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Hotel Arad

Hotel XO Residence
Hotel XO Residence
Hotel XO Residence 4 stars Arad, Arad

Designed in a classic and, at the same time, modern style, Xo Residence**** hotel offers its clients four star accommodation conditions and services in the city of Arad More details

Hotel Coandi
Hotel Coandi
Hotel Coandi 3 stars Arad, Arad

Coandi*** hotel is, by its position, ideal for business trips. Equipped with spacious rooms, exceptional restaurant, tennis court and wireless Internet can be considered a comfortable base to... More details

Hotel Crisana
Hotel Crisana
Hotel Crisana 3 stars Arad, Arad

Crisana*** hotel is a new accommodation unit in Arad. More details

Hotel Moneasa
Hotel Moneasa
Hotel Moneasa 3 stars Arad, Moneasa

Moneasa*** hotel is built in a modern and elegant style. More details

Hotel Parc
Hotel Parc
Hotel Parc 3 stars Arad, Moneasa

Park ** hotel in Moneasa offers good conditions of accommodation in renovated and improved rooms (there are two types of rooms) affordable. More details ... with online reservation

Vila/pension Arad

Villa Club Castel
Villa Club Castel
Villa Club Castel 4 daisies Arad, Moneasa

Club Castel**** villa is located in the middle of a beautiful park of 2600 sqm, in a real castle of the nineteenth century. The castle is one of the architectural jewels of the Moneasa resort,... More details

Villa Testa
Villa Testa
Villa Testa 3 daisies Arad, Paulis

Whether you are crossing or want to spend a quiet holiday in the area of Arad, Testa*** pension is waiting to offer you moments of relaxation and comfort. More details

Description of the destination Arad

Arad County is characterized by a relief with low plain areas, hills and mountains (highest elevation is in the Bihor Mountains – Piatra Aradului Peak - 1428 m). Special areas: Zarand, Codru-Moma, Bihor, Metaliferi Mountains, the narrow path of the Crisul Alb river between Varfurile and Aciuta, Sebis’ depression, Gurahont, Halmagiu, Lipovei Hills, Mures and Cris Plains, Mures’ Meadow. It has moderate continental climate with little mediterranean influences.

The most important tourist attractions of the area are:

Medieval fortresses: Siria, Soimos, Dezna – XIII cent., Ineu - XVII cent.

Castles and manors in the Mures Valley: Odvos, Capalnas, Bulci, Conop, Royal Castle in Savarsin.

Turkish Bazaar in Lipova – 1672.

Arad Museum Complex and art departments, History and Natural Science Museum of religious art and objects of worship - Gai Monastery; Memorial Museum 'Vasile Goldis' inArad; Lipova City Museum; Ioan Slavici and Emil Montia Museums in Siria; Adam Muler Guttenbrun Museum in Zabrani; Art and Ethnography Museum in Savarsin; Minis Vine and Wine Museum; “Codrii and Lunca Beliului” Museum; local museum points: Bata, Buteni, Macea (Cartoon Exhibition -' Stefan Popa Popa-S'-Castle Csernovics); Heroes’ Monument of Paulis; Casoaia sculpture camp; Memorial House Eugen Popa-Savirsin.

Dendrology Parks, ancient beech forests (Archişel Archis and Luncsoara-Halmagel), of oak (Grosii Noi, Barzava), Ceala forest, Moltaret lake and Mures island (2 km from Arad); Vladimirescu forest (7 km from Arad), rich in vegetation and fauna specific to the meadow forests. Lakes: Ghioroc and Taut.

The Hodos - Bodrog Orthodox monastery, in the village of Felnac, one of the oldest monastic settlements in Romania, was certified in 1177; Bezdin Serbian Orthodox Monastery, in Munari village, commune of Secusigiu; Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary Radna (1756), built on site of a former church whose cornerstone was put in 1520 and destroyed by the Turks in 1551. Near the cathedral is the Franciscan Monastery (1747); Lipova Orthodox Church, with religious painting dated in the XV cent., rebuilt in Baroque style (XVIII cent.); Feredeu Hermitage, in Siria, with a spring of healing; Vinga Catholic Church built in 1892 in Gothic style, built by Bulgarian community in Vinga; Wooden Churches ( XVIII -XIX centuries): Obarsia, Corbeşti, Rosia, Petris, Poiana. Orthodox Monastery "St. Simon Stalpnicul ', Serbian Orthodox Church' Sts. Petru and Pavel '; the Orthodox Cathedral' Birth of St. John the Baptist '; Roman Catholic Cathedral' St. Anthony of Padua '; Reformed Synagogue, Red Evangelical-Lutheran Church.

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