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Hotel Cluj

Hotel  Ary
Hotel Ary
Hotel  Ary 4 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

The elegance and refinement of the Ary**** hotel create the necessary atmosphere for relaxation after a day of work, being an optimal choice for both business travelers as well as for tourists. More details

Hotel  Golden Tulip Ana Dome
Hotel Golden Tulip Ana Dome
Hotel  Golden Tulip Ana Dome 4 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Within walking distance from the center of Cluj-Napoca, Golden Tulip Ana Dome**** hotel welcomes you with a superb urban view. It is perfect for a relaxing stay and for a business meeting.  More details

Hotel Meteor
Hotel Meteor
Hotel Meteor 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Meteor*** hotel in Cluj - Napoca was built and inaugurated in 2001, being raised on the ground floor of a building dating from 1400 and classified as a historical monument. More details

Hotel Pami
Hotel Pami
Hotel Pami 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Intimate and yet refined, elegant and relaxed, the hotel is situated in the heart of Cluj – Napoca, in the western side of the city, five minutes from the historical city center and 30... More details

Vila/pension Cluj

Pension Milexim
Pension Milexim
Pension Milexim 4 stars Cluj, Campia Turzii

Milexim**** pension was opened in 2008, being a complex of modern luxury villas. Milexim**** pension is a good accommodation option for people who visit the city on business, but also for people... More details

Pension Esente
Pension Esente
Pension Esente 4 daisies Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Esente**** pension offers 4* star services, inviting its guests in a unique atmosphere full of elegance and comfort, combining luxury with functionality, peace, comfort and discretion that you need... More details

Pension  Laura
Pension Laura
Pension  Laura 4 daisies Cluj, Petrestii de Jos

As a recent construction, Laura**** pension offers optimal conditions for an ideal stay in a picturesque area, near the Turda Gorges. More details

Pension  Nicoleta
Pension Nicoleta
Pension  Nicoleta 3 daisies Cluj, Baisoara

Nicoleta*** is one of teh newest pensions in Baisoara resort, in the Apuseni Mountains area. It is characterized by the quality, the customer care, modern and quality facilities. More details

Villa  Cetatuia
Villa Cetatuia
Villa  Cetatuia 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Cetatuia*** villa offers accommodation at affordable rates. It is located 50 meters from the Belvedere hotel, 300 meters from CFR stadium and just 10 minutes walking from the center of Cluj. More details

Pension Sap7e
Pension Sap7e
Pension Sap7e 3 stars Cluj, Cluj Napoca

Sap7e*** pension is one the best pensions in Cluj Napoca in terms of quality-price ratio. More details

Pension Dariana
Pension Dariana
Pension Dariana 3 stars Cluj, Scrind-Frasinet

Dariana*** pension is a new accommodation unit that was opened in December 2008. The hum of the forest, the birds’ song and the music of the brook complete the quiet atmosphere surrounding... More details

Pension  Alia
Pension Alia
Pension  Alia 2 daisies Cluj, Somesul Rece

Located near the city of Cluj Napoca at 26 km, in a mountainous area, Alia** pension, is the ideal place for those who want a moment of peace and relaxation. More details

Description of the destination Cluj

Cluj County is situated in the north-western Romania, being one of the most important economic areas of the country, benefiting from continued growth and support for all sectors of industry in the region. Cluj county partially covers the Apuseni Mountains, with different forms of relief (among witch we mention: Turda Gorges and Turenilor Gorge), spectacular regions that combine harmoniously steep slopes with slow lines of the hills, caves with stalactites and stalacmite such as Mare Cave , Piatra Ponorului Cave, Varfurosu cave. The archaeological sites, fortresses, palaces, mansions, wood and stone churches also have a wide range of propagation. More than 600 architectural monuments and architecture ensembles in almost all European artistic styles are individual objectives such as the historical center of Cluj-Napoca, Turda, Dej, Gherla, Ciucea. Tourists can practice sports such as climbing, hiking, mountain-biking, skiing, riding, paragliding, parachute jumping, rafting, swimming, etc.

The major resorts in the county of Cluj Napoca are: Muntele Baisorii (Baisoara), Belis-Fantanele and Baile Sarate Turda. Baisoara resort is located 55 km away of Cluj Napoca, with the few ski slopes and sleigh-riding, skilift. Belis-Fantanele is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, situated on the banks of the spectacular mountain lake Fantanele. Baile Sarate Turda is about 29 km from Turda, having mineral sodium chlorate waters from the concentrated salt lakes of the resort, and fossil mud extracted from the lake.
Cluj Napoca is one of the most beautiful cities of Romania, an important educational, economic and cultural center of the country, a city always young. Besides the many cultural events of national and international importance held in the city, you can also enjoy visiting the following tourist attractions:
- Cluj Fortress (walls of defense, observation towers, Tailors Bulwark)
- Roman Catholic Franciscan Churche and Monastery - set up between 1728 - 1745
- Minorite Church (built with the support of Queen Maria Teresa of Austria)
- Orthodox and fortified Church of Cluj Manastur
- Bob Church, Calvaria Church, Church of St. Michael, St. Peter and Paul Church
- Matei Corvin Memorial House
- Babes - Bolyai University
- Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden - one of the best known and better organized in South East Europe.

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