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Hotel Brasov (oras)

Hotel  Aro Palace
Hotel Aro Palace
Hotel  Aro Palace 5 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Aro Palace***** hotel was renovated in 2006; in 2008 it was open the hotel's recreational center: Aro-Palace Wellness & Spa. Aro Palace***** hotel in Brasov keeps the traditional style... More details

Hotel  Ambient
Hotel Ambient
Hotel  Ambient 4 stars Brasov, Brasov

Elegance and comfort ... you will enjoy them if you visit the Ambient**** hotel in Brasov, already a tradition name, counting almost a decade of excellence and experience. You will find the... More details

Hotel Esprit
Hotel Esprit
Hotel Esprit 4 stars Brasov, Brasov

Situated on one of the hills of the center of Brasov, Esprit**** hotel offers enviable panoramic views of the city. The hotel was inaugurated in July 2009 and benefits from the latest equipment.... More details

Hotel Ramada
Hotel Ramada
Hotel Ramada 4 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Ramada**** hotel in Brasov is the first and only hotel that belongs to an international chain that excels by the high standard of services. The hotel offers full business services targeted at the... More details

Hotel  Cubix
Hotel Cubix
Hotel  Cubix 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Hotel Cubix*** is one of the the newest accommodation units of Brasov. Its services and numerous facilities, will delight businessmen as well as those who are on vacation. With all the necessary... More details

Hotel  Garden Club
Hotel Garden Club
Hotel  Garden Club 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Garden Club*** hotel was innaugurat in the fall of 2008. It is a perfect place for both guests and for officials, interest groups, businessmen and guests of Brasov. More details

Hotel Gema
Hotel Gema
Hotel Gema 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Inaugurated in December 2007, Gema*** hotel, located within walking distance from the old center of Brasov, offers the peace and comfort you need in the few days you might spend in Brasov. Gema***... More details

Hotel  Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel  Oasis 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Oasis*** hotel is located in a quiet area of Brasov, away from traffic and urban agglomeration. It is at clinets’ disposal with a complete range of services. More details

Hotel Atlas
Hotel Atlas
Hotel Atlas 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Atlas*** is a new, modern hotel and it offers its guests refined comfort, accessibility and a generous environment. More details

Hotel  Capitol
Hotel Capitol
Hotel  Capitol 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

The advantage of Capitol*** hotel in Brasov is given by its central position in the town, easily accessible for those wishing to visit the old town and the Black Church. The hotel offers... More details

Hotel  Oliver
Hotel Oliver
Hotel  Oliver 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Oliver*** hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Brasov; it is a pleasant place for both leisure and business. More details

Hotel Q
Hotel Q
Hotel Q 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Casa Muresan*** hotel offers you accommodation with all the comfort you need to make your stay a success. Whether you visit Brasov or you organize a conference or business meeting here, we will... More details

Hotel  Serban
Hotel Serban
Hotel  Serban 2 stars Brasov, Brasov

Serban*** hotel offers good conditions of accommodation at affordable rates, in Brasov. More details

Hotel  Coroana
Hotel Coroana
Hotel  Coroana 2 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Coroana** hotel in Brasov enjoys a special architectural, characterisctic of the mountain towns in Romania; it has a central position in Brasov, easily accessible for those wishing to visit the old... More details

Hotel  Postavarul
Hotel Postavarul
Hotel  Postavarul 1 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Postavarul* hotel is one of the cheapest accommodation options in Brasov. The advantage of Postavarul* hotel is given only by its location in the center of Brasov. More details

Vila/pension Brasov (oras)

Pension Casa Kermany & Achim
Pension Casa Kermany & Achim
Pension Casa Kermany & Achim 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

An attractive alternative of accommodation in the old center of Brasov – Casa Kermany & Achim*** pension offers accommodation in apartments and suites offering modern and comfortable... More details

Pension Casa Ober
Pension Casa Ober
Pension Casa Ober 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Centrally situated, Casa Ober*** pension is the ideal starting point, both to the main tourist attractions and to the commercial center of Brasov. It is a new unit of accommodation, which is... More details

Pension  Gallery
Pension Gallery
Pension  Gallery 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Gallery*** pension is a house dating from 1936, totally rebuilt in 2007 in a modern style, keeping some elements of the ancient architectural constructions, such as for example the massive beams in... More details

Pension  Italiana
Pension Italiana
Pension  Italiana 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

The Italian*** pension has elegant facilities and finishes, a distinguished air of the old Brasov, good conditions of accommodation. More details

Pension  Leo
Pension Leo
Pension  Leo 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Leo*** pension, situated just minutes away from the railway station of Brasov, in a quiet area, has facilities and staff that guarantee the comfort, safety, discretion and a pleasant atmosphere for... More details

Pension Old City
Pension Old City
Pension Old City 3 daisies Brasov, Brasov

Old City*** pension, situated in the old area of Brasov city, has the specific architecture of the old city area buildings, but it reinvigorates the old forms by colors, to prepare the guests for... More details

Villa  Trapez
Villa Trapez
Villa  Trapez 3 stars Brasov, Brasov

Trapez*** villa, in Brasov, was opened in December 2008 and offers customers a wide range of services: accommodation in 11 rooms including 9 standard double rooms and 2apartments, all decorated in... More details

Pension Ambient
Pension Ambient
Pension Ambient 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Ambient*** pension is the perfect choice for business tourists, but also for those who want to visit the city as a tourist. It offers good conditions for accommodation and impeccable service in the... More details

Pension RESIDENCE HIRSCHER 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Situated in the old center of Brasov, at the foot of Tampa Mountain, Residence Hirscher*** pension is the ideal place to spend your holiday in one of the apartments of the pension, offering high... More details

Pension SIMONA
Pension SIMONA
Pension SIMONA 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Simona** pension in Brasov is a beautiful accommodation unit, with little patio. It offers modern facilities at affordable rates. More details

Apartment Brasov (oras)

Apartments  Ambient
Apartments Ambient
Apartments  Ambient 3 stars Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Residence Ambient*** is an accommodation unit, with one shared kitchen and breakfast room, located on the 2nd floor (attic) of an era building in Brasov (300 m from Ambient hotel and 100 m from... More details

Apartments  MARIUS
Apartments MARIUS
Brasov, Brasov (oras)

Marius apartments are perfect for people who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Brasov, with self catering system. More details

Description of the destination Brasov (oras)

One of the most important cities in terms of tourism - the city of Brasov, received the qualification of the most important city of Transylvania of the Middle Ages, some of the richness of those times being preserved nowadays.
Brasov, seat of the county with the same name, is located in the central-eastern part of Romania, at the bottom Tampa Peak (967 m), in the south of Brasov Depression. The city is divided into two distinct components: the Baroque influence area at the foot of Tampa and the Postavaru massif, and the large area of blocks and factories.
Schei district is full of charm and magic, a neighborhood full of old houses, streets and churches hidden by over 2m high walls. Brasov was famous during the XIV - XVI centuries for the quality the goods and especially for the weapons that were manufactured here. Powerful guilds have made Brasov not only a transit trade, but also a flourishing handicraft center. The city construction was done according to the highest standards of the time, the fortress walls, bastions, towers guard - defense being supplemented by warehouses, markets, workshops, shops, inns, churches and hospitals. Important industrial, cultural and business center, Brasov is also a traditional university. Due to many historical and artistic monuments, it is one of the most important tourist centers of the country.
If you have not yet been able to exploit this city we recommend:

- Black Church - largest gothic style building in Southeastern Europe (1477); now shelters a vast collection of oriental rugs;

- the Town Hall Square in the vicinity of the Black Church with excellent streets and boutiques, the Council House (museum);

- the Bastions - towers - fortifications on the southwestern side of the city;

- Art galleries, museums, parks;

- Brasov Schei - St. Nicholas Church, Church of St. Bartholomew;

- Shows, concerts and the famous Golden Stag Festival.

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