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Hotel Alba

Hotel Hanul Sfantu Gheorghe
Hotel Hanul Sfantu Gheorghe
Hotel Hanul Sfantu Gheorghe 3 stars Alba, Ighiu

In one of the old mansions in this village was arranged the inn, whose fame has recently passed the country's borders due to international customers. After endless restorations, the owner of this... More details

Vila/pension Alba

Pension Poiana Verde
Pension Poiana Verde
Pension Poiana Verde 4 daisies Alba, Albac

Poiana Verde**** pension in Albac is a exquisite guesthouse with modern finishes, in the traditional mountain style. It is a good location for relaxation. More details

Pension Steaua Ariesului
Pension Steaua Ariesului
Pension Steaua Ariesului 4 daisies Alba, Albac

Steaua Ariesului***** pension is a exquisite location, equipped with new and qualitative amenities; there are good conditions of accommodation. More details

Pension Casa David
Pension Casa David
Pension Casa David 4 daisies Alba, Almasu Mare

As a recent construction, Casa David**** pension offers the best conditions for spending a perfect holiday in a picturesque area, near Cibului Gorges. More details

Guest house Vraja Muntelui Arieseni
Guest house Vraja Muntelui Arieseni
Guest house Vraja Muntelui Arieseni 4 daisies Alba, Arieseni

Vraja Muntelui**** pension is a modern location with quality finishes, good conditions of accommodation in the Apuseni Mountains. More details

Pension  Conacul Secuiesc
Pension Conacul Secuiesc
Pension  Conacul Secuiesc 4 daisies Alba, Coltesti

Conacul Secuiesc**** pension was built between 2005 - 2007 in order to offer at modern accommodation for tourists wishing to explore the beautiful area of the Apuseni Mountains. It is located close... More details

Villa Elisabeta
Villa Elisabeta
Villa Elisabeta 3 stars Alba, Alba Iulia

Elisabeta*** villa is one of the most beautiful accommodation units in Alba Iulia. It offers accommodation in an oasis of tranquility, relaxation for business meetings, events, conference or... More details

Pension Craiul
Pension Craiul
Pension Craiul 3 daisies Alba, Vidra

Located in the heart of Apuseni Mountains, in the wonderful Motilor Country - a country full of ancient legends and traditions, the Craiul*** pension place worth everything that is beautiful and... More details

Pension Perla Ariesului
Pension Perla Ariesului
Pension Perla Ariesului 2 stars Alba, Albac

Perla Ariesului** pension is a good accommodation option for tourists wishing to visit the Apuseni Mountains; it offers good accommodation conditions at affordable prices. It is perfect for... More details

Pension Lia
Pension Lia
Pension Lia 2 daisies Alba, Garda de Sus

Lia** Pension is a tiny, intimate villa where you can enjoy an authentic Romanian atmosphere, good conditions of accommodation and privacy. More details

Pension Moara cu noroc
Pension Moara cu noroc
Pension Moara cu noroc 2 stars Alba, Vadu Motilor

Moara cu Noroc** pension is at 3 km from Albac and at 29 km from the ski slope Vartop in Arieseni. It offers accommodation in a beautiful landscape where you can enjoy nature, you can relax, have... More details

Pension Heidi
Pension Heidi
Pension Heidi 2 stars Alba, Vartop

Heidi** pension is a good accommodation option for both lovers of winter sports (very near the resort) and persons interested in the Apuseni Mountains tours. More details

Villa for rent Alba

Villa for rent Speranta
Villa for rent Speranta
Alba, Arieseni

Finished at the end of 2008, Speranta villa from the Apuseni Mountains, locality of Arieseni, is appropriate to spend a holiday in the pleasant atmosphere of family and friends, with features... More details

Description of the destination Alba

In Alba County there are many rural settlements of great touristic interest, caves and glaciers, canyons, whose beauty stands out especially during folk concerts, performances and festivals held annually.
Alba County contains part of the Apuseni Mountains - some of the most charming mountains of Romania.
Gaina Mount - 1484 m - is located partially within the Alba County (at 8 km. south-west of the locality Avram Iancu), on witch plateau takes usually place the great folk festival “The Girls’ Fair”, every year the 20th of July. The highest peak in the Apuseni Mountains is located in Alba County (Curcubata Peak - 1849 m.). There are also interesting: the Great Mount, the Trascău Mountains, the Sureanu Mountains.

Scarisoara Glacier (located in Bihor Mountains) is an ice cave, one of the few in the world at this altitude. Glacier thickness is 18 to 20 m and it does neever melt completely. To visit the glacier we recommend you to seek a local guide, because a part of the way is hidden, unmarked. The Glacier is about 2-3 hours of walk of the locality Gârda de Sus. Near Scarisoara Glacier you can also visit the Vartop Glacier and the Zgurasti Glacier.
The Gorges from the Basin of Râmet Valley with steep roofs and surfaces with multiple caves, arches, towers, cornice or structural shelfs, where you can find the edelweiss and the white garden pink.

The Arieş Gorge is one of the most beautiful in the area, the best known and most popular narrow paths in the country.
Ighiel mountain lake (22 km from Ighiu) is the largest karst lake in Romania on the upper river with the same name, in the southern mountains Trascau. Sureanu mountain lake, Oasa lakes (33 km. from Sugag), Tau, Nedeiu.
More important points of interest in Alba county:

The Snails Hill – a palaeontological reservation - one of the richest fossil sites in Romania.

Detunata stones (geological reservation) consists of two peaks of volcanic basalt: “Detunata Goala” and “Detunata Flocoasa” (at 1200 m altitude).

The Red Cliff (at 3 km from Sebeş), geological reservation of 10 hectares which includes sculptural forms (columns, towers, pyramids), on the right bank of the Secas river, shaped by water that has stubbornly worked for 60 million years.

The Roman Fortress of Roşia Montană; Negrileasa – floral reservation; the Craiului plain from Scarita - Belioara - Botanical reservation. You can visit here the Emperor’s beech (near Muncelu), a large old tree whose leaves never fall, the Avram Iancu Oak - tree that is over 500 years, Eminescu's linden tree - Blaj.
The Alba Iulia Fortress, the Alba Caroli Fortress; the ruins of the Dacian Fortress - Capalna (IInd century BC – 106 AD) on the Cetate Hill (at 610 m altitude), included by Burebista in the defense system of Sarmizegetusa Regia; the ruins of the Dacian Fortress in Craiva (IInd century BC – Ist century AD); the center of the Dacian tribe of Puglia (ancient Apoulon), about which Ptolemy wrote in his 'Geography'; the vestiges of the Roman settlement Brucla - Aiud (II-III century AD), now only ruins; the fortress of Aiud (XIII-XV centuries), is one of the oldest urban fortresses in Transylvania; the Fortress “Cetatea de Balta” (Ist century BC – Ist century AD), now only ruins; the Tauti fortress (1276); the Uioara-Teleky fortress (XIII century), now only ruins; the Romanic settlement Ampelum-Zlatna; the Romanic salt mines - Ocna Mures; the Princely Palace - Alba Iulia (XIII-XVIII centuries), impressive building, dating from about 5 centuries, restored by Isabella and John Sigismund (the mid-century XVI), former residence of Michael the Brave (1599-1600); the Martinuzzi -Vintu de Jos Castle (1550), built by Gh. Martinuzzi, bishop of Oradea and governor of Transylvania. It has a dark resonance, because here was assassinated the Governor by order of General Castaldo (1551); also here was imprisoned, then killed the ruler of Moldova, Aron the Tyrant (1595-1597); the Bethlen-Blaj Castle (XV century) currently hosting the town museum; the Bethlen castle – Cetatea se Balta (1570-1580); the Teleky Castle - Ocna Mures (1742); the Bethlen Castle - Sanmiclaus (1668-1683), built in late Renaissance style.

The Motilor Country” in Alba County is a hotbed of art and popular traditions; the most important localities are: Avram Iancu, Bucium (the richest and most interesting Romanian popular costumes in this part of the country); Capalna (customs related to the existence of shepherds), Laz (School of Arts and Crafts: fabric, sewing, painting on glass); Sasciori (red enameled pottery), Sugag (Art School: wood carving), Vidra.


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