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Hotel Neamt

Hotel  Bradul
Hotel Bradul
Hotel  Bradul 3 stars Neamt, Durau

Bradul*** hotel is a good option for accommodation in the resort of Durau, with good amenities and facilities at affordable rates. More details

Hotel  Casa Pelerinul
Hotel Casa Pelerinul
Hotel  Casa Pelerinul 3 stars Neamt, Durau

Casa Pelerinului** is an affordable accommodation option in the resort of Durau, with good conditions of accommodation and attractive rates. More details

Hotel Belvedere
Hotel Belvedere
Hotel Belvedere 3 stars Neamt, Piatra Neamt

Good conditions of accommodation, attractive rates - the hotel is a good accommodation option for business travelers in the city of Piatra Neamt, people who want to visit the city or those who wish... More details

Hotel Ozana
Hotel Ozana
Hotel Ozana 3 stars Neamt, Targu Neamt

Ozana*** is three star hotel, which tries to provide a pleasant and relaxing stay to all its tourists. More details

Hotel  Brandusa
Hotel Brandusa
Hotel  Brandusa 2 stars Neamt, Durau

Brandusa** hotel in Durau is a nice and accessible hotel, for all categories of tourists. More details

Hotel  Oglinzi
Hotel Oglinzi
Hotel  Oglinzi 2 stars Neamt, Oglinzi

Oglinzi** hotel, in the resort of Oglinzi, Neamt County, is a destination for people who want a quiet, relaxing stay, which may be combined with treatment. Persons wishing to visit Bucovina area... More details

Vila/pension Neamt

Touristic Complex  Ecotur Resort
Touristic Complex Ecotur Resort
Touristic Complex  Ecotur Resort 4 stars Neamt, Durau

Ecotur Resort**** tourist complex is located in Ceahlau National Park, covering an area of over 5200 meters, the largest nature reservation in Romania. The dam was built in the 60s on Bistrita... More details

Villa Balad'oR
Villa Balad'oR
Villa Balad'oR 4 daisies Neamt, Pangarati

Balad'oR**** pension is the beginning of tourism quality, being designed for that category of people whose needs do not confine to a simple accommodation, having all facilities needed for a perfect... More details

Guesthouse Maria
Guesthouse Maria
Guesthouse Maria 3 daisies Neamt, Agapia

Maria*** pension, near Agapia Monastery, offers excellent accommodation and relaxation in the bosom of nature, mystery and piety atmosphere at affordable rates. More details

Pension  Agnes
Pension Agnes
Pension  Agnes 3 stars Neamt, Durau

Agnes*** pension in Durau is a suitable accommodation option for families with children or groups of friends. More details

Pension  Gabriela
Pension Gabriela
Pension  Gabriela 3 stars Neamt, Durau

Gabriela*** pension in Durau, Neamt County, is a new and modern villa, with modern and quality facilities. More details

Pension  Byblos
Pension Byblos
Pension  Byblos 3 stars Neamt, Piatra Neamt

The pesion is located at the entrance of Piatra Neamt, called the Pearl of Moldova, an important cultural, historic, picturesque and shopping center in the northeastern region of Romania. Byblos***... More details

Pension  IANIS
Pension IANIS
Pension  IANIS 3 daisies Neamt, Piatra Neamt

Ianis*** pension will make your holiday excellent thanks to the accommodation conditions and facilities it provides. More details

Complex of villas  Daniil Sihastru
Complex of villas Daniil Sihastru
Complex of villas  Daniil Sihastru 2 stars Neamt, Durau

The complex of villas Daniil Sihastru** in Durau is a good alternative accommodation at affordable rates. More details

Villa Bella
Villa Bella
Villa Bella 2 stars Neamt, Targu Neamt

The villa is located on the outskirts of Targu Neamt, towards Baile Oginzi. It has a very picturesque position, in a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere, being at the foothills of Cetatea... More details

Villa for rent Neamt

Villa for rent  Soimul
Villa for rent Soimul
Villa for rent  Soimul 4 stars Neamt, Durau

Soimul**** vlla in Durau, Neamt County, is a luxury, distinguished and quality location. More details

Villa for rent  Corbul
Villa for rent Corbul
Villa for rent  Corbul 3 stars Neamt, Durau

Corbul*** villa in Durau, Neamt County, is a welcoming and luxurious villa; it offers good accommodation, privacy and quality. More details

Villa for rent  Bia Papadia
Villa for rent Bia Papadia
Villa for rent  Bia Papadia 3 stars Neamt, Izvorul Muntelui

The comfortable, spacious and welcoming pension Bia Papadia*** was opened in 2007, being one of the most modern accommodation units in the area, offering comfortable rooms in a wonderful setting,... More details

Description of the destination Neamt

Neamt County is located in the central - eastern part of Romania, with area of 5896 km ², partially overlapping the Eastern Carpathians, the Moldavian Sub-Carpathians and the Moldavian Plateau, and it is crossed by the middle course of the rivers Bistrita and Siret. Neamt County has 2 cities: Piatra Neamt and Roman, 3 towns: Targu Neamt, Bicaz and Roznov, 78 communes and 347 villages. The landscape of the county is characterized by slow steps, a natural amphitheater, with heights that reach in the west 1907 m altitude (Ocolasu Peak) and in the east, in Siret meadow - 180 m altitude. Neamt County is bordering to the north with Suceava County, to the west with Harghita County, to the south with Bacau County and to the east with Vaslui and Iasi counties. Neamt name appears for the first time in one of the letters signed by the Alexndru cel Bun.
Mountains represent 45% of the total area of the county and the hills and plateaus 55%. Mountains have peaks and plateaus with isolated peaks, largely fragmented by deep valleys, fully included in the Eastern Carpathians - Bistrita Moldovan Mountains group - including: Bistrita Mountains, Ceahlau, Hasmas, Tarcau and Stanisoarei. Sub-Carpathian hills form a continuous belt from north to south, 15 kilometers wide including Sub - Carpathian depressions Neamt, Craca - Bistrita and Tazlau that are individualized like hilly plains along the valleys, mostly cultivated. The passages of valley of Siret, Bistrita and Moldova occupy a special place in the county's landscape with the appearance of large terraced plains, developed at an altitude of 180-200 m. The western half of the county is characterized by specific mountain climate, and in the rest of the county there is a temperate continental climate, strongly influenced by air masses from the east. The whole hydrographic network that drains the county's territory belongs to the Siret River and its main tributaries, Moldova and Bistrita, and also the rivers Ozana, Cracau, Tarcau and Cuiejdi. Lakes are a new element in the geographical landscape of the county, their level being influenced by the operating mode of the hydro – electric stations; they are located on Bistrita Valley: Izvorul Muntelui, Pangarati, Vaduri, Batca Doamnei. The forest host a rich fauna of great hunting interest: bear, wolf, deer, lynx, fox, marten, squirrel, mountain cock, falcon, hasel hen. In the clean waters in mountain rivers and lakes, live different fish species: trout, grayling, broad snout, sturgeon, roach.
Ceahlau National Park - area of over 8396 meters – is a complex natural reservation comprising many flora, fauna and geology rarities. Park holds valuable ecosystems, with many rare flora and fauna, of which 61 species are protected by law, natural monuments, and endemic relicts of the Ice Age. Ceahlau Massif is the most haughty mountain of Moldova, an important tourist attraction of the country, a place which has many legends and stories. Highest points on the mountain are Toaca Peak (1904 m) and Ocolasul Mare (1907 m); at an altitude of 1021 m there is a waterfall formed by Rupturi brook, called Duruitoarea, whose streams fall on a rock wall from a height of 25 m. From this waterfall took the name Durau famous resort, situated at the foothills of the massif. Ceahlau National Park is distinguished by numerous rare floras, some of which are natural monuments: edelweiss, yew, Cypripedium calceolus, Yellow Gentian, larch. Characterized by a wide variety of items, the fauna of Ceahlau Massif gives an invaluable scientific value, together with the biogeographical greatness of this mountain vegetation. Form the fish species, one is declared a natural monument: the huck. Birds that are declared natural monuments: blackcock, Wallcreeper, owl, woodpecker with three fingers. Mammals are represented by about 30 species from the total of 100 fauna species existing in the country, including two monuments of nature (deer and lynx) and a glacial relict, chamois. This area, with great complexity of flora and fauna, must be preserved in natural conditions, maintaining unaltered all natural values.
Vanatori National Park - Neamt – it was founded in 1999, being one of the most interesting natural monuments in Romania. In the park there is the only bison reservation in Romania, founded in 1970, with an area of 16 hectares, including, along with bisons, a rich Carpathian fauna.
Codrii de Arama” (Copper forests) - forest reservation consisting of secular common oaks and “Padurea de Argint” (Silver Forest) with secular birch, in the Agapia – Varatec area, which were a source of inspiration for great poet Mihai Eminescu.
Bicaz - Hasmas Gorges National Park – is an interesting park in geological, geomorphological and palaeontological terms, and of the biological diversity. Bicazului Gorges with a length of 8 km, are located 3 km away from Lacul Rosu (the Red Lake) and 20 km from Bicaz, being shaped by the Bicaz River in the Hasmas limestone massif. Here appear from place to place steep walls called "stones": "Piatra Altarului" (1121 m altitude), "Piatra Arsitei ", "Piatra Singuratica" and the central portion called suggestively "Gatul Iadului" (Throat of Hell) looking as a canyon. Declared a natural monument, Bicazului Gorges form a complex reservation, in the geological and floriculture terms. Bicazului - Hasmas Gorges Natural Reservation, natural monument, with 300-400 m high rocky walls, is a shelter for wildlife and for over 600 plants on a length of 10 km.
Sugaului-Munticelu Gorges Natural Reservation is the only karst gorge in Neamt County, one of the few in Moldova and one of the most valuable of Romania. The reservation situated in Hasmas Mountains, in the village of Bicaz-Chei, Neamt County, will be included in the international network of protected areas NATURA 2000, due to the uniqueness of the landscape and natural heritage - Munticelu Cave – remarkable by the candle stalagmites, and Tosorog Cave - natural habitat of bat species in danger of extinction.
Teiului Stone - geological reservation, near Poiana Teiului, 65 km from Piatra Neamt, huge block of limestone formed by erosion.
Vanatorii Neamtului (Neamt Hunters) Forest - forest reservation, 3 km from the village of Vanatori, secular forest of oak, with high landscape value.
Gosmanu Forest - forest reservation of Tarcau Mountains, including spruce, fir and secular beech, of impressive dimensions.
"Vulpii Hill " floristry reservation and Cernegura fossil tank.
Geological reservations - Cernegura, Pietricica, Cozla.  
Lilies Shelf.
Neamt County has a rich historical heritage, evidenced by:
Nicolae Popa Museum (Tarpesti village) has a rich cultural heritage: traditional masks of hwishes, naïve art, numismatic and irons collections, farm tools and old books. You can also visit the ethnographic museum, where you can see more than 200 years old traditional costumes. The black pottery from Marginea, unique in the world, has a special place; don’t miss the artist's sculptures, which draw by the nonconformist style.
History Museum in Piatra Neamt owns the most numerous and varied collection of artifacts belonging to Cucuteni Cultural Complex, which favored the emergence of the first exclusively Cucuteni museum in Romania.
Art Museum
Ethnography and Folklore Museum
Memorial houses:
Calistrat Hogas;
Bojdeuca Ion Creanga in Humulesti.
Medieval citadeles:
The medieval complex of the center of  Piatra Neamt city, built during the reign of Stefan cel Mare, consisting of Royal Court (built in 1468), St. John Church and the Bell tower (1497);
Neamtului Fortress - a historical monument in Targu Neamt;
Cnejilor Palace (Ceahlau commune).  
Cathedrals, monasteries:
Agapia Monastery - paintings by Nicolae Grigorescu, monastery museum;
Varatec Monastery - important museum collection;
Sihastria Monastery - important museum collection, 16 km. from Targu Neamt;
Bistrita Monastery - about 8 km of Piatra Neamt, in the village of Alexandru cel Bun;
Horaita Monastery;
Neamt Monastery;
Sihla hermitage.

Baltatesti watering and climate resort - known by the chlor-alkali waters, sulphate, bicarbonate, magnesium, ferruginous, indicated in the treatment of rheumatic, neurological and related diseases - endocrine, respiratory, dermatological.
Oglinzi watering and climate resort – is famous for the mineral sodium chlorinated and brominated waters, which resemble by their composition of waters from Ischl (Austria), Hall (Tirol), Stotterheim (Weimar). Both mineral waters and mud here were appreciated by many foreign tourists for their healing qualities.
Neamt County is known by major cultural personalities, recognized nationwide and even internationally, including: Ion Creanga, Vasile Conta, Calistrat Hogas, Mihail Sadoveanu, chroniclers Miron Costin, Grigore Ureche.
Cultural events organized in the county:
- January, Targu Neamt – the parade of masks and New Year customs
- April, Piatra-Neamt - "Yorick" Amateur Theater Festival
- April, Piatra-Neamt - "G.T. Kirileanu" County Library Days
- May, Piatra-Neamt - International Theater Festival
- June, Piatra-Neamt – Musical Vacation in Piatra Neamt
- July, Razboieni - Razboieni Holiday
- August, Piatra-Neamt - "Ceahlaul" International Folklore Festival
- August, Durau - Ceahlau Mountain Holiday
- August, Bicaz - Marina Day Celebration
- October, Piatra-Neamt - Poetry and Criticism National Meetings
- November, Piatra-Neamt - "Mihail Sadoveanu" National Contest of Prose
- December, Targu Neamt - "Ion Creanga" Days
The area is favorable to sports in every season and organization of expeditions, trekking routes. Information taken from


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