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Key features of the resort

Hotel Ocna Sibiului

Complex  Salinas
Complex Salinas
Complex  Salinas 3 stars Sibiu, Ocna Sibiului

The Spa complex in Ocna Sibiului turned, in 2006, into one of the most interesting destinations in Romania, by modifying and upgrading the 2 hotels and the related treatment facilities: Helios****... More details

Description of the destination Ocna Sibiului

Ocna Sibiului watering and climate resort became famous due to natural therapeutic factors given by: salty water of lakes; mineral water from Horea spring; easily mineralized mud; sedative topoclimate of hills.
Salty waters of helioterm lakes: of the 14 existing salt lakes, seven are used in external cures for cold baths in summer, with beneficial effects due to high water salinity and its heliotherm character, even from the beginning of the summer season.
The lakes with chloride-sodium hypertonic mineral water have a high concentration in salt: sodium chloride, magnesium salts, calcium, potassium, bromine, iodine, with an important therapeutic role.
The heliotherm character of lakes (predominantly in Bottomless Lake = Lacul fara Fund) is given by salinity stratification of water that increases from surface to depth, till saturation. The physical consequence of this phenomenon is the stratification of temperature of +30 ° up to 40 ° C, at a depth of 1.5-2.5 m. Thereby, under a layer of 1.5 m of less concentrated and more cold water (from precipitations), follow, up to 2.5 m, a layer of hot water whose temperature depends on the intensity of sunlight. Venous circulatory disorders of the lower limbs, sciatica or chronic gynecological diseases are favorably influenced. The chloride – sodium mineral water from Ocna Sibiu, used for baths, has thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological effects on the body. The thermic factor acts on the body by high or low temperature of the water, causing reactions of the skin and thereby of the entire body. Under the thermal stimulant action, the skin temperature the volume of vessels, velocity of blood, irrigation pressure change and the chemical mediators such as acetylcholine, responsible for the hyperaemia and turgid skin, are released.
During summer, mineral baths are used by external application - open-air baths in the water of the lake, after Egyptian method used also at the Black Sea (helio-therapy, mud treatments, lake dipping and cold showers). The permanent pperational of the sanatorium offers superior possibilities for complete spa cures, under supervision of specialized health professionals. For baths in the hot baths pavilion, it is used the water from Ocnita Lake, pumped from the depth of 6-8 m. There are made bathtub baths, with water of different concentration and temperatures, according to patient status and disease stage, and baths in indoor pools with warm salt water (hydro-thermo-therapy). Mineral water is used in certain dilutions for gynecological diseases.
The fossil mud, sometimes with the character of mineralized slic, was formed by the deposit of appreciable quantities of marls and clays in the lakes, which were mixed with organic debris. It is used for therapeutic purposes, divided or mixed with water. Bacteriostatic and bactericidal action of the mud has anti - inflammatory effects; calcium carbonate acts as emollient on skin; clayey substances and zeolites, presents in the mud, provoke ion exchange; it has been also proven the catalytic and enzyme action of the mud. General mud treatments in the open air, as it is practiced during summer, at the lake shore, are the most requested procedures, because the treatment is made with relatively cold mud that is heated and dried in the sun. The body becomes overheated and it sweats, and the baths in the cold water of the lakes, followed again by heating and drying the skin to the sun, are alternate procedures which require the body. In the resort, the mud is applied as a warm procedure in diluted mud baths, usually with the water of the lake, as packing, poultice and hot pads.
Climatic therapy is a therapeutic method which aims at maintaining or improving health condition of the body using geographic-climatic factors. Sedative bioclimate is practically free of therapeutic contraindications, in any season. The air cure on the beach arranged on the banks of the lake and the outdoor land cure, along with heliotherapy, gives the body a sedative action, is a key therapeutic adjunct in the treatment of rheumatic and gynecological diseases, and a hardening factor of the body.
The resort Ocna Sibiu has the following physio-therapeutic spa units available to those who come here to cure and treatment:
· Hydro-thermo-therapy facilies: chloride – sodium mineral baths, in the tub or in one of the three indoor pools (heated water); upward baths, alternating baths, brush baths; gynecological treatment with irrigation and vaginal swabs mud; section of mud treatments or paraffin.
· Pavilion of warm baths (architectural monument): hydrotherapy pools, treatment baths, gynecological treatments, massage, medical physical culture room, medical office, locker, cabins.
· Electro-physio-therapy: diadynamic, galvanic baths, “magnetodiaflux” (magnetic currents), bath light, “sollux!” (IR), ultraviolet, ultrasound, ionization.
· Massage room for systematic and scientific manipulation of the skin.
· Room equipped with appropriate equipment for sports medicine, served by professional staff.
· Inhalo-therapy room with adequate equipment to spray mineral water from Horia spring, to create a corresponding particle density (fog) and dispersion of particles inhaled through your nose or mouth, in the treatment of upper respiratory tract.
Therapeutic Indications: diseases of the locomotor system, gynecological diseases, diseases of upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal diseases, endocrinological diseases.

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