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Vila/pension Almasu Mare

Pension Casa David
Pension Casa David
Pension Casa David 4 daisies Alba, Almasu Mare

As a recent construction, Casa David**** pension offers the best conditions for spending a perfect holiday in a picturesque area, near Cibului Gorges. More details

Description of the destination Almasu Mare

Almaşu Mare is a locality in Alba County.

Almaşu Mare is located on the southern outskirts of the Apuseni Mountains, in the subunit of Metaliferi Mountains, neighboring the town of Zlatna in Alba County and Geoagiu city and Balsa and Buces communes in Hunedoara County. The village has been documentary attested for the first time in 1407 - Possesia Almas. Though, the village is much older than indicates the first proof; it can be proved by the existence of the Roman mining tools and building materials or by the galleries with Roman inscriptions.

The population of the locality has evolved over time. In 2002, Almaşu Mare had a population of 1690 inhabitants, made up of Romanians, Hungarians and other nationalities. Almaşu Mare commune consists 7 villages: Almaşu Mare, Almaşu de Mijloc, Cib, Bradet, Cheile Cibului, Glod and Nădăştia.

Almaşu Mare:

The village counts 715 households and a population of 1705 inhabitants. Most often, the households look lost in a sea of greenery; only the church steeples are pointing the center of the settlements. The village welcomes its visitors, from the entry, with the Heroes Monument and the Mining Crucifix. In the vicinity, on a small hill, in an admirable landscape, we find the high tower of the church the “Annunciation” (1418), declared a historical monument. At the exit of Almaşu Mare there is the Achim Emilian Museum, a true oasis of peace, culture and spirituality.

The village has many legendary places, such as: Fericeaua, Grohasu, Citer, Breaza and many more. Here you can visit the old work – mining – All Saints Gallery - near which you can visit Suseni Church “the Transfiguration” (1822-18226). The visitor can be hosted in rural houses, enjoying traditional food and drinks.

The village has 368 inhabitants, who still respect the traditional folk costumes and customs. Cib is a settlement with many legendary places such as: Dealul Furnicilor (Ants’ Hill), Bordeelor Brook. In the village you can visit "Saint Nicholas" Church, historic monument certified in 1748, and Holy Apostles Church, built in 1928. In Cib it has been inaugurated the first accommodation unit in the area - Casa David.


It is located 5 km away from the center of the commune. The settlement counts only 18 inhabitants. The visitors of Brădet must see Agatelor Valley (there are only 2 places of its kind in Romania).

Almaşul de Mijloc:

It has a population of 230 inhabitants. In the center of the village we can visit the Holy Archangels Church, built in 1975-1976, by replacing the old wooden church, built in the XVIIth century. On the Houses Valley we can visit a shepherd house, covered with straw, built in the late nineteenth century. Nature lovers can visit the caves of 'Colt': Barlog Cave, Certeju Cave, La Seci Cave and Groapa Parosii Cave.

Here we can visit the church dedicated to "Saint George" certified in 1845. In the center of the village there is a school, built on the same place where was located the school where engineer Beca Titus Benjamin studied the first 4 grades.

Nature and hiking lovers can go by a path to Poienita, then to the 7 hills.

The village has a population of 248 inhabitants. The visitor arrived here can visit the Holy Archangels Church, attested from 1840. From the center of the village, following Almas River course, visitors will arrive to Glodului Gorges, at about 1.5 kilometers away. Glodului Gorges are a nature reservation, in custody of ATE Trascau Zlatna. Here one can visit the legendary caves: Zidita Cave, Fecioarelor Cave, Doua Guri Cave. In Ruptura, in a splendid landscape, we find the traces of the ancient monastic settlements (Cheia Glodului Hermitage). We can arrive to Stramtura following the river’s course, and then from there, on a difficult path, after 500 - 600 meters we can reach the Healing Spring (Izvorul Tamaduirii), s karst spring, a place of pilgrimage for believers.

Points of tourist interest:

- "Emilian Achim" collection;

- the Annunciation Church, documentary mentioned for the first time in 1418, with eighteenth-century mural paintings;

-  the First World War Romanian Heroes Monument. The monument is located in the civic center of the village and it was built between 1943 - 1944, for the memory of the Romanian heroes of the two World Wars;

- Cibinului Gorges Natural Reservation - Cibului Gorges are located in the south-eastern area of Metaliferi Mountains, to the north of Baile Geoagiu. They belong to a system of gorges formed by two limestone peaks, Pleasa Ardeului and Pleasa Mare, with a length of about 4-5 km, and the tributaries of Geoagiu River: Cib, Ardeu and Mada (Balsa). Thus, there were formed five gorges sectors: Cib, Bacaia, Glod, Ardeu and Mada.

They are oriented to the north-south and they have a length of about 1.4 kilometers, located downstream of Cib village; there are some houses in this area, fact allowed by the large width of the meadow formed between the three eastern slopes (Piatra Cereturului, Piatra Mijlocie and Vanatarea) and western (Piatra Corbului), with a maximum altitude of 662 m.

Access ways: From Mures valley, coming from E 60 road, near to CFR Geoagiu station, follow the asphalt road through Geoagiu Bai resort, then Bacaia village and gorges, an unpaved road (4 km) until Cibului Gorges.

From Ampoiului valley, at the 6th kilometer of Zlatna - Almaşu Mare road, near Breaza top, descend to the left on a 6 km unpaved road until Cibinului Gorges.

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