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Vila/pension Gorj

Pension Casa Tobo
Pension Casa Tobo
Pension Casa Tobo 4 daisies Gorj, Baia de Fier

Casa Tobo*** is a modern villa, offering good and modern accommodation conditions, with quality amenities and finishes. Casa Tobo*** has a good location for those wishing to visit the Gorj county,... More details

Description of the destination Gorj

Gorj County is located in the south-west of Romania, on the middle course of the river Jiu, occupying an area of 5602 km², covering the Meridional Carpathians, Subcarpathian Depression of Oltenia and the Getic Piedmont Hills. Because Gorj County covers an area with altitudes from 90 to 2519 m, the climate data differs greatly from one area to another. In terms of natural vegetation, most of Gorj County is included in the forest area which is divided into dominant species: Quercineae forests, the sub – area of the beech and the sub – area of conifers. In the highest areas, at over 1,800 m altitude there are the alpine forests. The county is characterized by varied terrain, disposed in plateaus, with altitudes that frequently exceed 2000 m (Parang Mountains), the maximum altitude being 2519 m in Parangul Mare Peak. On the area of the county we find traces of Quaternary glacial age (circuses, glacial lakes, moraines), the Jiu river that collects the waters of several tributaries (Sadu, Tismana, Jiltu, Motru, Gilort, Amaradia), many natural lakes (Calcescu, Slaveiu, Mija) and anthropogenic lakes (Cearu, Cerna, Motru). The seat of the county is represented by the city of Targu Jiu; other important towns of Gorj County are: Motru, Novaci, Rovinari, Targu Carbunesti, Tismana, Turceni and Ticleni; the county also has 61 villages.
In terms of tourism, Gorj is a relatively well developed county, offering almost unlimited possibilities for sport during summer and winter, such as: rafting, climbing, mountain-bike, abseil, skiing, fishing, hiking. The most famous tourist attractions in Gorj County are:
· Ranca - one of the most popular and picturesque areas of Romania, began to develop especially after 2000. The resort is located about 18 km north of Novaci, on the 67C national road. Ranca resort in Gorj county is located to an average altitude of 1650 m, on the southern slopes of Parang mountains. In Ranca there are 2 equipped ski slopes.
· Tismana Monastery - one of the largest and oldest monastic complexes of Wallachia, built under the reign of Prince Radu I (1377-1385) by the monk Nicodemus. The name of the monastery comes from the surrounding forest trees, mostly yew. The monastery is dedicated to the "Assumption". In 1564 the painter Dobromir of Targoviste painted the church leaving only in the nave the original frescoes.
· The Fortified House Cula Cornoius (XVII century) and the Village Museum of Curtisoara
· Polovragi Monastery - at the foot of Piatra Polovragilor Mountain, near Oltetului gorges, with frescoes in the Brancoveanu style
· Lainici Monastery with beautiful frescoes dating from 1860 and with an iconostasis consisting of icons in the Byzantine style
· The narrow path of Jiu, Oltetului Corcoaiei and Sohodolului Gorges. Mountains covered by forests of oak, birch, pine and ash.
· Polovragi Cave, Muierilor Cave, Closani Cave
· Glacial mountain lakes: Mija, Rosiile, Calvescu, Green Lake. Tourists can make trips to Parang peaks: Carja, Mandra, Stiienita, Setea Mare, Papusa Peak, Parangul Mare
· Archaeological remains: the camp of Bumbelti – Jiu, Dacian – Roman settlements from Suseni, Barsesti, Boroşeni
· the City of Targu Jiu: Memorial House of Constantin Brancusi - founder of Romanian sculpture, of his works exhibited in Targu Jiu we mention: "Table of Silence", "Alley of seats" and "Kissing Gate" in Central Park, "Endless Column" and "Table of Silence" in Youth Park

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