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Vila/pension Paulis

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Villa Testa
Villa Testa 3 daisies Arad, Paulis

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Description of the destination Paulis

Paulis village is situated in the western area of Arad County, at the foothills of Zarand Mountains, on the right bank of Mures River, in a contact area of the mountain to the plain, known as Arad vineyard.

Paulis village is located at 20 km from the city of Arad and 7 km from the city of Lipova.

Paulis village is bordering to the north with Minis village, to the south with Zabrani village, to the southwest with the village of Fantanele, to the east with Zarand Mountains and to the southeast with the village of Radna, belonging to the city of Lipova.

Paulis village was documentary attested for the first time in 1333, when it appears in the papal tithes records under the name of Paululese and in the year of 1334 it appears under the name of Sacerdos de Paulese, named after the Pauline order of monks of Cladova city.

The last centuries of the first millennium BC were characterized by Dacian organizations. The signs of the Dacian habitation, followed by a Roman habitation, are evidenced in the area by some accidental archaeological research or discoveries.

Paulis's historic past is tied to a period of several centuries of the name of Cladova village, belonging to Paulis village. The fortress located here, on the Carierei Hill, also called the Fortress Hill, on a promontory of 60 meters tall, with a panoramic open both to the Western Plain and to the Mures Valley, played during centuries an important role in the evolution of this settlement. The fortress is located at the entrance to the Mures defile.

Roman domination left traces in Paulis, there were find specific items of defense here.

In the early Middle Ages, Simbateni is known as a fair by the certification of 1138; over time the village has changed constantly due to Mures’ overflows.

In the medieval period, Zona Podgoriei (the vineyard area) is among the first to appear in the Hungarian Royal Chancellery documents; the vineyards, especially, have activated Paulis village development, continued to east with Baratca which was extended until the Ottoman occupation.

A fatal period for the development of the village and its inhabitants begins with the Turkish occupation of Banat. The area is disputed by loyal forces of John Zápolya (including Turkish) and the pro-Austrian forces. This conflict was prolonged until 1550-1558, when the Turks occupy Arad County and the southern area of Zarand. The period when the Turks are present in the area is characterized by battles, invasions, destruction and pestilence.

After 1688, the Austrian army frees up Podgoria area to Ineu. Then begin the restocking operations, modernization of systems to regulate water, communication.

In 1772 the village was changed because of large floods and the danger represented by the overflows of Mures River. Paulis is reconstructed by the principles of modern urbanism; during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there are built the main buildings of the village. In 1780 was founded the Romanian school. Paulis was declared a fairing 1812. In 1752, the old Paulis had 113 families, and in 1839 the German colonization occurs in the north-west area of the village – Paulisul Nou.

Since 1919 the area is attached to the Kingdom of Romania.

In the communist period the area was collectivized; there were built new buildings, specific to the wine industry. On the other hand, depopulation began to occur from the mid-twentieth century, because of massive migration of the labor to the industry and the city. A new wave of depopulation takes place after 1989, due to the migration of the German population to their home country.

The tourist potential of the village is impressive.

Among the attractions of the village we suggest:

- Monument of Heroes from Paulis - built in honor of the Romanian soldiers of "Paulis Detachment" died in the battles of 1944 for defending the lane of Mures;

- Dendrology Park with rare specimens of yew, magnolia and Himalayas pine;

- the Fortified settlement and the Church dating from fourteenth to the sixteenth century located on Carierei Hill in Cladova;

- the famous defense waves of Sambateni belonging to the Daco-Roman era.

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