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Hotel Geoagiu Bai

Hotel  Germisara Resort & Spa
Hotel Germisara Resort & Spa
Hotel  Germisara Resort & Spa 4 stars Hunedoara, Geoagiu Bai

Germisara Resort & Spa**** hotel, in Geoagiu Bai, has the largest accommodation capacity of the area. In 2006 it was completely renovated and named Germisara Resort & Spa**** hotel. It was... More details

Hotel Diana
Hotel Diana
Hotel Diana 3 stars Hunedoara, Geoagiu Bai

Diana** hotel in Geoagiu Bai offers its tourists moments of relaxation and treatment. More details

Description of the destination Geoagiu Bai

The watering and climatic resort of Geoagiu - Bai is located 12 km north of the city of Orastie. Situated in a hilly area not exceeding 600 meters altitude, in a depression formed by the last branches of Metaliferi Mountains. On both sides of the resort there is a frame of hills covered with beech, oak and fir, pushed from Magura Boiului toward Mures Valley. In the northern area of the locality of Geoagiu-Bai, dominates the top Ceretul (550 m) and in the south-west Cornetul Cigmaului with Piscul and Plesul peaks, that do not surpass 500 meters high.
A look at the horizon leaves generally the impression of some forested hills having plates with pastures, and even places planted with wheat, rye, or with fruit trees.
The climate is continental, without winds and high frost. The annual average temperature is 9.8 degrees C.
Natural cure factors consist of alkaline mineral water, slightly sulphurous, bicarbonate, magnesium, mesothermal and thermal (29 - 32 degrees C), mud factories, ferruginous, sedative climate.
Here you can treat diseases of the locomotor system such as rheumatism and neuralgia, gynecological diseases, metabolic and nutrition diseases, hepatitis, skin diseases.
The ozone air and constantly refreshed by the mountain breezes make the resort suitable also for the treatment of neurological diseases such as fatigue, overwork, anemia, neurosis.
The main tourist attraction is the natural reserve of 8 hectares where we can find the mesothermal waters Geoagiu-Bai.

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