rare items like: wild garlic or golden eagle rock.

- A large collection of Roman objects brought from the camp of Potaissa (Turda) was in the former mansion of the family of Ferenc and Anna Lugossy (XVIII century) in Petreştii de Jos.

- On the territory of Petreştii de Jos locality there are springs of salt water.

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