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Hotel Bistrita

Hotel Bistrita
Hotel Bistrita
Hotel Bistrita 3 stars Bistrita-Nasaud, Bistrita

Bistrita*** hotel is located in the heart of the city of Bistrita. Hotel’s rooms are designed to add a touch of comfort and relaxation to your stay. The rooms have: magnetic card access,... More details

Hotel Codrisor
Hotel Codrisor
Hotel Codrisor 3 stars Bistrita-Nasaud, Bistrita

Codrisor*** hotel offers a high standard services in a relaxing atmosphere of intimacy and comfort, in Bistrita. More details

Hotel  Krone
Hotel Krone
Hotel  Krone 3 stars Bistrita-Nasaud, Bistrita

Krone*** Hotel in Bistrita welcomes you with elegant, memorable personality and impeccable attitude of a team performance, dedicated to the concept that defines quality. More details

Description of the destination Bistrita

Bistrita municipality is situated in the north-east of Transylvania Plateau, in the depression of Bistrita and it is crossed by  the river with the same name. The city lies at an altitude of 366 meters, surrounded by hills with orchards. The city’s climate is temperate continental with relatively hot and wetter summers and less dry and relatively cool winters.

Bistrita is a city with many tourist attractions such as architectural monuments, places of worship, memorial objectives and museums.

Monuments of architecture:

Bistrita Fortress (XV-XVI centuries) witch shelters the Coopers Tower and a few fragments of walls.
Sugalete - complex of 13 buildings dating from the XV-XVI centuries, the most typical Renaissance buildings in Transylvania. Sugăletele consist of several storey buildings, linked together by some spacious entries witch are forming a gallery with 20 arches that rest on 21 pillars.

Silversmith’s House.

The house of John the Mason- House of Johannes Lapicida - architectural monument of the early Renaissance (is the oldest building in Bistrita).

National College “Liviu Rebreanu”

National College "Andrei Muresanu"

National Bank of Bistrita

Old building of Post

Places of worship:

The Evangelical Church – it was originally built in Romanesque style, being enlarged in the second half of XIV century in Gothic style. The tower has a height of 75 m and it is one of the highest Gothic towers in Transylvania.
Church of the entrance of Virgin Mary in the church – built in the early Gothic style with Cistercian influences.
Orthodox Cathedral.

Greek Catholic Church.

Catholic Church.

Reformed Church.

Bistrita Synagogue.

Memorial points of interest:

Romanian Germans and Hungarians Heroes Cemetery, who died in World War I, situated in the Romanian in the city of Bistrita. Inside the cementery there are two commemorative monuments: an obelisk and an altar, both made of concrete and stone.

County Museum Bistrita-Nasaud, Bistrita

Museum under the gate, Livezile

Silversmith House Museum

Memorial House “Andrei Muresanu”, Bistrita

Arcade 24 Gallery

Exhibition Hall “George Coşbuc”

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