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Hotel Olt

Hotel  Bulevard Prestige
Hotel Bulevard Prestige
Hotel  Bulevard Prestige 3 stars Olt, Slatina

Centrally situated near the Prefecture building of Olt County, Bulevard Prestige*** hotel provides accommodation in Slatina at European standards. Bulevard Prestige*** hotel was completely... More details

Description of the destination Olt

Situated in the southern part of the country, in aval of the river which gives its name, the Olt County represents one among the counties riparian to river Danube. It is crossed by the meridian 24 degrees longitude east on the line of the localities Iancu Jianu Baldovinesti, by the parallel 44 degree latitude north in the south part on the line Vlãdila - Scãrisoara, and measures 138 Km on north-south line and 78 km on east-west line.
Mentioning as historian-geographical position, the county is part of the old historic provinces Oltenia and Muntenia, being permanently related to the western part of the country, with Banat on the Danube Valley, with Transilvania on Olt Valley and through the Danube harbor Corabia it has exit to the Black Sea.
In the north part is has an adjoin position with Valcea county, in east with the counties Arges and Teleorman, in the west with Dolj. In the southern part on a length of 47 km, the Danube constitutes the border line of the country with. The Olt county has a surface of 5.498 square Km (valid at 31.12.1997 according to Yearly Statistic Register of Romania - 1998). The relief forms of the Olt county belongs to the two great relief units, respectively The Getic Table-land in the northern part, which occupies one third of the surface and the Romanian Plain in the south with two third. The Valley Danube, situated in the east-west direction, dominates the Romanian bank and has many large terraces. The Olt Valley represents a real axis of the county territory. The terraces of the river Olt are very large on the right side of the valley, starting with the north of the county up to the Danube and on the left side, up to Drãgãnesti there are high terraces: Coteana 80-90 m and Slatina 50-60m.
The climate of the Olt County is temperate continental, wetter in the north part and arid in the south part. The territory of the county Olt is crossed by two big rivers: Danube and Olt. The river Danube flows on the territory of the county on a length of 47 km. The River Olt crosses the county to whom it gave the name on a length of 100 km in the north-south line.


The inhabitants of the Olt County continue to practices ancient traditions and handicrafts.

A very well-known handicraft in the Olt County is pottery, which has appeared since Neolithic age and flourished enormously in the area. Nowadays there are still 3 pottery centres in Olt: Oboga, Romana, and Corbeni, which manufactured glazed and unglazed ceramics in different shapes and sceneries. Some earthenware had lost their usefulness and are used for decorative purposes, such as wedding jugs representing birds, animals and people or the plates ornamented with the tree of life, folk motif specific to the pottery centres in the Oltet Valley.

Other well-known traditional handicrafts very well kept in the Olt county are skinner folk art-Vadastra, spun, sewing folk art-Priseaca, Curtisoara, Icoana, Cezieni, wood and bone sculpture Campia Boianului, popular picture on wood and glass-Corbu, ferrous objects-Brancoveni, masks and popular dance Calusul-Osica.

The popular clothing from the Olt county has a well-determined place in the Romanian popular clothing style due to its specific issues, which enriches the ornamental popular dress with genuine motifs, with an extraordinary aesthetic value.

All around the area of Olt we can emphasize some articles of popular clothing: white shirt sewed with geometrical motifs, colored bugles, ultramarine skirts, baize jacket for winter. The headdress of raw silk gives a fancy, elegant trend to the popular suit.

The native customs that relate to some celebrations of yearly working cycle or special events in human life represent an important aspect of Romanian popular culture.

The most spectacular customs are the winter traditions, hosts constituency, wedding divination. The spring traditions signified different steps in agricultural works. Among other customs, in the Olt county it is organized every year the most important celebration of folk dance, the wrest pin dance.

"Using specific clothing, traditions and songs, each village wants to preserve its special aura"
The peasant husbandry specific to the Olt county became more and more individual during the time, according to the historical and social-economic conditions. In our county there were extraordinary peasants houses, manufactured with artistically mastery, true architectural monuments in wood and masonry. In the southern part of the county - the house made by earth and the cottage and for Boianu Plain the frame work house and the shanty.

The Cultural Olt 

The cultural environment of the Olt County was developed by training and valorizing the talent of the « Sons of Olt » in various fields: plastic art, music, theatre, painture, literature, poetry last years.

The Museum of the Olt County, founded in 1952 has possesed a very rich patrimony in collections, over 25.000 pieces being specific for the culture and civilization of the Olt region, many of them being unique and belonging to the national cultural patrimony.

The Museum of the Olt County activates in the building of old Administrative Palace (historical monument), built in 1887. The Museum posseses painting collections, drawings, clip arts belonging to famous Romanian artists, such as: Octav Bãncilã, Alexandru Ciucurescu, Dumitru Ghiatã, Henri Catargi, Ion Popescu-Negreni, Spiru Vergulescu, Nicolae Trutã.

The Etnography Section of the museum posesses many collections structured on fields: traditions, ceramics, textiles, textures, metal, wood, popular clothing.

It is to be mentioned the fleeces of Vãdastra, the famous carpets from the Olt region, ceramics collection (from Oboga, Corbeni and Româna) and the painted eggs collections from Oboga.
The County Library «Ion Minulescu» owns over 22.000 library units (volumes, books, daily and weekly publications, record albums, CD-ROM, art and documentary movies, manuals for learning foreign languages).

Inside the County Library an English books section, with a total collection of 20.000 volumes activates.
The Cultural Centre «OLTUL» is authorized to preserve the folk traditions, customs and popular art in the county and assures the management of professionist folk assembly «Plaiurile Oltului», well recognized in art environment, laureate of many national prizes and with many participations at international folk festivals.

The national festivals of traditions and customs, the popular festival, local events organized in the Olt county are as follows:
The National Festival «Romanian Cãlus» - Slatina, Caracal, Vîlcele, Dobrun;

«Festival of Bread» - Scornicesti;

«Tree of Life», festival contest of popular ceramic;

Festival Contest of Doinas and Ballads «From Drãgãnesti at Valley»;

Festival Contest of Humour «The Olt inhabitants… and the Rest of the World»;

National Festival Contest of Folk and Poetry «Ion Minulescu»;

Festival Contest of Pop and Popular Music «The Golden Ship».

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