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Hotel Cluj Napoca

Hotel  Ary
Hotel Ary
Hotel  Ary 4 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

The elegance and refinement of the Ary**** hotel create the necessary atmosphere for relaxation after a day of work, being an optimal choice for both business travelers as well as for tourists. More details

Hotel  Golden Tulip Ana Dome
Hotel Golden Tulip Ana Dome
Hotel  Golden Tulip Ana Dome 4 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Within walking distance from the center of Cluj-Napoca, Golden Tulip Ana Dome**** hotel welcomes you with a superb urban view. It is perfect for a relaxing stay and for a business meeting.  More details

Hotel Meteor
Hotel Meteor
Hotel Meteor 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Meteor*** hotel in Cluj - Napoca was built and inaugurated in 2001, being raised on the ground floor of a building dating from 1400 and classified as a historical monument. More details

Hotel Pami
Hotel Pami
Hotel Pami 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Intimate and yet refined, elegant and relaxed, the hotel is situated in the heart of Cluj – Napoca, in the western side of the city, five minutes from the historical city center and 30... More details

Vila/pension Cluj Napoca

Pension Esente
Pension Esente
Pension Esente 4 daisies Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Esente**** pension offers 4* star services, inviting its guests in a unique atmosphere full of elegance and comfort, combining luxury with functionality, peace, comfort and discretion that you need... More details

Villa  Cetatuia
Villa Cetatuia
Villa  Cetatuia 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Cetatuia*** villa offers accommodation at affordable rates. It is located 50 meters from the Belvedere hotel, 300 meters from CFR stadium and just 10 minutes walking from the center of Cluj. More details

Pension Sap7e
Pension Sap7e
Pension Sap7e 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Sap7e*** pension is one the best pensions in Cluj Napoca in terms of quality-price ratio. More details

Description of the destination Cluj Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is located in the central part of Transylvania, having an area of 179.5 km ². It is located in the area of contact between the Apuseni Mountains, Somesan Plateau and Transylvania Plain. It is crossed by the Somesul Mic and Nadas Rivers and by many springs; it is surrounded on three sides by hills with heights between 500 and 825 meters: to the south – Feleac Hill (maximum altitude of 825 m - the top of Magura Săliciei); to the east, continuing the city, lies Somes Plain and to the north of the city there are the hills of Cluj, with the peaks Lombului Peak (684 m), Dealul Melcului Peak (617 m), Techintau (633 m); to the west there are a series of hills, such as Hoia Hill (506 m), Gârbăul Hill (570 m). Once outside the city, now inside, there are the Calvaria and Cetatuia Hills. The area around the city is largely covered with forests and grasses. Fânaţele of Cluj and the Valea Morii are two well-known botanical reservations in this area.
The climate of the city is moderate continental.
Cluj Napoca metropolitan area consists of 28 communes and the city of Cluj Napoca, the main pole of development of this area. Cluj-Napoca is divided into more than 15 districts, arranged circularly around the center. The architecture of the city center is in the gothic and baroque styles.
Cluj Napoca is an important pole of culture and education, hosting many institutions, cultural and educational centers.
The most notable points of tourist interest of Cluj Napoca are:
Monuments and buildings:

The Orthodox Cathedral the metropolitan seat of Cluj, Alba, Crisana and Maramures
The "St. Michael" Church
The "Transfiguration Cathedral ", of the bishopric of Cluj-Gherla
The “Calvaria” Church
The Franciscan Church
The House and Statue of Matei Corvin
The Bánffy Palace
The National Theater and the Romanian Opera
The tailors' Bastion
Museums and buildings:
The Museum of Art - an art museum, located in the palace of Bánffy Count.
The National History Museum of Transylvania - permanent exhibitions divided into sections, focusing each major period of time.
The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania - an experience of over 80 years, being the largest museum of its kind in Romania
The Village Museum - the most comprehensive open-air museum in Romania and sixth in Europe
The Emil Isac Memorial House
The "Emil Racoviţă" Museum of Speleology - dedicated to the memory of the scientist Emil Racoviţă
Suburbs, streets and other areas:
Eroilor Avenue - one of the oldest streets in the city, with buildings of the XVII - XX centuries on both sides; it connects Unirii Square and Avram Iancu Square
King Ferdinand Avenue - the main commercial street, refurbished from the mid-nineteenth century until today
Unirii Square - old buildings with impressive architecture
The historic city center - with buildings constructed since the fifteenth century
Mănăştur District – it has a population of approximately 100 000 inhabitants
Grigorescu District - residential area
Gheorgheni District - built in the 60s after an urban design which included many green spaces, parks and recreational areas
The Botanical Garden - the richest botanical garden in Central and Eastern Europe
The Central Park (it is more than 100 years old)
Cetatuia - fortress located on the hill of the same name where you can admire the beautiful panorama of Cluj
The Hajongard Cemetery

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