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Key features of the resort

Hotel Baile Tusnad

Hotel  Ciucas
Hotel Ciucas
Hotel  Ciucas 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Ciucas*** hotel in Baile Tusnad, completely renovated, offers very good accommodation conditions and it is equipped with a modern treatment facilities.   More details

Hotel  Fortuna Eco-Boutique Hotel
Hotel Fortuna Eco-Boutique Hotel
Hotel  Fortuna Eco-Boutique Hotel 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Fortuna*** hotel is one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels in the country, original finishes, privacy, mountain style. More details

Hotel  Tusnad
Hotel Tusnad
Hotel  Tusnad 2 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Tusnad*** hotel is situated in the heart of the resort called "the Pearl of Transylvania" - Baile Tusnad. From 2006 (year when the hotel was partially renovated) the hotel enjoys daily... More details

Vila/pension Baile Tusnad

Pension  Iris
Pension Iris
Pension  Iris 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Iris*** pension in Baile Tusnad is suitable for any type of activity: recreational, business travel, romantic escapades. This pension has one of the best quality – price ratio. More details

Pension  Sara
Pension Sara
Pension  Sara 3 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Sara*** is a modern accommodation unit in Baile Tusnad, that offers good cuisine. More details

Pension Szurdok
Pension Szurdok
Pension Szurdok 2 stars Harghita, Baile Tusnad

Szurdok** pension offers a great view on the Olt Valley and Stanca Soimului. More details

Description of the destination Baile Tusnad

Baile Tusnad is located at 32 km of the city of Miercurea Ciuc, at an altitude of 656m. The depression is bordered by the Harghita Mountains in the north-west and by the Massif Ciumatu Mare in the southeast - volcanic mountains covered by fir and beech forests. Tusnad – Malnas Gorges of Olt River, the very fresh air, the comfort and treatment with mineral waters have made of Tusnad Bai a fine resort and an ideal place for holidays in any season.
Baile Tusnad has a sub – alpine climate, specific to the mountain depressions, with cool summers (the July average temperature is 17 ° C) and cold winters (average temperature in January is -7 ° C).

Standing-season resort, Baile Tusnad has been known since the early nineteenth century, but was inaugurated only in 1860, providing many springs of mineral bicarbonate, carbonate, chlorinated, sodium, magnesium, ferruginous, calcium and mesothermal waters used in outdoor pools.
Baile Tusnad is recommended for the treatment of:
- central nervous system (asthenic neurosis, secondary asthenic conditions, physical and intellectual stress)
- cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, blood pressure, peripheral postflebite, varices)
- urinary system diseases (litiasa kidney, inflammatory) and the related diseases (digestive diseases, endocrinology, gynecology)
Baile Tusnad offers modern treatment possibilities: carbonate mineral water baths, galvanic baths, paraffin packing, electrotherapy equipment, gyms, mofettes (natural emanations of carbon dioxide) with rooms for inhalations of carbon dioxide. A wide range of modern hotels offers relaxation and treatment possibilities, physically and intellectually recovery. The subalpine climate, the air rich in ozone and aerosols give the resort a tonic bioclimate.
Tourists can enjoy various outdoor sports and excursions; in Baile Tusnad there are lakes, many ways for hiking. On the right bank of Olt river tourists can make excursions to the top of Stanca Soimilor, which offers a breathtaking view on the Olt Valley, Szurdok Scomad and Varteto peaks, covered with trees, Stanca Soimilor fortress. Those interested can visit the Lake St Anne - the only volcanic crater lake located in Europe, the Pucioasa cave near the resort Balvanyos and the Balvanyos ruins. They can also make trips to Sighisoara, Targu Secuiesc, Praid, Sovata.

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