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Hotel Bucuresti

Hotel  Casa Capsa
Hotel Casa Capsa
Hotel  Casa Capsa 5 stars Bucuresti

After renovation, Casa Capsa***** came in the tourist circuit as a 5 * hotel that combines old charm of the building (by the three floors, chandeliers and sumptuous furniture) with the best services. More details

Hotel  Howard Johnson Grand Plaza
Hotel Howard Johnson Grand Plaza
Hotel  Howard Johnson Grand Plaza 5 stars Bucuresti

The hotel has always been a meeting place for business Romanian and foreign travelers, who have found here a major benefit that allows them to be close to all information and facilities. The... More details

Hotel 4 Seasons
Hotel 4 Seasons
Hotel 4 Seasons 4 stars Bucuresti

The hotel was built in 2000 as a "home away from home". Large and comfortable rooms, the calm of a residential area near the Baneasa forest and modern facilities of a luxury hotel, make... More details

Hotel  Best Western Stil
Hotel Best Western Stil
Hotel  Best Western Stil 4 stars Bucuresti

Best Western Stil**** hotel is close to Herastrau Park, the ideal place for training or walking in nature. At 5 minutes from the hotel there are some tennis courts. You can relax or enjoy the... More details

Hotel Caro Golf
Hotel Caro Golf
Hotel Caro Golf 4 stars Bucuresti

Caro Golf**** hotel is a new wing of the building, where you can find the maximum comfort that a 4 star hotel provides: a new reception, 9 elegant conference rooms, indoor and outdoor elevators, 8... More details

Hotel Class
Hotel Class
Hotel Class 4 daisies Bucuresti

Class**** hotel is the ideal place both for your business meetings and for a few hours of well deserved relaxation, providing excellent progress for any type of event and the most hospitable... More details

Hotel  Golden Tulip
Hotel Golden Tulip
Hotel  Golden Tulip 4 stars Bucuresti

Golden Tulip is an international hotel chain, which comprises more than 400 hotels worldwide. Each hotel combines the majestic high standards of accommodation with local features. Golden Tulip****... More details

Hotel  Golden Tulip Times
Hotel Golden Tulip Times
Hotel  Golden Tulip Times 4 stars Bucuresti

Golden Tulip Times**** hotel is a good alternative of accommodation for business travelers, for conference organizers, but also for tourists who wish to visit Bucharest. More details

Hotel Minerva
Hotel Minerva
Hotel Minerva 4 stars Bucuresti

Located in the city center, near the North Station and the Romexpo exhibition centre, which hosts the most important fairs, on a quiet street that intersects Victoria Road, just 100 meters from the... More details

Hotel Papu
Hotel Papu
Hotel Papu 4 stars Bucuresti

Papu**** hotel is a new accommodation unit, opened in November 2008. We will host you in a renovated historic building, dating from 1911.The hotel is very accessible for business meetings,... More details

Hotel Phoenicia Grand
Hotel Phoenicia Grand
Hotel Phoenicia Grand 4 stars Bucuresti

Phoenicia Grand**** hotel is part of Perla Majestic hotel chain. It has been opened in September 2005, being one of the largest 4 star hotels in Romania. It has an ideal location for business... More details

Hotel  RIN Airport
Hotel RIN Airport
Hotel  RIN Airport 4 stars Bucuresti

Confort Rin Otopeni**** hotel, in Bucharest, is a perfect location for business travelers. The hotel is big enough to accommodate large and very large groups of tourists, being situated close to... More details

Hotel  RIN Central
Hotel RIN Central
Hotel  RIN Central 4 stars Bucuresti

Confort Traian*** hotel is the best option of accommodation in Bucharest regarding the quality – price ratio. The hotel is situated very close to the center of the city, yet away from its... More details

Hotel  Rin Grand Hotel
Hotel Rin Grand Hotel
Hotel  Rin Grand Hotel 4 stars Bucuresti

Complex Rin Grand Hotel**** is the most successful and suitable location for organizing conferences, events, symposiums and various business meetings, enjoying a great conference center, an... More details

Hotel  Royal
Hotel Royal
Hotel  Royal 4 stars Bucuresti

Royal**** hotel in Bucharest is a new jewel of the Romanian tourism, opened in August 2008. More details

Hotel  Vila Arte
Hotel Vila Arte
Hotel  Vila Arte 4 stars Bucuresti

Built in 1890, the hotel is located close to the areas of interest such as tourism and business, commercial and nightlife. Vila Arte - Boutique**** hotel will seduce you by the mix of art and design. More details

Hotel Zava
Hotel Zava
Hotel Zava 4 stars Bucuresti

Inaugurated in November 2008, Zava**** boutique hotel provides accommodation in a fully remodeled historic building, whose construction dates back to 1911. It is situated in a quiet and attractive... More details

Hotel  Andy
Hotel Andy
Hotel  Andy 3 stars Bucuresti

Andy*** hotel, in Bucharest, was opened in 2007 and it is one of the newest and modern hotels in the capital. More details

Hotel  Avis
Hotel Avis
Hotel  Avis 3 stars Bucuresti

Opened in 2009, Avis*** hotel combines cosmopolitan spirit with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. The hotel is located in the north of the city with immediate access to the Baneasa Airport (2... More details

Hotel  Caro Parc
Hotel Caro Parc
Hotel  Caro Parc 3 stars Bucuresti

Caro Parc*** is one of the most popular hotels in Bucharest, offering quality services and facilities. The hotel has an intimate and relaxing location, quality services, being suitable for business... More details

Hotel Citadella
Hotel Citadella
Hotel Citadella 3 stars Bucuresti

Citadella*** hotel, in Bucharest, provides newly renovated and decorated rooms, plus a new breakfast salon.We provide excellent conditions for business meetings in the new conference hall. More details

Hotel  Dalin
Hotel Dalin
Hotel  Dalin 3 stars Bucuresti

Dalin*** hotel is a very small hotel, suitable for people looking for fun and especially who want to be close to the Unirii Square. It is a good accommodation option for those wishing to visit the... More details

Hotel  Denisa
Hotel Denisa
Hotel  Denisa 3 stars Bucuresti

Denisa*** hotel is an ideal choice in Bucharest, in any season, both for a business travelers or for tourists. More details

Hotel  Erbas
Hotel Erbas
Hotel  Erbas 3 stars Bucuresti

Erbas*** hotel was completely renovated in 2008.The location meets the latest international standards with impeccable quality and services of highly qualified personnel. The professional staff is... More details

Hotel Herastrau
Hotel Herastrau
Hotel Herastrau 3 stars Bucuresti

Herastrau*** hotel is located in a quiet area of the city of Bucharest, yet close to downtown. More details

Hotel  Ibis Gara de Nord
Hotel Ibis Gara de Nord
Hotel  Ibis Gara de Nord 3 stars Bucuresti

Ibis Gara de Nord*** hotel, in Bucharest, is suitable for tourists who travel for business purposes. The hotel offers good value for its price and its location is convenient for all type of travels. More details

Hotel  Ibis Palatul Parlamentului
Hotel Ibis Palatul Parlamentului
Hotel  Ibis Palatul Parlamentului 3 stars Bucuresti

Luxury, distinction, quality services. Ibis Palatul Parlamentului*** is a good alternative of accommodation for the officials who visit the city, for business travelers, but also for people who... More details

Hotel Magic Grand
Hotel Magic Grand
Hotel Magic Grand 3 stars Bucuresti

Magic Grand*** hotel was inaugurated in 2010, in a new building and it is located in the heart of Bucharest. The hotel is the perfect destination for both business trips and for leisure tourists... More details

Hotel  Michelangelo
Hotel Michelangelo
Hotel  Michelangelo 3 stars Bucuresti

It is perhaps the only hotel in the center of the crowded capital, where at night you hear the song of crickets and the morning will be awakened by the chirping birds and the fountains purling.... More details

Hotel  Opera
Hotel Opera
Hotel  Opera 3 stars Bucuresti

Opera*** hotel welcomes you in a pleasant atmosphere. Old paintings describe Bucharest of the past century, silverware, porcelain and brass adds a distinct note of each room. Warm colors and... More details

Hotel Samaa
Hotel Samaa
Hotel Samaa 3 stars Bucuresti

Samaa *** hotel offers amenities and services at international level, showing a management based on experience in the field, welcoming its guests to rest in a warm and pleasant atmosphere in... More details

Hotel  Tripoli
Hotel Tripoli
Hotel  Tripoli 3 stars Bucuresti

Located near the center of the capital, Tripoli*** hotel offers tourists privacy, the best quality services, ensuring a familiar and welcoming environment. With modern architecture, with a perfect... More details

Hotel  Sir Colentina
Hotel Sir Colentina
Hotel  Sir Colentina 2 stars Bucuresti

Sir Colentina** hotel has 64 rooms. At the ground floor there is a restaurant where you can have breakfast. More details

Vila/pension Bucuresti

Pension  Casa Mica
Pension Casa Mica
Pension  Casa Mica 3 stars Bucuresti

Casa Mica pension has combined the three stars comfort of a hotel with the atmosphere of a pension. It was opened on September 1, 2003 and it is a variant of economic and quality accommodation in... More details

Pension  Casa Verde
Pension Casa Verde
Pension  Casa Verde 3 stars Bucuresti

Casa Verde*** is a place of accommodation that combines comfort with rustic, located in District 1 of Bucharest, in a quiet area. More details

Apartment Bucuresti

Aparthotel  Phoenicia Unirii
Aparthotel Phoenicia Unirii
Aparthotel  Phoenicia Unirii 4 stars Bucuresti

Phoenicia Aparthotel**** is an ideal location for business travelers, being situated in the center of Bucharest. It is part of Phoenicia hotel group with Phoenicia Grand Hotel, Phoenicia Apartments... More details

Apartments Easy Bucharest
Apartments Easy Bucharest
Apartments Easy Bucharest 3 stars Bucuresti

Bucharest offers satisfaction both to tourists interested in shopping and to those who want to visit the historic objectives. Easy Bucharest offer its clients a product that helps a pleasant and... More details

Apartment Bucur
Apartment Bucur

Bucur apartment is an excellent accommodation alternative in Bucharest, at very affordable rates. It can accommodate up to 5 people. More details

Studio Dambovita
Studio Dambovita

Dambovita studio is an excellent alternative of accommodation at affordable rates, in the center of Bucharest. More details

Studio  Maria
Studio Maria

Maria studio is an excellent alternative of accommodation at affordable rates, in the center of Bucharest. More details

Description of the destination Bucuresti

In terms of tourism, the city of Bucharest is one of the most interesting in South-eastern Europe, with enormous potential, partly exploited, as an important artistic and cultural center of the country. The most significant points of tourist interest in the city are: the Parliament Palace (the second largest building in the world), the Village Museum (a complex of traditional Romanian houses brought from all over the country), the old central place near the CEC building ( one of the most beautiful buildings of the city), Cismigiu Park, Victoria Road with the Cantacuzino Palace and the Enescu Museum, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Romanian Military Club Palace (can not be visited) and many other points of tourist interest, more or less known, hidden in this huge city. We recommend visiting the city with an authorized guide who will be able to present you this town's history and the most important points of tourist interest. Visiting the city should begin with glorious Union Square and the Palace of Parliament - a true mirror of the riches of Romania, being built entirely with products originating in Romania (marble, fine fabrics cut in monasteries, wooden products, impressive chandeliers). Save a few days to discover the old town, lying between Union Square and University Square, visiting the Museum of History, the Manuc Inn and the Old Court, and till getting to Sutu Palace, you can also visit the University, the National Theater (with one of the deepest stages of Europe), continuing along Victoria Road and Roman Military Circle, and Hotel Capsa (we recommend you to taste the delights of confectionery with the same name) to the historical Revolution Square, Atheneum, Museum of Art, and then the Roman Square, Victoria Square, Herastrau Park, enjoying a romantic boating.

In 1862 the city of Bucharest was named the capital of Romania. Today Bucharest is a city that is developing, modern and influential, the largest city in Romania and the main political, administrative, economic, financial, banking, educational, scientific and cultural center of the country. The city is located in the southeast, at an altitude of about 80 m., on the rivers Dambovita and Colentina, enjoying a mild climate and warm. The city is located at 44 ° 25'50 "north latitude (as Belgrade, Geneva, Bordeaux, Minneapolis) and 26 ° 06'50" east longitude (as Helsinki or Johannesburg). The city has an area of 228 square kilometers and a population of over 2 million - about 9% of the total population and about 15% of the urban population of the counry. In terms of number of inhabitants, Bucharest is the third city in the region after Athens and Istanbul. City of Bucharest was first mentioned in 1495 as the residence of the Romanian Country prince, Vlad Tepes, but its history is much older, going to the XIV century. The city became the capital of Wallachia in 1698 and developed during the peace period in the eighteenth century. In 1800, the city population amounted to 50,000, reaching in 1966 1,452,000 inhabitants. The city continues to grow helped by the near oil refineries, and it is one of the first gas-lit cities. In the communist period the city underwent radical changes, the major boulevards from the 19th century were extended, and many parks and massive buildings were designed (many of them in Soviet style). The first higher education institution was opened in 1694 (Saint Sava Academy); Bucharest has also a university founded in 1861, which is near the Academy of Sciences, the State Library and the National Theater. The Parliament Palace which was built by order of Dictator Ceausescu between 1984 and 1989 is the second largest building in the world with an area of 265,000 sqm, after the Pentagon (which has an area of 604,000 square meters).

Today there are in the capital over 21 higher education institutions with nearly 100,000 students, the Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church, Romanian Academy, two national libraries, 40 museums, 230 churches (some of them Orthodox style, dating from the nineteenth century), Opera, Operetta, another 20 theaters. Of the multitude of art galleries and museums we recommend the Village Museum (the second most important in Europe after one in Stockholm), which brings together the traditional rural architecture of the whole country, the Romanian Peasant Museum, National History Museum or the churches of the XVI – XVII centuries. You can also visit the History Museum of Romania, architectural monument (XIX century), the Art and History Museum of Bucharest, located in Sutu Palace (XIX century), the Museum of Art of Romania, Art Collections Museum, Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa", the Village Museum. Other attractions are: the Snagov forest and lake (including the renovated monastery perched on an island in the middle of the lake), Mogosoaia - the Palace of Constantine Brancoveanu, the Pustnicu Forest, Cernica and Pasarea monasteries, Baneasa forest (the largest zoo in Romania) , Caldarusani Lake and Monastery (founded during the reign of Matei Basarab). Do not miss the following objectives:

· Mhai Voda Monastery founded in 1591 by Prince Michael the Brave

· Radu Voda Church (XVII century)

· Stavropoleos Church (XVII century)

· Old Court (XVI century)

· Manuc Inn (1808), hotel and restaurant with Romanian specific dishes

· Parliament Palace and the Savings Bank (XIX century)

· Athenaeum (XIX century)

· University (XIX century)

· Palace Hall, National Theater, Palace of Sports and Culture, Exhibitions Pavilion

· Cismigiu Garden, Herastrau, Carol Park, Youth Park.

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