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Hotel Harghita

Hotel  Ciucas
Hotel Ciucas
Hotel  Ciucas 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Ciucas*** hotel in Baile Tusnad, completely renovated, offers very good accommodation conditions and it is equipped with a modern treatment facilities.   More details

Hotel  Fortuna Eco-Boutique Hotel
Hotel Fortuna Eco-Boutique Hotel
Hotel  Fortuna Eco-Boutique Hotel 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Fortuna*** hotel is one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels in the country, original finishes, privacy, mountain style. More details

Hotel Mures
Hotel Mures
Hotel Mures 3 stars Harghita, Gheorgheni

Mures*** hotel was renovated and modernized in 2006 and it offers good accommodation conditions for clients willing to spend a holiday in Gheorghieni. More details

Hotel  Villa Vitae Wellness & Spa
Hotel Villa Vitae Wellness & Spa
Hotel  Villa Vitae Wellness & Spa 3 stars Harghita, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Discover the Transylvanian landscape; meet the region and city of Odorheiul Secuiesc, during a relaxing weekend or a refreshing trip. The Villa Vitae Wellness & Spa*** hotel offers... More details

Hotel  Tusnad
Hotel Tusnad
Hotel  Tusnad 2 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Tusnad*** hotel is situated in the heart of the resort called "the Pearl of Transylvania" - Baile Tusnad. From 2006 (year when the hotel was partially renovated) the hotel enjoys daily... More details

Hotel  Praid
Hotel Praid
Hotel  Praid 2 stars Harghita, Praid

After a 6 months modernization process, Praid**+ hotel, in the resort with the same name, opens its doors in July 2009. Although the classification of 2 * does not change, significant investments... More details

Vila/pension Harghita

Pension  Iris
Pension Iris
Pension  Iris 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Iris*** pension in Baile Tusnad is suitable for any type of activity: recreational, business travel, romantic escapades. This pension has one of the best quality – price ratio. More details

Pension  Sara
Pension Sara
Pension  Sara 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Sara*** is a modern accommodation unit in Baile Tusnad, that offers good cuisine. More details

Pension Fenyo
Pension Fenyo
Pension Fenyo 3 stars Harghita, Corund

Fenyo*** pension is located near the center of Corund village. The village is located in a thrilling atmosphere amongbrooks, mineral waters and forest that offer many programs of interest to... More details

Pension Sziklakert
Pension Sziklakert
Pension Sziklakert 3 daisies Harghita, Corund

Sziklakert*** pension was built in 2006. The name of the pension comes from the garden and lake with fish, being an attraction for tourists. More details

Pension Erdelyi Gonduzo
Pension Erdelyi Gonduzo
Pension Erdelyi Gonduzo 3 daisies Harghita, Gheorgheni

The pension was built in 2006. We offer accommodation with breakfast, half board or full board, in double rooms (twin or with double bed) and an apartment where you can enjoy all the benefits. More details

Pension Lazar
Pension Lazar
Pension Lazar 3 daisies Harghita, Gheorgheni

Lazar*** pension is located in the center of the town, yet away from the crowded areas. The place is one full of memories and traditions; in 1930, Kasta Miklos, an ancestor of the family, opened... More details

Pension  Bianca
Pension Bianca
Pension  Bianca 3 daisies Harghita, Izvorul Muresului

Bianca*** pension in Izvorul Muresului is a comfortable accommodation option for those who want to relax in the resort. Note that the area where this pension is located has the the most ionized air... More details

Pension  Gentiana
Pension Gentiana
Pension  Gentiana 3 daisies Harghita, Izvorul Muresului

Gentiana** pension in Izvorul Muresului is a good accommodation option for groups of friends or families. More details

Pension  Juliu's
Pension Juliu's
Pension  Juliu's 3 daisies Harghita, Miercurea Ciuc

The geographical location of the pension gives the opportunity to organize hiking. In any direction you will move, you will meet with beauties of Transylvania. Away from the noise of the city, the... More details

Pension  Bosnyak
Pension Bosnyak
Pension  Bosnyak 3 stars Harghita, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Bosnyak*** pension in Odorheiul Secuiesc is a good accommodation option for an active holiday of for families with children.   More details

Pension  Petofi
Pension Petofi
Pension  Petofi 3 stars Harghita, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Petofi*** pension is open all year round, in the heart of the charming city of Odorheiul Secuiesc and near the Szekely Tamadt fortress. More details

Pension  Trasura
Pension Trasura
Pension  Trasura 3 stars Harghita, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Trasura*** pension lies in the north-eastern area of the 670 years old town, in Cadiseni, between the Bosnyak brook and Tarnava Mare River. This landscape is characterized by a calm and quiet,... More details

Pension  Gal
Pension Gal
Pension  Gal 3 stars Harghita, Praid

Those wishing to spend a relaxing weekend and want to make a tour, the wonderful places in Praid are a good choice. Gal*** pension has a beautiful terrace, a spacious courtyard and a summer garden... More details

Pension  Stefania
Pension Stefania
Pension  Stefania 3 stars Harghita, Praid

Stefania**** pension was built in a Seckler old-style, which keeps the tradition both in architecture and decorations. It is situated on a quiet street, embraced by the forest and the river Tarnava... More details

Pension  Desag
Pension Desag
Pension  Desag 3 daisies Harghita, Sub Cetate (sat)

Desag*** pension in Subcetate village is suitable for private parties away from the world, a relaxing vacation, for organizing conferences or for tourists in transit. Good conditions of... More details

Pension Pokat
Pension Pokat
Pension Pokat 2 stars Harghita, Baile Harghita

Pokat** is a small capacity pension, situated in the heart of the nature, at the entrance of the resort Harghita Bai. It is a modern and welcoming accommodation unit. More details

Pension Szurdok
Pension Szurdok
Pension Szurdok 2 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Szurdok** pension offers a great view on the Olt Valley and Stanca Soimului. More details

Villa for rent Harghita

Villas for rent  Nagy Lak III - VII
Villas for rent Nagy Lak III - VII
Villas for rent  Nagy Lak III - VII 3 stars Harghita, Sub Cetate (sat)

Nagy Lak III, IV, V, VI and VII were built in the spring of 2007, using SAPARD funds. They are very large, being classified at three daisies.The motto of this complex is: "We care for our... More details

Villa for rent  Beykay
Villa for rent Beykay
Villa for rent  Beykay 2 stars Harghita, Lacul Rosu

BeyKay** villa is located in a picturesque area, in the heart of the mountains, on an area of 0.5 ha, being open all year round. More details

Villa for rent Nagy Lak I
Villa for rent Nagy Lak I
Villa for rent Nagy Lak I 2 stars Harghita, Sub Cetate (sat)

Nagy Lak I complex was built in 1993 and renovated in the spring of 2007. Here you will find comfort and tranquility desired for a dream holiday. More details

Villa for rent  Nagy Lak II
Villa for rent Nagy Lak II
Villa for rent  Nagy Lak II 2 stars Harghita, Sub Cetate (sat)

Nagy Lak II** villa is a new accommodation unit that was built in 2001. The Szekler gate of 125 years, the carriage in the courtyard and fountain with sweep emphasize the tradition and popular... More details

Description of the destination Harghita

Harghita County is situated approximately in the central part of Romania, on a surface of 6,610 square km., representing 2.8% from the territory of Romania. Its relief is formed from the mountains of Gurghiu, Hãsmas, Ciuc and Harghita. From the highlands the relief descends trough volcanic plateaus to the hilly areas and depressions, where the human communities can be found.
The climate is characteristic to the hilly areas, with long frosty winters and short, usually warm summers.
The hydrografic network is formed by a large number of rivers and lakes. The main rivers are: the Mures in vest, the Olt in south, the Bistrita and Trotus in east, the Târnava Mare and the Târnava Micã (Kisküküllö) in south-west. The presence of the volcanic mountains in the county assures a large number of mineral water springs, around 2200. In Harghita county can be found the only lake which has volcanic origin in Romania, the "Saint Ann" lake (Lacul Sfânta Ana) situated in picturesque site, in the volcanic crater "Ciomatu" at an altitude of 950 m. Another unique lake is the "Red Lake" (Lacu Rosu) which is a rarity being formed by natural obstruction.
There are many types of soils: brown, yellow-brown and acid-brown.
The geographical diversity of the county is emphasized also by the underground mineral resources like: the iron ore, cooper, kaolin, salt, clay, limestone, mineral water, etc. The woodlands which lay on more than 30% from the surface of the county, include many kinds of trees: larch-trees, pine-trees, beech, oak tress, lodging a rich and varied fauna composed by wild animals, such as the Carpathian bear, the brown bear, the wild boar, the marten, the wolf, the grouse, the eagle, etc. The mountain streams are rich in fishes. To the flora of the country lend variety forest fruits like strawberry, raspberry and blackberry, the mushrooms and the medicinal plants.

Harghita county has important and valuable resources in the field of tourism. As a result of the variety of the surface and the wonderful sights, the existence of more than 160 cultural monuments, also world-famous spas and mountain resorts like: Borsec, Bãile-Tusnad with Saint Ann Lake (Lacul Sfânta Ana), Izvorul Mures and Lacu Rosu (Red Lake), every year more and more tourists visit the county. Springs of mineral waters, sulfurous mophettas, mud-bathes, therapeutically peat's and others constitute very valuable richness which could be used more efficiently in the future.
The privatization, the improvement of the infrastructure and a good publicity would help considerably.

The county also has numerous historical monuments of tourist interest such as the Franciscan Monastery and the Roman Catholic Church in Sumuleu, rebuilt in 1804 in Baroque style, which has one of the biggest organ installations in Transylvania, Mikó fortress in the city of Miercurea Ciuc which dates from 1611 and which houses the County Museum of Ethnography, Saint Elias Monastery in Toplita built in 1910, the castle and museum complex of Lazarea built in the middle of the sixteenth-century, the wooden church in Tulghes built in 1813, the forge of Vlahita (1860 ), the Church of Sacel on whose bell is the inscription "through here passed the enlightened teacher Gheorghe Lazar in 1806" and the museums of Odorheiu - Secuiesc, Cristuru – Secuiesc and Gheorgheni where can be seen signs of human existence on this land since ancient times. (information from

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