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Vila/pension Moinesti

Pension Excelsior
Pension Excelsior
Pension Excelsior 3 stars Bacau, Moinesti

Excelsior*** pension offers its guests the opportunity to relax, providing accommodation in ample spaces, generous meals, prepared and served with care by qualified staff, and also ways of... More details

Description of the destination Moinesti

The town of Moinesti is located in Bacau.

The town is situated at 482 m altitude in a hilly area, at the intersection of the Eastern Carpathians with the Sub-Carpathians. Because of its privileged location, the city had a very good progress.

The first documentary attestation of the city dates from 1467. In the book "Descriptio Moldaviae" by Dimitrie Cantemir, it is mentioned the name of Moinesti. In this area, there was a strong Jewish community that survived until the communist regime.

The area of the town of Moinesti enjoys underground natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, salt and wood. In terms of economic development, the town of Moinesti has grown stronger in the years 1950-1980, following the development of oil extraction. Unfortunately after 1990, Moinesti suffered high unemployment.

In 2001 the town of Moinesti was declared a city.

At the entrance in Moinesti there is the monument created in memory of Tristan Tzara (100 years from his birth and the Dadaist current initiated by him). The monument has the following dimensions: 25 m long, 2.6 m length, 10 meters high and it is a combination of steel and concrete. Tristan Tzara was the principal representative of the Romanian avant-garde.

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