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Key features of the resort

Hotel Baile Felix

Hotel  International
Hotel International
Hotel  International 4 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Renovated in 2007, International**** hotel in Baile Felix offers perfect conditions for an unforgettable stay: conference rooms, restaurant with Romanian and international cuisine, modern and... More details

Hotel President
Hotel President
Hotel President 4 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

A stylish and comfortable hotel, President**** hotel, in Baile Felix, is suitable for tourists seeking relaxation in this resort, and for people who want the perfect organization of their business... More details

Hotel Nufarul
Hotel Nufarul
Hotel Nufarul 3 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Nufarul*** hotel was completely renovated in 2004 offering good conditions of accommodation and leisure activities in Baile Felix, thermal baths, various possibilities for fun, rest and relaxation,... More details

Hotel  Padis
Hotel Padis
Hotel  Padis 3 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Padis** hotel is a variant of affordable accommodation in Baile Felix. More details

Hotel  Poienita
Hotel Poienita
Hotel  Poienita 3 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Baile Felix resort is famous because of its curative thermal waters. Poienita** hotel offers affordable accommodation, possibilities of treatment and also meetings/ conferences organization. More details

Hotel Termal
Hotel Termal
Hotel Termal 3 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Termal*** hotel was renovated in 2003, offering good conditions for rest and relaxation, treatment and maintenance, as well as for business events. The complex has good conditions of accommodation,... More details

Hotel Crisana
Hotel Crisana
Hotel Crisana 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Crisana** hotel, in Baile Felix, is located in a beech and oak wooded area, providing an appropriate atmosphere for rest and relaxation. The hotel has a treatment center for rheumatic diseases,... More details

Hotel  Mures
Hotel Mures
Hotel  Mures 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Mures** hotel in Baile Felix offers good conditions of accommodation at affordable rates, being a good option for people who want a quiet holiday. The hotel has outdoor thermal swimming pool and... More details

Hotel  Somes
Hotel Somes
Hotel  Somes 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Some**s hotel is one of the highest buildings in the resort, offering a great panoramic view. The hotel is located near the Mures and Unirea hotels, which have treatment center and swimming pool... More details

Hotel Unirea
Hotel Unirea
Hotel Unirea 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Unirea** hotel is located near Mures hotel in Baile Felix. Those who choose accommodation in this hotel can enjoy access to the thermal swimming pool of hotel Mures. Unirea** hotel has affordable... More details

Vila/pension Baile Felix

Pension  Casa Veronica
Pension Casa Veronica
Pension  Casa Veronica 3 daisies Bihor, Baile Felix

Sheltered from the bustle of the crowded center, Casa Veronica*** pension opened its doors in 2008, to meet the demanding needs of guests who prefer privacy and comfort of a cozy pension instead of... More details

Pension Casa Rustik
Pension Casa Rustik
Pension Casa Rustik 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Casa Rustik** pension, located in a rustic scenery, surrounded by the Felix oak forest, offers both accommodation and meal services and also organization of rural soirees with traditional menus and... More details

Villa Connyland
Villa Connyland
Villa Connyland 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

The Connyland complex is suitable for groups of students or athletes who want to visit Baile Felix, but also for families and friends looking for a relaxing vacation in the resort. More details

Villa  Gest
Villa Gest
Villa  Gest 2 stars Bihor, Baile Felix

Gest*** Villa in Baile Felix is suitable for groups of friends or families wishing to spend a relaxing holiday. More details

Description of the destination Baile Felix

Baile Felix is located in northwestern Romania, in the plateau of Cris, at an altitude of 140 m, in a hilly area covered by forests of beech and oak, about 8 km from Oradea and about 22 km from the town of Bors (border crossing with Hungary).

Baile Felix benefits of a temperate-continental climate with oceanic influences from the west. The average annual temperature varies between -2 to 21 ° C. Winter is mild, the summers being very hot.

The resort is rich in thermal mineral water springs (20 - 48 º C), radioactive, containing sulfur, calcium, sodium, found at the beginning of the past millennium, fossil mud.

Famous for its benefactor water effects, relieving the articular and muscular pain, the rheumatic neuralgia, Baile Felix is also recommended in the treatment of:

- inflammatory rheumatic diseases (arthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis, consequences of a serious articular rheumatism);

- degenerative diseases (spondylosis, arthrosis, polyarthritis, lumbar sciatic);

- tendonitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis;

- central and peripheral nervous system diseases ;

- gynecological (chronic metrosalpingitis, minor pubertal disorders and menopause);

- diseases of the post-trauma conditions (result of articulation operations, bones and muscles, fractures, sprains and luxations);

- endocrine disease.

The resort has a modern treatment base: baths in tubs and pools with mineral water, kinesiology in pools with thermal mineral water, hot mud treatments, physiotherapy, inhalations, aerosols that also allow effective treatment in winter, gyms, saunas, swimming pools etc.

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