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Hotel Arges

Villa Valea cu Pesti
Villa Valea cu Pesti
Villa Valea cu Pesti 4 stars Arges, Transfagarasan

The spectacular location of this villa and its history invite the tourists to this beautiful mountain area. More details

Hotel Posada
Hotel Posada
Hotel Posada 3 stars Arges, Curtea de Arges

Hotel recently renovated, improved, offers good comfort for people who want to relax in the city, for people who visit the town for business matters and people who want to visit the Transfagarasan... More details

Hotel Magic GT
Hotel Magic GT
Hotel Magic GT 3 stars Arges, Pitesti

The first hotel of Magic chian is located in the center of Pitesti, being part of a complex that offers many possibilities of entertainment and relaxation of the customers.With a modern... More details

Hotel Magic Trivale
Hotel Magic Trivale
Hotel Magic Trivale 3 stars Arges, Pitesti

Due to its location, Magic Trivale*** hotel offers an oasis of peace and greenery. Whether you are a tourist or businessman, this unit of accommodation can offer unforgettable moments in Pitesti. More details

Hotel Siesta
Hotel Siesta
Hotel Siesta 3 stars Arges, Transfagarasan

Hotel Siesta*** offers good conditions of accommodation in the beautiful mountain area of Transfagarasan. More details

Vila/pension Arges

Pension Casa Domneasca
Pension Casa Domneasca
Pension Casa Domneasca 4 stars Arges, Curtea de Arges

Elegant, stylish and welcoming, Casa Domneasca**** is waiting for you to relax in comfortable surroundings, to taste the wines and the traditional Romanian dishes in the heart of Romania - the city... More details

Guest house Jupanitei
Guest house Jupanitei
Guest house Jupanitei 4 stars Arges, Leresti

Jupanita**** pension is located in a quiet area  with the best view to the Iezer-Papusa massif. More details

Guest house Irina
Guest house Irina
Guest house Irina 4 daisies Arges, Transfagarasan

Irina**** Pension in Transfagarasan have good conditions of accommodation and exquisite cuisine. More details

Pension  Padurea Verde
Pension Padurea Verde
Pension  Padurea Verde 3 stars Arges, Draganu-Olteni

Padurea Verde*** pension is one of the newest and modern accommodation units in the area, opened at the end of 2008. More details

Pension Amada
Pension Amada
Pension Amada 3 stars Arges, Leresti

Amada*** pension aims to be a special place for tourists, a privileged space to offer emotions and sensations of the most beautiful. Pension’s rooms combine classic with modern, offering... More details

Pension Hanul Sasului
Pension Hanul Sasului
Pension Hanul Sasului 3 stars Arges, Leresti

Hanul Sasului*** pension is a modern accommodation unit with qualified personnel. It is situated in the middle of a wonderful natural landscape, which will ensure you a wonderful holiday. More details

Pension Dracula
Pension Dracula
Pension Dracula 3 stars Arges, Transfagarasan

Dracula*** pension has modern facilities and is easily accessible from the main road by car. The pension is situated just few kilometers away from the Vidraru Lake. More details

Pension Paraul Capra
Pension Paraul Capra
Pension Paraul Capra 3 stars Arges, Transfagarasan

Capra*** pension is probably one of the most beautiful and spectacular locations in Romania, in the Transfagarasan area. It is a very good option of accomodation for lovers of snow and great... More details

Pension Vidraru
Pension Vidraru
Pension Vidraru 3 daisies Arges, Transfagarasan

The pension Vidraru*** is surrounded by woods, being perfect for people seeking relaxation and privacy in nature. We strongly suggest this location to those who want a relaxing stay. More details

Pension Cabana Padurarului
Pension Cabana Padurarului
Pension Cabana Padurarului 2 daisies Arges, Rucar

Cabana Padurarului** offers excellent conditions to spend vacations, holidays or weekends at the edge of the forest. Quiet and away from the crowded city, Cabana Padurarului** offers the... More details

Pension  Cumpana
Pension Cumpana
Pension  Cumpana 2 stars Arges, Transfagarasan

The location of the Cumpana** villa on Transfagarasan is perfect. It is the perfect accommodation unit for mountain lovers, reflection and peace. Nothing can compare to a vacation at the lake... More details

Villa for rent Arges

Villa for rent  Floare de colt
Villa for rent Floare de colt
Villa for rent  Floare de colt 3 daisies Arges, Dambovicioara

Floare de Colt** pension is a good location for accommodation, especially for groups of friends or family. Dambovicioara is a beautiful area, with spectacular gorges and caves. More details

Description of the destination Arges

Arges County is situated in Arges Superior basin. From north to south, we find all three forms of relief: mountains, hills, plains, with the mention that the area is over 50% of it occupied by hills, the mountains and the plains sharing the rest of it. The county's territory includes two river basins: the Basin of Arges River, in the mountainous and hilly area, and the Basin of Vedea River, in the hilly and plain area. The Sub – Carpathian Mountains are formed of an alternation of small mountains, witch exceed only here and there 1000 m of altitude, with an average altitude of 800 m. The transition from the Sub – Carpathian Mountains to the platform hills is through a lower contact area made up of small depressions such as those of Curtea de Arges and Domnesti.
The countryside still preserves ethnographic values full of originality, starting with the architecture of the houses, the national costume and the decorative art. Traces of material culture found within Arges county point to human communities existing since Paleolithic era, especially along the river valleys. There are traces of Roman roads and homes in Sapata de Jos, Albota, Rucar, Nicesti, Jidava and Filfani. The best preserved is the camp from Jidava, located south of the town of Campulung.

In the Arges county area you can admire the lake and dam Vidraru, you can take a walk in the first Romanian capital of the country - Curtea de Arges, you can taste the famous fruit grown on this land of dreams. In Arges County you can admire the spectacular view offered by Transfagarasan, you can climb up to Dracula's castle – Poienari, you can make a boat trip on the Vidraru Lake or you can walk for days and days on the trails and tourist routes, discovering and admiring the beauty of these places.

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