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Hotel Iasi

Hotel  Capitol
Hotel Capitol
Hotel  Capitol 3 stars Iasi, Iasi

Situated in a special area of the city of Iasi, Capitol*** hotel impresses by the space elegance, atmosphere and professional services.Hotel mission is to stand for you with anything that you need... More details

Hotel Indiana
Hotel Indiana
Hotel Indiana 3 stars Iasi, Iasi

Indiana*** hotel, in Iasi, is a new accommodation unit, opened in December 2008. The modern architecture and great amenities, along with a pleasant and relaxing environment, make of Indiana***... More details

Vila/pension Iasi

Pension Retiro
Pension Retiro
Pension Retiro 3 daisies Iasi, Iasi

Retiro*** pension is welcoming you to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation, in nicely furnished and clean rooms, with modern communication facilities and some large windows from which you see,... More details

Description of the destination Iasi

Iasi is located in eastern Moldova, in the Moldavian Plain. Iasi is the legendary town of the 7 hills: Cetăţuia Galata, Copou, Bucium-Paun, Şorogari, Repedea and Breazu, with altitudes ranging between 40 m in Bahluiului Meadow and 400 m in Paun Hill and Repedea Hill.
The old town is located north of Codrii Iasi, in a quadrangle bounded by the current Stefan cel Mare street (Ulita Mare), Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, Independentei (Hagioaiei Bridge), Elena Doamna and Grigore Ghica (Ulita Ruseasca), the center of the city being into the Palace of Culture (royal court) and Costache Negri street (Ulita Veche).
The climate of Iasi presents a markedly continental character, with hot and dry summers and cold winters.
After the 2002 census, Iaşi was the second Romanian populous city after Bucharest, with 320 888 inhabitants. Together with the metropolitan area, the population is around 400,000 inhabitants.

Iasi is a city of big ideas, the first major union city, the first theater performance in Romanian and the first literary memorial museum (Bojdeuca of Ticau). Iaşi is undoubtedly the cultural capital of the country.
On Copoiului hill is located the oldest university in Romania, University of Iasi, called Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. Today the University has 15 faculties with over 40 000 students. The city has also other higher education institutions: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popescu", University of Arts "George Enescu", University “Petre Andrei”.
In Iasi there is the Church of St. Nicolae Domnesc, the oldest in the city, founded by Stefan cel Mare, fully restored at the end of XIX century. It also can be visited Three Hierarchs Church and Golia Monastery, Metropolitan Cathedral, Dosoftei House, Palace of Culture, Pogor House with "Shadow’s Table", Copoiului alleys (Eminescu's linden tree and Mihai Eminescu Museum), memorial houses "Mihail Sadoveanu", "George Toparceanu", "Mihai Codreanu", "Otilia Cazimir", University Library "Mihai Eminescu", founded as the library of the Mihăileni Academy. Other important monuments of the medieval period are: Galata Monastery, from the time of Petre Schiopul, St. Sava Church (XVII century), Barboi, Barnovschi, Ioan Zlataust, St. Dimitrie, Talpalari, St. Teodor, St. Andrei, St. Constantin, St. Panteleimon churches, Cetãtuia Monastery - founded by Ghoerghe Duca - or Frumoasa Monastery of XVIII century. The first hospital in the city was founded in the mid-century XVIII around Saint Spyridon Monastery, whose name it bears today. St. Spiridon Hospital is the largest in the area of Moldova.

Buildings and historical monuments:
- Obelisk of lions in Iasi
- Bojdeuca Ion Creanga

- Roznovanu Palace
- Pogor House
- Ferentz's Cross
- Institute of Anatomy Iasi
- Churches in Iaşi
Churches and monasteries:
- Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi
- Bucium Monastery
- Cetãtuia Monastery
- Frumoasa Monastery
- Balata Monastery
- Golia Monastery
- Copou Vineyard Monastery
- Monastery of St. Three Hierarchs
- Vlădiceni Monastery
- Church of St. Nicholas'
- Barboi Church
- Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - Wind mill - with certificate cemetery in 1803 (older than Eternity)
- St. Sava Church
- St. Spyridon Church
- Barnovschi Church
- Armenian Church
- Lippovan Church in Iasi
- Old Catholic Church
Parks, gardens:
- Copou Park
- Botanical Garden of Iasi
- Exhibition Park
Historical and tourist points of interest nearby:
- Golia Monastery
- Barnova Monastery
- Dobrovăţ Monastery
- Hadâmbu Monastery
- Hlincea Monastery
- Holy Stone Monastery
- Church of Aroneanu, former Aroneanu monastery
- Bucium wine region
- Ciric recreation area

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